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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The sixth circle positive

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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The sixth circle positive
There are several sorts of angels in heaven, so they do many things as well; they also tell us about God and God creation. 
You, angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.

Angels are happy spiritual beings, they have a happy deposition and in heaven they play and sing to God the Father of all living things. But there is a group of angels that surrounds our planet earth. They are there to do God's will and guide the souls that are around earth.

This is one of my sketch shows how the life cycle of the universe would flow. These two sketches could be found in our Google sites, its address is shown in our text in this post.

The sixth circle positive
May God of the universe help and guide me to say the right religious things.
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post, angels, saints and human souls, where we have written about the fifth circle positive, and then explained to our religious readers that they don’t need to worry about their religious beliefs, because they can continue to believe whatever they believe, as our articles are not trying to change them at all. So, now let us talk about the spiritual life bearing energies of the universe in the sixth circle positive
Here again I believe that we need to pray God before we write anything about this sixth circle positive of the spiritual life forces of the universe, since this is that part of the universe which may affect our life on our planet earth, as this circle surrounds half our planet earth, as we will be explaining soon, as we continue to write about our religious articles.
Prayer for the sixth circle positive
God our Father who are in heaven I pray you to forgive me all my life sins, because I am only a human being, and as human beings I am weak and I believe I may have sinned. Therefore, I pray you Father to forgive me my sins, so that I would be able to become worthy to write this religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe. I believe in your benevolence and mercy and I look forward to your forgiveness of my life sins; I also pray you to help me see through my mind’s eyes with my own imagination what I have to write in this sixth circle positive. Father, hear my prayer and help me, amen.
After praying thus, I imagine that there are lots of souls and also angels in this sixth circle positive doing many things and a lot of these souls are also praying to God thus:
We pray you God our Father to have mercy for us.
We are here waiting to be called upon to do our duty.
We pray you Father to give us strength to serve you,
We want to try our best and be one day closer to you benevolent Father God.
We pray you Father, God of heaven and earth because you are our spiritual Father, and the Father of all life and every living existing thing. We believe that your life force has started every single life on earth, and this life that you have started, at the end of their earthly life would like to come back to you in good form. So Father give us the strength to live our life according to your benevolent will; let us understand your ways and teach us how to live our lives if and when we are going to live on planet earth, so that we may become better souls at the end of our earthly life journey, and so be worthy to come back to you: We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord: Father, hear our prayer and help us, amen.
While the souls pray as we have said above, the angels of the lord look after them, so they are there for good reasons, as they help and guide the souls to do God’s will, and this is how I imagine the sixth circle positive is:
I need to say that this sixth circle positive is the most important circle for us people of the earth, because in this sixth circle most of God’s life bearing energy selected to come to earth is kept, that is to say, that the future life energy of the souls that will come to earth are kept waiting for their turn in this circle, as I will try to describe it to you below, I also hope that I would be able to explain, where is this sixth circle positive.

Where is the sixth circle positive?

