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Our reconciliation 9

Welcome to our page 9, Reconciliation of the Universe
May God help me say the right religious things? 
God of the universe 

Well what we are going to write here is not going to be exactly what you would like to see written here, because it is not going to be according to the Bible; however this is the way that we see God, and how God plays a part to create life on earth. We believe that God creates life and is the life essence of the entire universe, in our religious writings God is the life force that creates life on earth and perhaps in the entire universe.   
We believe that God is life
Everything that is living in the universe is there because it is part of God-life-itself: So, nothing alive can exist without being part of God, just because God is life itself. Therefore God is the life essence of the entire universe.
Dear readers, as you can see, we have started to set up our religious theory of, reconciliation of the universe, and we have described God very briefly in such a way that would be compatible with most existing religions and also the atheists. We believe that, to overcome today religious problems, which will include the atheists and above all the religious extremists that make war in the name of God, it is necessary that the entire world needs to believe what we have written above and the following explanation that we are going to write here under and several following articles.
Let us explain once again; we all believe and somehow need to believe that God in a way or another has created life on earth, because God is the creator of life, as we like to see God this way; now, whether this God that we believe in would be part of the same God described in the Bible or not there is very little difference, because whichever way you look at life, we cannot escape to think that there must be a god or a life force energy that makes life possible, otherwise life would not exist and we call this life force God. Some of us would classify this force as spiritual or supernatural force and it is the force that makes life possible. You see, since there is life there must be something that makes life possible, and until today this role was explained with God’s creation, as it happens in the Bible and some other religious books that might explain life in a slightly different way. But what is happening today is very different from the past, because some people do not believe in creation at all.  
You see, these explanations in the Bible and other books have been all right for a very long time, as they have served the religious people communities well, and the people themselves did not challenge them then, because they were not in a knowledgeable position, you see most people did not even know how to read or write much until a few centuries ago, so they were happy to follow those people that had some education. But today the world is more advanced and most people know how to read and write, in fact because of the computer people know a lot more today and their knowledge continues to increase every day of their lives.
This new found knowledge solves many problems, but it also brings some new problems and one of these is religions. Some people could and would argue that the old religious explanations as life began might not be enough anymore, therefore today we believe that we need to review our religious beliefs and be able to adjust them with our modern views, so, we have to work out how God-life-force-energy could and would be like in this modern world to satisfy everybody; so that this may help humanity to live a better life according to God’s will, and at the same time avoid those nasty things that happen today, so the new most important value would be this and let me warn those that cannot see what they are doing and use religions to help their own greedy needs.
This is a warning to those persons that use religious beliefs for their own betterment, while they pretend that they have a right even to kill in God’s name. It would be better for them that they beware about their beliefs, because:
No living man should or could ever pretend to kill in God’s name, because in doing so he would be killing a tiny part of life, which would be a tiny part of God himself.
Now that we have written the most important part of this article above, let me say a few words to those people that worry about changes in religious beliefs, so let me write something for our readers’ peace of mind, before we go on explaining other religious things.
For our readers' peace of mind
Written for our readers’ peace of mind
Dear readers, we have said this before and we will continue to repeat it here, just because we would like to make sure that you understand our position; therefore, to anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they would not be able to fight each other openly any longer in the future; Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve just that, and this is what we would like to do:
What we would like to do in order to achieve that
We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,
And when you read these pages you might have to agree,
That this could be the golden door of golden opportunities,
That God might be willing to give to us and for all humanity.
For this reason I am praying God to guide and help me.
Because I am a believer and I believe in the existence of God, in order to write God's religious things one needs to be in touch with God, or perhaps I should say with God-life-force of the universe; so, I am praying God to help me.
My Lord God who is in heaven, to you I turn God Most High praying with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying you, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will, in good faith for the future benefit on mankind. Father, hear my prayer and help me! Amen.

Dear readers, sometimes there are some religious debates that need to be seen to believe what some important people believe, and this is one of them; so if you would like to hear this debate, just click on the link here under.  
This is how the video of this debate looks like in youtube. Here we have this photo just for show, since the link is not alive in the photo, therefore to see the video you need to click on the link shown in the text below.

