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God exists as life, 10

God exists because life exists 

In Bible it is written that in the beginning God created everything in six days, including all the living things and man and woman as well, and on the seventh day he rested. Now, there are some people that say that God does not exist, but we say that God exists because life exists, these are our beliefs, and here we are going to show you, even if this God is not Yahweh the God of the Israelite. 


Moses met God on Mount Sinai, he said I am Yahweh your God

God exists because life exists
Welcome to our article 10, God exists because life exists
May God help and guide me to write the right religious things in this religious article
Dear readers, we have already written a few religious articles, on several issues, in this article we are going to try to answer the question that most people ask and would like to know, which is about whether God exists or does not exist, today this question seems more urgent, because these days there are a lot of people called the atheists that say that God does not exist, and that God and religions are therefore an invention of our human mind. We have to disagree with them, because they don’t want to see the whole picture as it really is; of course there are a few things that they might be right, so we agree that religions are manmade, but that does not mean that God does not exist; therefore, in this article we are going to prove them wrong.
So, let us talk about the existence of God, because we have reasons to believe that God exists because life exist; the only problem here is that we have to prove it to the atheists who do not believe in God’s existence, so somehow we have to build up the proof of God’s existence by discussing and writing our beliefs at length. This article is another chapter or a link of the chain of our religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation religious writings. I believe that this article will be a long one, because there are so many issues to talk about.
As we have already said in our previous pages, these religious writings are being written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind, since mankind needs to know to views of all human beings. So, in these writings, while we are trying to prove that God exists, we are also in search of ourselves in a religious way, since there are times when we don’t seem so sure about ourselves; so, while we are discussing our religious beliefs, we will also be looking for religious options that could improve links between the existing religions, in the hope that this could help solve some of our religious problems that exist today.
In our last article we have talked about; Cosmic spiritual dreams, which could also be said to be God’s sent dreams in a way, so, we believe that those dreams have a direct link with the existence of God, now, in this article of God exists because life exists, we will be writing about the existence of God, since it may be said that God is life itself, well this is just another way of proving that God exists.
Now as you can see, this article are going to be discussions about the existence of God; so in this article we are talking about the following items: Can we prove that God exists; How can we prove God’s existence; God exists at least by definitions; God exists because life exists; About the existing religions; How can we prove that God exists; and then, leave this religious subject open to continue and we go in search about religious and spiritual beliefs, as this is the main theme also for this article.
At this point of time in our religious articles, we usually write something for our readers’ peace of mind, but, we are not going to repeat that here, whoever anybody that is worried can find a full explanation in the hub of, Prayers of Reconciliation, this is the link to check it out. So, now let us see how we can prove that God exists.
 Can we prove that God exists?
Okay, we want to work it out, how can we prove that God exists, so how could we do that?
Perhaps first of all it is all a matter of religious beliefs, since every one of us believes his/her own ways, therefore it is not going to be easy to prove the existence of God to everybody, because for a start, some of us don’t believe in religions and God at all and some of us do.
Now, first of all we have to say that we believe in the existence of God, otherwise we would not have written these religious articles at all; But today what has prompted me to write this article is the fact that I have found on the Internet a few people that believe in religion in a way similar to mine; but I have to admit that those people I have found seem well educated people, as they write in a scholarly way, however our beliefs seem to run mainly in a parallel way; now just because there are these learned people writing what I am writing make me apprehensive, however I am still going ahead and write my own religious beliefs, because beliefs are beliefs and your own beliefs are your beliefs and nobody else. So, today I am going to start first of all by writing about how God exists, because I believe that God really exists, even if God exists only by definition, which is the essence of the existence of life in the universe. I am also going to publish at the end of this article one of those articles I found on the Internet, so that you can see what I mean?
Anyhow here we would like to start to talk about the existence of God, and then we may be able to add more later on in order to prove that God really exists. So, let us prove that God exists.
So, how can we prove God's existence
In order to prove God’s existence, we need to do a few things
Here under is written an article about the need that we have for God, then an article claiming that God exists at least by definition and God exists because life exists, so let us see what does that mean and then discuss how and why God could exist? And does exist.
