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New religious setup 88

New religious setup
Humanity and religions

Welcome to ourpage ((1) (88)) New religious set up

The world needs religions, but is looks like that there are too many of them, so, perhaps one day they need to be modified, at least this is our view that we are trying to tell the world.  

Most of the man religions of the world, shown in percentage.  

Humanity and religions
Dear readers, we are writing this new religious setup article/s for the following reason:
We have become aware that our religious articles that we have already written, they are too long for today’s readers, as they cover too much ground and are not easy for our readers to follow, because they take the readers on a rather long journey, where we ask questions and discuss many religious things; so, we are going to edit and where necessary rewrite them in a different set up. The reason for doing this is because our existing religious articles want first to explain the reasons why religions could and need to be modified, and very likely there is no harm done by modifying them, and then why we need to modify religions, so they are unintentionally set in a way that takes far too much time to explain what our aims are; in fact they first of all try to convince the public that it is possible to modify religions, so they take the readers on a journey of long explanations; therefore the readers becomes tyred to read all these religious explanations that seem to go on forever.

Now, for this reason as we have said above we have thought to do something about it and shorten most of our explanations to a minimum wherever possible, after all we can always go back to our other original articles in ‘Hub Pages’ and other sites that we have linked them to, if we want to study the reasons of the changes that we are going to suggest in our new religious theory. We have also to say that we cannot really change everything our own way, because whatever we do we have to be careful while we write in hub pages not to repeat what we have already said.  

Anyhow, in order to shorten our religious studies and discussions in this article and the following religious articles, we are going to concentrate our finding in a way that it would be easier for our readers to follow us, and therefore we should start looking at today religious problems, because today problem are very much like the event that gave me this idea of suggesting a new religious way that could fit everybody.

You see, even though in my mind I had already some religious ideas; everything became alive and linked to September 11- 2001 when that dreadful terrorist event took place in USA that seems to have changed the world forever; for this reason my religious ideas that I already had made more sense to me, so I started to think about it more seriously what could I do with them. Now, because of that violent event and many other violent events that followed one follows what is happening in the world, so here again one wonders what could be done to stop those violent happenings; and for me the only contribution that I could give to the world is suggesting a new religious way, since the most violent events seem to be linked to religions.  

Now the terrorists that carried out that terrorist event were religious fanatics, at least that is how it was reported from the news of the entire western world; so it was very upsetting for all religious believer that religions would make people kill other people, in the name of their God and therefore religions: I was very upset too, I remember that I could not believe that this was possible that religions could have done that, but according to the news they did make these blokes kill, in the name of their God, in the belief that they would go to paradise, because they had served their God and their religious beliefs well. Of course we Christian don’t believe even for a moment that they will go to paradise, if anything they will go to Hell, because they have killed human beings willingly; in our religious theory we are going to show the world why they have to go to hell and not paradise at least that is our beliefs.   

Anyhow, this terrible happening above and other tragic happenings that seem to happen in the name of God, gods and religious beliefs are really hard to believe, because it is not possible that religions have been made to kill people; so, these events would make any of us think twice about religions, for this reason, we should ask ourselves whether religions are just a way of life that we elect to live according to certain rules, these rules are manmade and therefore they can be changed whenever there is this need to change them, there are also other things that could be said, but let us go back to our main discussion and how these happenings have affected me and the entire world. So, one would ask, why humanity uses God and religions to kill other people and what could we do about that.


Humanity and religions

I believe that here we need to talk about the link that we have between humanity and God, since humanity seems to use God as they like, and at the same time they want us to believe that it is God’s will; so, they do the nasty things that they are doing, and then blame God for it. Their attitude is completely out of place with what religions are supposed to be like; so it is very important that people understand this difference, as we believe that if there is really a God, then God cannot be so low to come at the level of these crazy people; these crazy people that would like to kill other people in God’s name, they can only be crazy people.  

While I am thinking about what we have written above, it comes to my mind that perhaps we should call this new religious way that we are going to suggest, “Humanity and religions, or humanity and God “, because we would like to discuss about how the people use God to their advantage and some other different arguments that come to our mind about this subject religious subject.