A great religious debate

Religious debate
As we all know; today there are these atheist people that don’t believe in God or any religions, so, they would have liked religions to disappear althogether; or, perhaps they would have liked to see religions set in a different way wherever possible, for those atheists to accept religions as they are is almost impossible, for these reasons there are several debates going on in the world between religious people and atheists. Therefore here we would like to post this link for you to see what it is all about.
Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell on Q&A (10-4-2012)
Here we wonder whether they would or could think that there could be a way in between that would or could be able to solve today religious problems, or they would maintain their religious beliefs position intact and debate forever getting nowhere.
Here we have to add that in our humble opinion, what we are writing here is just a vision of a simple man, who believes that religious beliefs could be changed in such a way that in the future religions would be more believable for everybody including the atheist, we believe that we should be able to suggest or do this without changing religions too much or destroying them. You see this is the real aim of our religious theory, so let us talk about God of the future the way we see it.
Let us talk about God of the future
Dear readers and religious believers, first of all we know that people need religions, because it has been so since the known beginning of time, now, in order to preserve the existing religious status, we need to look for a few new ways that are more compatible with what is known today, we cannot continue to say that God is omnipotent and we have to follow him, just because, we have been told so from our forebears, since our forebears believed that they would follow God, even when God’s omnipotence is questionable, just because, nobody can be above God. Well this is the way that religious leaders seem to follow to scare their followers to submit to their religious beliefs. 
Now, to believe in God without questioning it is very hard, because, there is also the fact that it has been a very long time since we have seen anything happen that could be attributed to God intervention, and those happenings that we have been told in the Bible and from religious people might not be true, since there is no real evidence most of the time; so, there are reasons to assume that God might not be the way that we the believer want to believe God is like.
For these reasons we have to see if there are other ways to describe God, so that our God would or could be more compatible with what is known today and therefore more acceptable to everybody. This is the reason why in our new religious theory we are going to describe God as a super God that links all religions together, and above all as the life giver of the universe, since we believe that God is life, because life energy is what God himself is made of. Therefore, God above all is life and the life-force that binds all living beings together, and which makes life on earth possible. God’s life-force keeps life on earth going on as it is and keeps everything in the appropriate order for all living beings. We have also to say that God is love and loves every living thing, of this we will comment later on, when we have more time to describe God attributes.
At this point of time we need to say that this is a new theory that might be able to achieve religious reconciliation in the universe, but, just because it is new it might not be popular now, however we believe that one day it will be understood and accepted from the people at large; it has been written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind, it is an idealistic theory that could work if one day people accept it in general terms, so let us write it down the way that we see it, even though it seems so far away from what we believe God would be like today, it is a theory that could really help religious people in the future, without being religious fanatics.
So, let us leave behind the past and the present religious ways, therefore allow me to write about religions of the future and how they could start. To begin with we might have to suggest that religious book instead of starting like the Bible does; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth; perhaps it would be better for religious books of the future to start like the ways we have started this article: We believe that here is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life force of the entire universe, we need to have only one God so that everything is more in line with what people could believe as we have written and suggested above, how God would be like in the future.
Now let us start from another point of view; since life and everything else is eternal, because the existing life cycles of the universe are eternal, since life repeats itself indefinitely in a way or another, therefore we need to acknowledge that God is eternal and has been there since the beginning of times, therefore if any records exist in nature which we are sure that there must be, just because we have discovered ourselves that we can keep records, then, God has the complete record of everything: That is to say; that, He has pure knowledge of everything past, knows the present and can foretell the future.
Other attribute that apply to God would be that God is perfection of life in every possible way; God is a benevolent God (and benevolent here means that God is benevolent in every way and would not be willing to punish anyone) God is also order and harmony of life; God is love and God loves and cares about every living being or living thing, no matter how insignificant such being or thing may seem to us, therefore God is goodness itself. So now, if one wants to describe God in a very simple way, one can clearly state by saying that God loves life and GOD IS LIFE ITSELF.
Of course there are people that will not accept that God is life itself, and they want a god that lets them do what they want, or they make up a religion that lets them do what they want, but they should beware of what they are doing, because anything nasty that they do, soon or later will come back to harm them.