Here I have to say that I wish I could really draw a sketch to show you what I am trying to explain, but so far I have not been able to find a way how to do that properly within the computer, so I have to try my best to explain my theory by writing it. Anyhow I have been able to upload a couple of small sketches that you can find at this web address, as I have said also in circle No: 5:
Of course I have to say it again that this is just an imaginary theory, which I have worked out from the many folklore beliefs that I have heard during my life; now, using what I have learned from life, I am going to place all these life forces energies of the universe or souls if one wants to call them that, in a place where they could really happen to be, thinking that they should be like that just to make sense; you see, there must be order in heaven especially in this positive God side of the universe; otherwise everything in the entire world would be chaos, so let us describe how I believe it could be like and where the sixth circle positive is:
In the universe the sixth circle positive runs parallel with circle sixth negative and it would be impossible to completely separate them. But at this point I want to point out to you that, these combined two circles together with and including our planet earth, which happen to be situated between these two circles forming a very large belt of God’s life bearing energy in the universe. So it is between these two circles that our planet earth floats through the cosmos of the universe.
Within this combined double circle there are lots of individual bodies of life energy, starting with circle sixth positive which has prevailing positive life energy on God’s side, and then a mix up of life energy of all shapes and forms in the centre, and as it gets closer to the negative side it becomes more and more negative.
Therefore, here one may have to assume that the sixth circle positive being side by side with the circle negative there is no real boundary; so, where the sixth circle positive ends the sixth circle negative begin. This is also where our planet earth floats through the cosmos of the universe between these two circles of life bearing energies.
Just let us go over once again; the circle sixth negative starts with a mix up of life energy of all shapes and forms at the edge of the positive side, and then slowly changes to prevailing negative life energy closer to the evil or negative side.
Now let me try to explain why this happens, as this is just the normal behaviour of the life energy of the universe: that is to say that the positive units of life energy are attracted by the positive side, and the negative units of life energy are attracted to the negative side. (To make it easier to understand, the sixth circle negative will be described later on, in the sixth circle negative.)
Now let me go back to describe circle sixth positive. In this circle there are lots of units of life bearing energy floating around, there is really a very large crowd of them, they are waiting for their chances to come down to earth and live a life, or perhaps another life again, this may be possible, since there are religions that believe in reincarnation. So they are waiting their turn, and if or when they get that chance to be on earth, they will try to improve themselves if it is possible doing God’s will, because that’s a good way to move higher up in importance in the spiritual world, and perhaps then they would be allowed to move up in another circle situated closer to God’s central life force, which is within the universe of God’s life energy.
But for those glowing bodies of life bearing energy to come down to earth and live a life is not as easy as it sounds, because they must first be allowed to find a way which would allow them to live a life of near equal value as they happen to be now in their present state. I will try to explain this when I write about life on earth, and about the set-up, about how that could be achieved. Anyhow you can check this link; Creation and creation of mankind, as it could help.
Some needed explanation
I have become aware that we need some explanations
Now my dear readers, I believe that we have not been able to write everything the way that we believe it should have been written, so, allow me to stop talking about circle number six, and allow me to go back to the general setting of the circles that I have already written about, it is necessary for me to go back before I start to talk about number seventh item which will be our planet earth, because I need to describe some other things that I have not been able to describe until now.
As I have already said before, if we were able to see the life forces of the universe we would see them as glowing bodies that moved around in the universe. Therefore, we would see that in all positive circles generally speaking the smallest and/or the least important glowing bodies of life energy go to the farthest places, away from the central life force of God, where they wait for their tasks to be fulfilled, therefore most of them end up in circle sixth positive. The whole place that I have described up to here is very crowded with these life energy glowing bodies, but even so they never collide with each other’s, as the whole life force of God guides them; they can do so because throughout the cosmos they are in constant contact with God’s central life-force.
As anyone can see, what I have been describing above is only the main set order in the universe that keeps everything in place. But sometimes and this happens only in very rare occasions, in the middle of all this order there is an exception to this rule, there is a wanderer, which is a glowing body of life bearing energy brighter than the rest, the wanderer usually comes straight from the central life force of God, and it may have very great powers and a mission to accomplish, like the mission of Jesus Christ Son of God Most-High, who is the greatest man that ever lived on this planet earth.
Looking at what we have just said, one could assume that this is also the way that God sends his prophets and any other great religious persons on our planet earth.
What we have described above is part of the positive eternal life-force that exists in the universe, and we like to call this life-force God, and we believe that God is life and therefore the life giver of every living thing.
But one has to keep in mind that in the whole universe like everywhere else, there are positive and negative forces that must balance each other, in order to make their own very existence possible. Therefore, since God is life, God is also order and God is also goodness: So to balance this force there must be also death, evil and chaos; because to exist there must be two opposing forces.
These two opposing forces by their very nature stand usually far apart, as they cannot coexist close together; so there must usually be a dividing neutral point between these two forces in order to coexist. And this is where our planet earth stands in the universe, not because our planet earth keeps them apart, but because we happen to be where the two forces meet. So we happen to be like the dividing fence between good and evil.
Before we start to talk about our own life on this planet earth, I would like to describe the whole spiritual universe, as I see it in the shortest possible way, so that our readers may have a clear picture of what I would like to say here.
In the universe God is the positive life force, the life giver and the builder of all good things. We happen to be at the very edge where God’s life-force reigns supreme. And on the other side of us we have the negative force which sometimes can become evil, and in its chaotic way could be able to destroy everything, but we believe that this would never happen for many reasons.
But now let me talk about the active and creative part of God life force that is very close to us, which is also that part of God life force that rules our earth, and all the living things that are on this planet: Some of us will call this life-force, our Heavenly Father, or The Holy Trinity, others will call this life force Yahweh or Jehovah, and others may say Allah, just to say a few names that I know, because there also other religions that give their gods a different name, so, there may well be many more names that I could add here, and also there are more god’s names that I don’t even know, but here we are all talking about the same God life-force that with its active life-force created us all.
We believe that in the beginning God active life force created life on earth, by applying and binding with a tiny bit of His Life Energy, a few simple molecules picked up from mother earth, in this way God created the first few cells of life on earth, and then He created mother-nature to take care of his new created life. Therefore, everything that’s living on earth nowadays has come from God, and mother-nature takes care about this life on earth according to God’s will. So mother-nature works in conjunction with God all the time, as God even now is still sending life bearing energy to earth back and forth to keep our lives on this planet going. The whole of my theory of creation has been written somewhere else in my writings, so you can read it when you come to it; but now I better go back to write about circle number six positive and how the angles and everything else works.
But I believe that this post is already too long, so, we will continue to write about angels and human souls in our next post.

See you soon.

Man needs God

The sixth circle positive
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