One of these subject, we have already talked about in our hub, Man needs God, so we are not going to repeat that here, however we are going to talk about many other religious things, one of those things is about what sort of God humanity needs, so let us discuss this issue, so that we might have a better idea what we need to do.

As we have said many times already, religions are man-made and because they are man-made they can be changed and there is no harm in doing that.

You see, man has made religions to suite themselves, you need just to look at them to understand it, I am not going to describe how just about any civilization has had their own gods that would help them the way they wanted; because here I only want to describe the God that we all need today, in order to help put an end to those religious fanatics that use religions to kill other people; so what sort of God we need today?

Today humanity need a god that is capable to connect all religions together, a god that does not take part and chooses a group of people and leaves the others behind, a god that looks after all living human beings as being all equal, we need also a god that is compatible with today advanced human thinking.

Our beliefs are that this sort of God does really exist, as the spiritual life force energies of the universe and this God guides the entire life force of the universe. Now as there are no ways that this God could be described easily, we would only add here that this God is a benevolent God that loves all existing life, the rest of the description could be found in our religious writings of, ‘Reconciliation of the universe’ where we are going to describe the best way we can all the spiritual force of the universe.

Now that we have said what humanity may need to do to solve the main problems, let us discuss other things that affect religions like the Atheists?  


Theist vs. Atheist

Now, let us go back to talk about the reasons why we are writing these religious articles, at the same time when the terrorist event took place I was already taking part in discussions in a forum called, ‘Theist vs. Atheist’ so, in a way I was thinking how could or would religions survive the atheist’s attacks. In those discussions it was obvious that the atheists were always going back to attack the theist believer in many ways; all these discussions made me believe that there are a lot of things in religions that are not correct, because that was how the atheists were able to attack the theists, therefore, even the religious book of the Bible has many mistakes in it, as I was going to find out and then explain later on in my religious writings of ‘Prayers for Reconciliation, anyhow this is just one of the many articles that I have written and now I am compacting them; anyhow, now let us go back to the terrorist attack, and see what changes they brought about.

Suddenly the terrorist attack brought another argument that the atheists could easily use against religious believers, now the atheist could also claim that religions do more harm than good, so what could we the believers say to defend ourselves; we the Christian religious believers were being attacked from two sides, we wished that the atheist would attack the Muslim religions as well, instead of attacking the Christian religions only, but up to now I have not seen even one atheist article that takes on the Muslims.

Anyhow these happenings made me think that the atheists are able to attack religious believer just because we the Christian believer are sitting ducks, we believe in the same old religious things the way that we have been told to believe whether they are right or wrong, so it becomes easier to attack us because the atheists are able to forecast our reactions of their religious attacks, since we the believer have a set of rules to follow.

So I asked myself, what about if the boundary of religious beliefs were to be moved and expanded in a different way, would then the atheists be able to attack us? Or would they stop attacking us the believers just because they would not be able to forecast the outcome of their argument?

That is the reason why I have continued to study other religions, or at least I have read a few books, in order to understand better what the human needs of religions are; here we have found that we need religions, as we have tried to explain in our article, Man needs God, of course there are also other reasons, for instance; we humans have been and are continually searching for a reason why we are here on earth; this is a continuous dilemma that nobody has ever been able to answer for good, and of course many other things as well. 

What I have written above are some of the reasons why I have been writing about religions, therefore I need to continue to write about religions, in the hope that I will find an easier way that the public could understand easily, So I am going to take a philosophical approach and restart writing about religions from the beginning, as we have said at the beginning of this page.


This is philosophy

Before we can really talk about what it could be done about religions, we are going to explain to our readers that what we are doing here at this very moment, this is a philosophical way about discussions that aims to solve some of our religious problems. Why it is discussion about religions and not real religion being passed as philosophy I will explain here; you see we would like to discuss openly about religions and all its possibilities, so, sometimes we have to pass them as philosophical discussion it gives us a wide scope and we are free to say anything in favour or against religions or anything else.

So we need to discuss our ideas, just as the picture beside here says and many past philosophers have already said, so let us try to do just that, it might help us solve the problem:

The reason of trying to pass part of these religious writings as philosophy, it is because philosophy gives us more freedom of speech, whereas religions have already set rules which everybody is supposed to follow; now, because we would not be able to follow these religious strict rules, as our aims are that religions need to be changed, for this reason we are not able to write everything as religions, so every now and again in a way we are going to double talk between religions and philosophy.