God exists in the life cycle of the universe

We can say that God exists and creates the life cycle of the universe and is part of the fife cycle of the universe, since God is the life engine that gives life to every living thing, the whole picture of how God and everything else is, will slowly emerge as we continue to write new articles, in our religious theory of, Reconciliation of the universe.
These are our beliefs about God within the chain of events of the life cycle of the entire universe. You see, we believe that everywhere we look there is a cycle about how things start and end, but they don’t really end, because they continue to happen and repeat their cycle again and again; therefore even in the universe there are cycles of events, and life happens to be one of the most important cycles that go around in the universe, so it is here that God plays the most important part, in the never ending life cycle of the universe.
Dear readers what we are going to write here is a complex theory that we are still writing about life and God of the Universe, you see, at this moment we would have liked to publish this part of our religious writings very much the way they were when this angel from heaven greeted me as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe; but I think that it might not be possible and I am going to add some changes but not much, so they are close to what they were then, because I want to do that just to keep the record the way it was when that supernatural event happened to me, as it might mean something. I hope you see my way of reasoning here.
Now, I need to say that even though I am an old man now and during my life I have observed many things, and from my observations I have been able to use them to solve many problems, today I have to say that my observation about religions are taking me to write my religious beliefs about God, of course my religious beliefs are by pure human imagination, but since I am alive as I am a living human being, in some ways I am part of God-life-chain of the universe: Therefore I belong to God life force as there is no other way for me to exist.
One has got to keep in mind that, in the beginning God gave us some of His own life energy when he created us all, and because of this initial life energy I am part of God: Therefore because I am part of God my own imagination may well be God driven too; or is it perhaps that it is only my imagination that likes to see God my own way?
Today we believe that God has got to be the only eternal and universal-life-force of the whole universe that binds all living being together. But of course there are some people that would like to believe their own way, so they believe in a god that suits them to perfection. Therefore, they believe that what they believe is right and the rest of us have got it all wrong, and therefore they believe that they can pray God and God will favours them; but I believe that they have got it all wrong because:
God can only be the universal life-force of the whole universe; so, one has to understand that God will not be part of anything that favours anyone in particular, and God will not be part of anything that destroys life. So anybody that claims to kill in the name of God is making a great mistake, because that person would be killing a small part of God himself; therefore such a person can only be a liar and a cheat, even if such a person believes that it all is being done for the sake of their god and religion. For these same reasons religions need to be modified, so that people would not make these mistakes; see our imaginary futuristic hub, Religions of the future; this is the link:
So, we believe that in order to achieve peace in all religions and religious beliefs: It would be helpful, if all religious books would start or state somewhere in a bold way, that there is only one God in the universe, as we have done at the beginning of this article and that we all belong to the same God, since God is life itself. For this reason we would like to suggest that all religious books may start in a way that makes this clear.
Now let us try to describe God of the universe

God of the Universe

If one wants to talk about how to describe God of the universe, one is also forced to talk about the entire universe in general, in order to show how God rules and guides the entire universe and is part of the universe.
Therefore in order to understand our point of views about God of the universe, and how God can affect the whole life cycle existing on earth and/or the universe, one should view the wholeness of the universe together with the cosmos of the universe that binds everything together, and how God and life would fit within the whole universe including earth, and at the same time one should keep in mind that life is part of God, and that God is part of the entire universe. There are many other things that are hard to explain and this is one of them, especially because it is a new way of thinking and believing about God and religions, of course there are other things that may link with God of the universe for instance our religious beliefs and our religious dreams, especially if they are spiritual dreams that seem to have a special religious meaning which I have had a few, and here is a link if you would like to check my spiritual dreams:
Anyhow, keeping in mind what we have said above that we have to look at everything together, so that we could see the whole picture of these religious issues at hand, we soon notice that it is not that simple; because at the same time we notice and know that there is always an opposite side, or an opposing force to any existing thing or force, so that everything can exist in a balanced way, therefore in order to describe these spiritual things, one should assume that the entire life and spiritual universe could be split in two, just because, we need to give a description of the entire universe; so, one half of the spiritual universe is governed by God which would be the positive life-force, and therefore the creator of all existing known and unknown life of the universe. The other half is the negative force, and therefore in a nut shells we could call this the destroyer of all existing life, but in reality is only fulfilling its role to create the life cycle of the universe.
So, within the greater cosmos of the universe, these two opposing force go through to a never ending life-cycle, and perform a chain of balanced events that make life on earth possible. This seems to be the only possible way to the existence of life, because if these two opposing life forces would not exist, there could be no existence of life in the universe.
Now, taking in consideration what we know or what we are supposed to know: We who are the living of this planet earth seem to be in a position between these two great forces, and by our own personal choice may attract us to ether one of these two life forces. Therefore during our life we should be very careful and try to stay with the positive life-force of God, if we don’t want to run the risk to be destroyed forever by the negative force, because even that could happen.
What we have just said may seem to you unreal, or at least so far away, from the God that we have been taught to know when we were young. But really no one has ever seen God in his complete form, and perhaps we never will in our present life-form, and if someone happens to claim that has seen God and it happens to be true, we are sure that they have seen only that small part of God, that God saw fit to show them to proclaim his own presence. In fact we believe that God life-force, or a small part of the life-force of God can show itself in any ways and in any place it desires.
As we have already said above, God is also life itself and everything that’s living is part of God. God is also the ultimate and infinite universal-life-force that guides the universe. So, since the universe is infinite also God is infinite, and because of the infinity factor it would be impossible to describe God completely, even if one does know how God is like. It is because God is larger than anything that we know, or anything that we can normally imagine. So in order to express our beliefs, we will try to describe only how God could exist within our own galaxy.
We have to limit ourselves to our own galaxy only, not only because it would be easier for us to describe God existence: But also because in a different galaxy things could or would be different, since a different galaxy may be bigger or smaller than our own, and with a different ratio of energy flouting around, therefore for this reason God life force over there may be somehow different from our own.
So this description of God of the universe will be in a plain field, because it would be too complex for us to describe God as he is in a three dimensional way. We have also to add that what we are writing here is only a theory, which we believe could even be right, or at least partly right.
So now let us describe God of the universe in our own galaxy

