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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finding the way to salvation

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Praying and finding ways of how to reconcile with God is one way of how we could find salvation.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is our main link that can bring salvation.

Finding the way to salvation

We would like to find the way to salvation

Dear readers in this post we are going to talk about salvation, you see, during our life, we often ask ourselves is there an Afterlife? And if there is an Afterlife, what could and should we do to secure it for ourselves? These two most asked questions have many answers, because, although many religions agree that there is an Afterlife, they don’t agree on how this Afterlife can be, so, they don’t come to the same understanding and they give many and various answers to these questions. The only thing that they seem to agree though is that there is an Afterlife, even if they don’t know exactly how this afterlife could be.
Therefore it would be wise for us while we are living that we should take good care of our soul, so that our soul would be worthy and able to receive from God that promised eternal life, which God has promised us when the appointed time comes. But first we have to be worthy in God’s eyes to receive eternal life. Therefore, how can we become worthy in God’s eyes in order that our soul receives eternal life?
There are a few rules to follow: So, we should follow them the best way known to us, what else can we do? We are able to achieve only what we know how to achieve. So, how the ways to salvation can be achieved?
Perhaps the main reason why we are writing these religious writings is that we would like all religions to be reconciled to each other; so that in the future they could not have any reason to fight each other anymore. We believe that the reasons why they have not been able to reconcile until now has been because each and every religious group believes that they are right in believing in what they are believing in, and it is the others that have got it all wrong.
Therefore, the only way to overcome that is to show them first that they might be wrong in assuming that they are the only people that have got it right, and then proceed to show them than the others believe in the same God almost in the same way as they do, so they have got a lot in common, and therefore, it would be possible for them to believe in religion without arguing continually. Then suggest that it would be wise to start a super new religion, which would incorporate all existing religious groups, and at the same time this new religious order should be able to satisfy the needs to each and every religious order. So, for world complete reconciliation a sort of a new religious order is required.
How to start this new world order is hard to say now, perhaps we should get together and discuss what can be done, perhaps we should discuss even the Bible, and the reasons why it seems to some people that it does not make sense any more, and after explaining the reasons suggest what can be done? You see what we mean here it is not going to be easy, but it must be done otherwise mankind could be lost forever in a religious way, and if and when that happens and all people don’t believe in any religion or God, then, because we have moved away from God’s positive life-force, God’s life-force cannot be in touch with us, and therefore, God protection for the human race will be lost. Then to live a normal life would become a lot harder, in fact, in the end it might even bring mankind life cycle to an end and we may disappear from the face of the earth completely.
But we believe that there could be a way out for us from this possible disaster, if we believe in God and really try hard to find our way for complete world reconciliation. In order to achieve that some of us need to learn about all the world existing religions or at least the main religions, so that we would be able to compare them together and find what they have in common with each other. Then we would be in a better position to suggest to the world, which is the best way to reconcile those religions together, as our knowledge of the religious situation is increased by learning about them.
Perhaps by learning about them we could formulate a new way of religion, which would be able to include all sorts of religions and it could and would bring the whole world to a new religious universal reconciliation.
This is what we will try to do in the later part of our religious writings, which for the time being we would like to call Reconciliation of the Universe. We have to admit that what we are trying to say and do is only the beginning of what could be done and we have to learn a lot more before we will be able to succeed.
We have also to say that since we will never have enough time to do all what is needed to do in a religious way, we are forced to start as soon as possible to put our religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe; as you all know, we have already mentioned in these religious writings before, this theory might be able to form a sort of a map or sketch that can point to the right directions, then it will be up to the people of the future to continue in the same direction, or to adjust these directions if the need arises.
If we do all these things, then we might be able to find the way to salvation and reconciliation, so in our next post we will be talking about, the new religious order required.

Man needs God
Finding the way to salvation
Next time with, New religious world order required.    
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