Mankind wants to believe in God because it is a good and noble thing to do, and therefore gives the believer a good feeling, whether this good feeling is due to the ways that we have been thought when we were young, or there is also something else within us that brings to the surface this good feeling when we believe in God, we do not seem to know for sure; but we know that believing in God may be helpful at least to some of us, it is common sense and this is one of the reasons why we like to believe in God. But today religious beliefs seem to be changing a lot, so, there are some people (the atheists) that say that God does not exist at all, and they believe that mankind has invented God only to serve their own personal purpose, so, what should we believe one may ask?
Well, I suppose that we have to start looking at the beginning of the existing religious beliefs, when mankind started to look for gods or invent gods, to see what could have been the reasons for mankind to believe in God/s and therefore religions.
When we look at history and other modern means of looking back on past times, we find that humanity has believed in gods and religions since the beginning of this current Era which we are living just now, and therefore since when we human being became the predominant specie on earth, because of our higher intelligence, we have always wanted to believe that there is a god or gods for various reasons; one of these reasons is that this would be god should be able to help us, if and when we needed help or we needed protection from anything that is/was stronger than us, including those things that are supplied by our own imagination and in reality may not exist; therefore many gods and many religions have arisen from this inner need that we feel within ourselves, because of our feeling of insecurity, and of course we would also like to know why we are living on this planet earth.
However, we have now to point out that today we feel more secure about ourselves, therefore some of us (especially the atheists) do not seem to need so much these religious feelings of security that we needed in the past, for this reason we do not need these same sorts of gods as we did in the past; therefore, because we don’t feel the need for protection as much as we needed before, we start questioning ourselves if there is an entity that we may call god, or is it just an invention of our mind, invented just to make us feel secure in the past.
We hope you see what we mean, since we believe that this weakening of the need for protection is one of the reasons why atheists insist that God does not exist; of course whether they are right or not cannot be proved, just the same way as the theists cannot prove that God really exists?
Therefore, it follows that if we would like to know that God exists, or if we believe that God exists, we need then to prove that God exists in a way or the other? This is what we would like to achieve with these religious articles here; you see we would like to prove that God does really exist, that is whichever way we can prove the existence of God, because we believe that we still need God.
How can we do that I can hear you already asking? Since today there are many more people than there have ever been who doubt the existence of God and they are saying that God does not exist? How can we prove that God really exists and there is no doubt about it at all?
We know that it is not going to be easy to convince people that God really exists, but we have to find a way, because I know that God exists and most of my religious friends agree with me and with my theory that God really exist and I have to add that not only my friends agree with me, but there are also other people that think and express themselves in the same direction in a religious way.
Therefore, as we have said at the beginning of this hub, I have been prompted to write this article about the existence of God, not only because I believe that God exists and most of my religious friends agree with me; but also because I have found on the Internet a few people that believe in religion very much like me. So, today I have set my task and I am going to write about how God could exist even if it is only by definition, so that I could prove to you and the rest of the world that there is God, even if God exists at least by definition.
God exists at least by definition
God exists at least by definition
The proof of the existence of God
We have reason to believe that we are going to be able to prove to you that God does really exist, first of all God exists because you and I exist, if God did not exist then you and I could not exist. In general terms we could say that life is God and God is life itself, so, one cannot exist without the other, these are our general beliefs about the existence of God, and therefore our theory of how God exists.
In this theory, my God would or could not be exactly as your God or the God described in the Bible, if we have to go by the ways religious leaders understand God; therefore, it would follow that if God is not like the God described in the Bible; What is God like then? Well, as we have already said above, God and life seem to be parallel to one another and they could also be one and the same thing. Having said that I know that it is not going to be enough for everybody to accept what we have just said. Therefore, we need to prove to our readers how and why God exists, and there are many ways to do that and many points that need to be described and clarified for the entire world to be able to accept our theory of the existence of God.
So now, let us start to describe one of our theories, which happen to be perhaps the most removed from today religious beliefs, but at the same time it could be the one that just about everybody could or would accept more willingly than the rest. So, here with this explanation we would be able to say that God must exist at least by definition.
What do you mean about that, that God exists at least by definition, I can hear you say?
What we are trying to say here is that whatever sort of god is there he/it needs to be defined or perhaps we should say described if you see what we mean. What we are trying to say here is that God does not need to be the creator of everything, as religions want us to believe, in fact in our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, God is the modifier of the existing life forces of the universe and through God-life-force, life is made possible on earth, so, let me say here again that God exists by definition, because we have reasons to believe that God is life and life is God himself, they need to be linked together very closely for God and life to exist.
