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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Preventing a religious argument

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The Bible sometimes says things that have several meanings.

The creation and the creation of mankind, is one of those things that today is hard to believe that it has happened just the way it is written in the Bible.

Preventing a religious argument
Dear readers, to understand the beginning of this post, one need to read our previous post called “religious discussion”, where we had reached the stage of this discussions that sounded more like an argument than just discussions between John and Gino.   
Anyhow, up to this point the rest of the group I, Mark and a couple of other guys were talking various things, while at the same time I was paying attention to what Gino and John were talking about, just because I thought that Gino could really upset John somehow, and I knew that I was right to think about that because something was going to happen right now, therefore I had to do something to prevent this religious argument escalate. So, I winked at Mark and pointed out to him that something needed our attention so to speak, and we moved closer to Gino and John, and then I said:
You two really seem that you want to solve the world religious problems right away, don’t you? But I have to tell you that it is very unlikely that we would be able to find a way out by carrying on and arguing the way you two do, because it is more likely that we can find a way out if we happen to have the same views on this religious subject.
Now since you have started this conversation about creation and evolution, which seems to be the most important piece of evidence that we all want to find out one way or another that is if we can find any evidence either way. The point is here that we need that evidence to decide about our religious beliefs, and also about how much creation really took place, and what could have been the role of evolution at the same time, in other words how the creation of mankind happened.
Here I stopped talking for a few seconds, so that I could reflect about what I could say next, and then I resumed speaking;
I have reasons to believe that in order to find any resolution to these religious questions we need to break our information source in small pieces and decide with our own mental capacity and logic common sense, if what is being presented to us can be true or not. In other words anything that is presented to us we must question the questionable and answer those questions truthfully.
Now since Gino and John have started this conversation about creation, let us try if we would be able to do something about it?
So, may I have the attention of everybody present, as I want to ask you these questions about the creation of man?
Do you really believe that man was created from God exactly as the Bible says?
After you answer this question there will be more questions like:
If answer is negative, then the question is why not?
So, please answer my first question: do you believe that man was created from God the same way as the Bible says?

Some answer to my question/s

John answer
Of course, that is the only way possible for man to be created, because God is the creator of everything, it says so in the Bible and the Bible is the word of God.
Gino answer
I have to say that I am a Christian, but even though I am a Christian and believe in many things that I have been told to believe in this religion, I doubt very much that God has created man from plain earth soil there must be another explanation how man came about to be created and why the Bible clams that God made man from plain earth soil?
Mark answer
I see what you mean Gino, I for myself don’t see any logic for God creating man from dust, let us call it dust, because in the Bible “Genesis 3:19 says. “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” But that is what is written in the Bible and there must be a good reason to say that at the time it was written it sounded good; but here we would like to find out why it was written like that, if we want to get a logic answer?
Peter answer (This is another friend that came to the meeting)
Just to say something for friendship sake, I have to say that perhaps I believe a lot like Gino, so I think that if I use my brains and logic explanation, I say that there must be another logic explanation why the Bible claims that God made man from plain earth ground, perhaps it was just because it sounds impressive.
Mike answer (this is another friend at the meeting, he may be an atheist?)
What I want to say here is that really we are living in the 21st century and we know a lot more now than when the Bible was written, so, by logic explanation hearsay from well educated people and my own intelligence says that God did not make man from earth ground, because that may very well be an impossible thing to do even for God. This answer is given assuming that God exists; you see God may even not exist What about that?
Frank (me the writer)
I see every one of you has got a different view or beliefs about how man was created, so we need to ask more questions to find out the reasons why it is like that.
So, let me see what I could ask you next time.
Dear readers, do you see what we mean? This is how religions are today and people will move away from religions if they cannot be explained better in the future. So it is up to us to do something that may help humanity understand these religious things; perhaps it may not be the way that religious people see it, but we need to work on it and here I would suggest that perhaps a new way of interpreting religious books could be helpful, or even perhaps a new religious theory that would allow God and the forces of nature to work together; in other words God would use evolution to create all living things and everything else. We may have to think hard if this could be possible? May God guide us?
After these religious discussions above, we started to talk about other issues that are not worth writing here, since we would like to keep these articles just for religious talks?
See you next time.
May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Preventing a religious argument
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