Here under in our sub article about the two gods, we are in search of a super God that would be able to overcome most of the existing religious problems that we have today; there you can have your pick whether they are philosophy or religious talks. You see if I were to say that this is the religion of the future and discuss about two gods, people would say that I am half crazy; but if I say that we are having a philosophical discussion about two possible gods that could work better in the future for all religious people, then the public would be more willing to accept our philosophical theory. Now let us see how we could describe these two super gods that have the best attribute to overcome what needs to be overcome. 


Consider the two Gods

In order to overcome what needs to be overcome, we need to dig deep and by using our brains find a new way; so, let us look at the state of religious things overall, in other words let us start from the beginning in order to understand what we are doing here; here we are trying to explain religious beliefs and why humanity has religions, and also the need of religions, since humanity has always believed in some deities or spiritual existence, so we need to continue in the same direction, if we want to find a solution within the spiritual existence that is the only way that people could accept our religious theory.

Now we do not claim like some atheist people who state that there is no God, because we believe that God exists, as we have already written in this article,  God exists because life exists, and we are going to continue to prove God existence, even though our aims are to suggest some change to our present day religions, our God of the universe would or could be somehow different from the present beliefs, so let us see what God could be like, in order to make sense to the atheists as well. I know that now you are going to say that this would be impossible to achieve, but let us see what we have in mind, because I believe that there are at least two ways available to us. Now let me describe these two ways, because I believe that these could get also the atheists on-board and might be very close to the true existence of God, or God universal life force, if we feel that God is more like a life force than a person. So let us see what these two gods possibility could be. 


First God possibility;

God is the entire universe and everything that exists in the universe, so God is everywhere and is everything, so, we live within God and are part of God, therefore the natural laws are god laws; a God like this by default would be accepted by everybody, even the atheists will not be able to say that there is no God, because God represents every physical thing or spiritual thing in the entire universe, therefore, God exists because the universe exists.

If we would accept a God that is everything, then this god by default would be able to do just about everything possible, you see whatever happens, it happens because God made it happen; however this is not the God that humanity is searching for, because humanity wants a god like a person that guides them, we can see that from any religious book that we read, they all contain rules that guides the believers of that religion, sometimes these rules have been made to serve the people at the time when they were made, so, when those things change religions might have to change, in order to serve the people the best way possible.

Having described this first god possibility it is obvious that this god could not fulfil our human desires, so it cannot be accepted as a super God that is able to link all other existing gods and religions together, which would be our super god that we need to solve the present religious problem that exist today. But let us separate the physical universe from the spiritual universe, so that we may have this second God possibility explained; and then see if this spiritual God would be able to fulfil better what we are looking for in a super god?       


Second god possibility

As we have said, we are looking for a super God capable of linking all existing gods and religions together, and not only that, but this super God should be able to fulfil all our human desires and expectations. These human religious desires are already written in most of our present existing religions, but these religions have been written in a way that would represent the time when they were written, in the old time most communities would for safety reasons try to be self-sufficient, so, they believed in isolating themselves against outsiders, for this reason religious text were written in a way that they would become isolated; they also do not trust each other and even might fight each other; but today we need a God that links all religion together. Now that we have explained what sort of God we are looking for, let us see if the spiritual god that we have in mind could be our super God that we are looking for.

We know for a fact that the spiritual God is going to be better, because we have already written about this God of the universe in our religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, of course what we have written there is not completely finished, so we are going to write more religious and philosophical articles, because we would like to see that everything is linked together properly, and in a shorter way if possible. 

When we do that, we need to explain also on what grounds we are setting our spirituality discussions and beliefs, where God of the universe is going to be the driving force of all existing life of the universe, we have also to try to explain in a compact way whether they could be really true.

Anyhow I believe that I have said enough in this hub, so, we will see you in our next hub about, our spiritual beliefs and talk about collective spiritual beliefs, perhaps this is an easier way to achieve our religious aim; see you soon!

May God bless us all?

Readers please note: because we are resetting our religious articles, the hubs or articles that follow this one may not exactly follow each other, therefore you have to keep this in mind, while you are reading them. 


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