Now, let us state it once again; you see if we exist, then there should be a life force that makes life possible, otherwise we would not exist? Now, it follows that apart other things we need to give a name to the existing life force of the universe that makes life possible, because this is the life force that makes life possible on earth, so, what other name can we give to this life force? Perhaps God is the only name that is suitable to describe this life force.
Did you hear what I have just said? What other name can we/you give to the life force that makes life possible on earth? Therefore, God exists at least by definition and there is no doubt about it. If any of you who read these religious writings thinks that I am wrong let me know your views, so that I may try to correct it. Because I believe that God must exist at least by definition.
We must accept that there is God even if it is just definitions of the life force that makes life possible on earth and perhaps the entire universe, so God exists because life exist.
 God exists because life exists
So, if we believe that God exists because life exists, then we may have to accept that there is God at least by definition to start with, and then we also need to accept that God is life, and life could be said to be God himself, we need to accept that otherwise instead of asking who is God, we would be asking what is life, and also where does life come from? Do you see what we mean? It is like a chain that links one thing to another and it cannot be separated, it cannot be separated also because everything in the universe seems to form a cycle, And God and life form a never ending cycle that makes life possible on earth, at least this is how I can start seeing these religious things and how they could work.
Anyhow, we may have to accept that God and life cannot be separated, because they can indeed be one and the same thing; because as we said, how else can we explain the existence of life and also how life came about? One can guess that there is this life energy in the universe that makes life possible on earth and this life energy could be called God; we cannot see it in any other ways, therefore, God exists because life exists.
Let us review what we have said above, so that we may conclude what this may mean for us human beings; there are reasons to believe that we may have two or three choices here, ether we have to accept that there is a god and God created life on earth, or life and God is one and the same thing; how else can we explain the existence of life on earth by logic reasoning? The third way is that there must be an endless source of life energy in the universe that makes life possible, and if this life energy is not there then life cannot exist; but we know that there is life, just because we are alive and exist, if we did not exist then I would not be writing this article here. Of course this reasoning of endless life energy poses this question; what can we call this endless life energy? Perhaps God is the only appropriate name that we can give to this life energy. Do you see what we mean?
So, God exists and there is no doubt about it.
I can already hear you protesting and saying; but this god or life energy that you are talking about here is not anything like the God described in the Bible or any other gods for that matter. So how are you going to explain that now, we wonder how?
We have to assume that even this existence of God can be explained sometime later on in my religious writings, which I will be writing when I write Reconciliation of the Universe soon. But now let us talk about the existing religions and the effect these religious writings may have on them, that is if and when humanity accepts these religious writings, and also my religious theory of reconciliation of the universe. You see, if humanity accepts this religious theory, I am sure that we all would like to ask; what about the existing religions? It would be only normal to ask in this case, so, let us talk about the existing religions
 About the existing religions
What about the existing religions?
Now let us accept that God exists at least by definition, and that God is life, just the way we know life is, and it cannot be any other way. If we accept that then one may start thinking and asking these questions; what about the existing gods and religions? Are all these existing religions that we have today all lies you would like to ask? The answer to that is; No they are not lies at all, as there is a fair amount of truth about them. The truth may well be that in the past whenever some unexplainable event took place that could prove that it was a god sent event, people took notice of that event, but then slowly became distorted and exaggerated.
For instance; Yahweh God of the Israelite appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai as a burning shrub and said to Moses that He was (Yahweh) God. We have to believe that this is all true and perhaps some of the other events after that were also true; but then a lot of things became exaggerated as the time went by and every writer that wrote or re-wrote this event said what he thought was right; you see those writers that wrote those events could only express those events, as good as their knowledge was, and perhaps they had to make it as simple as they could, so that the people of those times would understand what they were talking about, they had also to write those events in such a way that they could be able to control the people, since religions are very good at doing that.
Of course we have also to admit that the leaders of those time used any means available to them to control their people, therefore they saw that religions could be used to control their people and so they did. So the writers of those times had to design their religious writings in such a way that the people could be controlled, they had to do that because that was the easiest way to control the people then, you see people then were more violet then today, they had to be strong and aggressive because that was the only way to survive, what else could they do? So religions were helpful and were the best non-violent means to control people. Therefore, we may conclude that any religious event slowly became distorted with the passing of time, because of the need to control the public. I hope you all see what we mean one way or another.
So, what can we do today to set the record straight, and to set it in a way that would agree to the present religious needs of the people, you may ask? But there is no much we can do; perhaps we can modify our existing religious beliefs in such a way that we can still use them as they are, therefore we should slowly and in stage introduce the new way of religious thinking.