Describing God of the universe

Describing God of the Universe
Therefore, let us imagine our Milky-way-galaxy, and let us put a circle around it, so that, we can now have a more definite area to work with; and in this way the infinity factor can be partly overcome.
In our galaxy there are millions and millions of solid bodies, and also not so solid lifeless bodies that go around in the heavens, there are also so many electromagnetic fields around these bodies; and throughout the cosmos there are light waves, radio waves, and many other things that we might not even know that they are over there. And we believe that God is part of those things that we think we know and yet we don’t fully know or understand. So the question here arises; what could God be like? Before we answer this question let us state that God exists, as we have already tried to prove that within this hub and also another one hub that we called, God exists because life exists and here is the link:
There are reasons to believe that God is the infinite life-force that governs the universe, and his presence is felt everywhere throughout the cosmos. We are not able to see God in our present living life-form, but we believe that one day we should be able to see God after we die, because then we will be in the spirit life-form, and therefore then, we will be much closer to God than we are now while we are living on this planet earth.
What God could be like nobody really knows. And since nobody has ever seen God completely and neither have I, (even if I have dreamed about God: but those were only a few dreams) then the only possible way for me to describe what God is like, is that I have to use my own human imagination. So this is how I believe that God would or could be like.
God is like a gigantic magnetic life-force that attract the positive life energies of the universe, this magnetic force runs throughout our galaxy and perhaps beyond it as well, but we have to confine ourselves to our galaxy only, in order to make it easier to describe God, because only in such a way we will be able to make sense about what we are going to say next.
There in the galaxy (the universe), there is a place where the presence of God and God-life-force is very dense, and from there God radiates his force of life throughout the universe. We cannot see God’s life-force, (because we are not meant to see it, but we know that it is there because there is life on earth, and perhaps somewhere else in the galaxy and beyond.) but if we were able to see God’s life-force, I would imagine that could look like the following description:
Let us just say that God’s life-force is infinitely large and covers the whole of our galaxy. In the centre it is very dense and it is pure life-energy, and therefore this is God Himself. Now, if we were able to see God from a distance, perhaps we would have seen Him as a light that glows. This light would be very bright and beautiful and also extremely extensive, and yet it would not blind us, because God Himself would not hurt us since we are his own created human beings, and to achieve that, God would adjust his power at a level that we would be able to see Him without being hurt, because He is there to give life and not to hurt life. However because God is pure life-energy and we are not pure and perhaps unclean as well, we will not be able to see God at close range as it would be dangerous for us, because the immense strength of His pure power could even kill us.
But know let us make an effort and try to describe God of the Universe: But before we start to describe God I feel that have to pray to purify myself and be worthy of writing religious things. So, from now onward, in my religious writings every chapter will have its own prayer just for that chapter, because it is necessary for me to pray and be purified, and then to implore God our Father to guide and help me to write these religious writings. It is also important for our readers to pray God in order to purify themselves and be worthy in God’s eyes while they read this part of our religious writings of Reconciliation of the universe.
Hereunder is one of my prayers;
My Lord God, with my personal concerns I come to you praying God Most High; I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation to thy eternal life force, I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and that you would make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul and thus I would become worthy to be heard and write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer, amen!
In next hub we are going to describe this new theory of how God’s life forces and all the spiritual life forces of the universe exist in the universe. It is a sort of vision of how all the spiritual forces could be and how they are linked to our life on earth. So, do not miss next few hubs, if you care to see our religious theory and our views about Reconciliation of the Universe. See you soon.
May God help us to say the right things and to understand his will?
May God bless us all?


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