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Monday, October 3, 2011

God can help all humanity

Man needs God
God can help all humanity
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After having written my prayer asking God to shield us from all sorts of curses, since I believe that God can help all humanity, I am still a bit concerned and ask myself whether I am doing the right things religiously; so, while I am writing this post here, I sincerely hope that somehow God-life-force would help me through the guiding force of the Holy-Spirit on earth, so that I would be able to say the right things and be able to reach the hearts of all human beings, and therefore, they would be able then to understand and follow my religious writings.
In my humility I am praying God to help all humanity, and at the same time I am turning to the whole world hoping that they would make an effort and try to understand me; so that they would be able to see what I see and feel what I feel, and therefore they would understand what I say.
In order to start from a common point of view that would interest everybody that reads this post, so that nobody would feel left out of this conversation, I believe that it would be good if we could talk about life in general terms, and also how life is the central link that links us to God and everything else in the universe, may God help us to understand all that one day.
So now, let me try to explain how I see and feel about life itself, because I feel that life is the greatest mystery of the whole universe, and we human beings are the highest specie of life that exists on this planet earth, and for this reason it would be our duty that we try to find what links us to the rest of the universe.
Because nowadays we do not know enough about the rest of the universe, we cannot prove if somehow there is other life forms like our own in the universe, so, we are forced to start from what we know today, and by using our own imagination about our own life as the first link of all existing life in the universe, we have to try to explain to ourselves if there is any other existing life, ether like our own or as the supernatural existence of the spirit world, which is believed to exist in a parallel way with our own world.
I believe that deep within our subconscious somehow we may carry our own record from the beginning of our existence; this record is shown in the form of our instincts, which usually are able to guide us safely during our lives. These records or instincts within us are not very clear, as we do not get any clear signals from them, because they are all mixed up with our beliefs religious or otherwise, and also with our own emotions of love and hate and others things that we happen to be subjected to during our lives.
We need to think about all these mixed up feeling and beliefs within us, and then, with the help of God try analyse them, in order to make sense of this entire situation.
Since I believe that God can help all humanity, so, let me say (write) a prayer to God to guide me, so that I may be able to understand better my own life and how it is related to other things, and then through my own instincts, beliefs, love emotions and other things, I may be able to describe to you my own feelings about love and life; and then how these inner thoughts emotions and others things are somehow one and the same thing with the existence of God.   
My lord God master of the universe and life giver to all living things, I know that you can help all humanity, so, hear my prayer and help me say the right things, that is about life, love and everything else that is in our heart.

Let me tell you how I feel about life.
I feel that life is love, and love is life itself,
And that one could not exist without the other.
Therefore if life could not exist without love,
Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.

My dear reader whoever you might be, let me tell you about me and how during my life the love of this special woman has changed me. Sometime I believe that God has set me up with this woman love with no love happenings, so that I would understand life and love and be able to express myself more clearly. So, I hope that you would understand and believe me, because it may seem and sound strange that human love can change things so much within our mind and heart, but in my case the love for this special woman has really changed me completely.
Of course I guess now that this has happened to me, I have reasons to believe that it must have been part of my whole destiny, because through these emotional feelings of love for this special woman God did set me up, in such a way that I had to go back to Him and do his work as you can see.
Now if you want to know more about these love feelings that I had without love happenings, you have to read another book that I am writing, where I will describe to you how God Almighty has driven me back to Him through this mysterious love for this woman in His own mysterious ways; because in this book that you are reading here I have to write only about religion and therefore God’s things.
Because of these intense love emotions that I went through in my life, I have become aware that there is a close link between falling in love and life and God-life-force, and so, I have also reasons to believe that God is love, and it can be described in a parallel way with my feelings of love for this special woman, since they may be somehow one and the same thing. So:

I feel that life is God and God is life itself,
And that one could not exist without the other.
Therefore if life is God, I’d better believe in God.
If I don’t believe in God, I may as well be dead.
I have reason to believe that this may indeed be the link between God and the mystery of love and life and everything else.  Let us keep in mind that God can help all humanity as I have said in this post. See you in my next post, what is the mystery of life.

Man needs God
God can help all humanity
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