There are reasons to believe that today we have reached the age of reason, well at least part of us have reached that age of reason; we are saying this because, as we can see from what is happening in the world not all of us have reached it, since there are some religions that oppose progress and they seem to have stopped evolving and believe in their religions as they did in the dark age over a thousand years ago; we believe that also these religions need to change, and we believe that they will change, but it might take a long time.  
Now, let us explain; when we talk about the age of reason in this article, we want to say that we have evolved to a high level of consciousness and therefore we are ready to use our logic reasoning to a greater degree that we have done in the past; because of this logic reasoning everything that does not stand to our logic reasoning will be rejected, therefore there are some existing religions that need to be modified, this is according to what we have already said in the article, Religious Reconciliation Forum, here is the link to check it out; Religious reconciliation forum, 2, Having explained our own views above, now let us write what we found on the Internet:  

Again, how can we prove that God exists?
Now, let me go back to what I found on the Internet, and then I will write our own theory.
Just to show you an example, hereunder is what T. Latham at hub pages says in answer to one of my questions about the existence of God; my questions in hub pages were: How do you know that God exists? The atheists say that there is no God. Can we prove them wrong?
Can we prove that God exists? This is one answer I have received to my question.
This is what T. Latham said in answer to my questions, and I quote:
Dr. Frank J. Tipler, a Mathematics and Physics Professor at Tulane University, proves that not only does God exist, but that the universe will be resurrected, and every living soul will be resurrected to face God (Omega Point), and live eternally.
The theory is explained, and proven in his book, "The Physics of Immortality." Tipler uses Math and Physics to prove the theory, and he also makes the comparison by using a cone placed upside down, showing the universe, the earth and its inhabitants, residing at the bottom, or large base of the cone, and God sitting at the top or uppermost point of the cone, which he calls "The Omega Point."
The book is a hard read for someone lacking a science background, but Tipler has finally made a connection between Science and Creation, and proves his theory with Math and Physics.
Mine is not a proven theory, but I feel there is a connection with Einstein's Theory E = mc2. God exists as:
The Trinity (three separate or distinct entities under one Godhead).
E = Energy (God) Father
m = mass (Jesus Christ) Son
c = Speed of Light (Holy Spirit) Mother
End of quote.
Can we prove that God exists? This is the question.
Thanks to the answer of T. Latham at Hub pages today I am going to write this special hub, I am saying a special hub just because it is outside my existing religious writings, which I am publishing as I write them, so this hub will not fit as a continuity of my published writings, but anyhow it deals with the same subject, therefore in a way it can stand side by side.
Having said where this hub stands; now I have to say why I am writing it; it is because I believe that God may well be as Dr. Frank J. Tipler describe, just like in my part written theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, which one day I am going to finish and publish on the net, my God is somehow similar to Dr. Frank J Tipler.
You may ask why I do not finish it and publish it now? Well, we have to tell you that one of the reasons why we cannot finish our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe is that we have first of all convince religious people that the present nowadays religions need to be modified.
Modifying existing religions sounds like troubles, as it sounds like as it is the beginning of the end of the existing religious system; in fact it sounds like the first trumpet in the Bible Revelations; now, whether our religious writings are going to be the forerunner of the first trumpet we do not know, the only thing we know is that I feel from within my soul that I have to write my religious writing, and if I don’t write them my life has not been worth living; therefore I have to try hard to find the right things to write and then write them.
This theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe is going to be written in very simple English, just because I do not know any better, sometimes I think that perhaps it is the will of God that a simple self-taught person like myself feels the need to write these God things. Then I think that perhaps God wants an unlearned person to write religious things, because God wants all sorts of people to understand what is going to be written in the coming new system; God wants that because everybody can understand what is being said and also because it would be easy to translate in a new language. As we all know some minor world languages are very simple, so there is the need for a simple written religious book, which would be easily translated in those simple languages.
What Dr. Frank J Tipler and other learned writers are writing could be just great for all those learned people that are able to understand them; but for the simple people perhaps our theory could be better, as it is easier for simple minded people to understand. Perhaps this is God's will, and I have to write my own religious writings, So, I am going to start with my own theory of God exists at least by definition, just like the way we have done here.
May God bless us and guide us to understand his will.
See you soon in our next article called, Spiritual circumstances

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