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Human and religions 36

Humanity and religions
People usually pray to God for help and guidance, and this is one of the reasons why we need God. 

Humanity and religions
Welcome to our hub (36) Humanity and religions
May God help and guide me to say the right religious things?
As we have seen in our previous article, where Stephen Hawking, physicist argues in a new book; God did not create the universe and the "Big Bang" was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics. Here we may have to give Stephen Hawking that it is possible what he is saying is right, but not withstanding this Stephen Hawking theory we the people may continue to argue otherwise, because we have always needed God, as it seems to me that this is an inborn need that we have, therefore we will continue to search for God existence or evidence, even knowing that in reality God may not exist.   
Anyhow in this article here of humanity and religions, what we are going to write is about the need that we have for a god and religions, we are going to discuss also our studies of religions, you see, while we are writing and discussing we learn a bit more about mankind and the need that we have for religions. Therefore, we are going to argue our religious case in the following way:
Since the beginning of recorded time and perhaps even before that, mankind seems to have had this need to believe in a deity, because they needed a god and religion to guide and protect them, for this reason they have had many problems, first to find the right god and religion for themselves for a start; you see, firstly they had to find the right God for themselves and then they had to write their God’s laws which was what they would believe about their God, and then they had to follow their God’s laws.  
Why mankind needs a God you may ask? Well, let us explain this to you the way that we see it; you see, we believe that, Man needs God mostly because they may turn to God for help if and when they need help, as we have said above and also written in our hub, Man needs God, and at the same time, if there is a real God, God needs man also, otherwise what is a god good for if there are no believers?
Therefore, because man need God and god needs mankind to believe in God as well, it becomes a fair exchange because both benefit from this exchange, that is why God and religions need to be the way that they are today, or at least we have to try to keep them as close as possible as they are, even if we have to make some changes just to keep religions in touch with the ever changing needs of mankind.
Now that we have stated this need that we have for religions, we have to add that sometimes we have doubts about the entire religious issue, here we feel that also our readers may have their doubts, so, let us say something to our readers to make them understand that they don’t need to worry; if they worry let them read that section in our previous articles, “for our readers’ peace of mind”.

 Humanity needs to review religions

Since humanity needs to review religions; I am praying God for guidance
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth you would guide and help me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
Now that I have prayed let us continue; as we have said many times already, we seem to argue too many times about religions, whether there is a god or not that created the universe, and many other religious things for that matter? We just have to look at everyday news to find something that shows religions in a bad way? Therefore, this state of religious happenings as they are today cannot go on forever just the way they are, it becomes obvious just by following the news that mankind is using religions to find ways to use them for their own personal advantage or small groups advantage and not for the entire world community, as it is supposed to be used and that is no good.  
So, in these religious writings we have to try to explain what is the general point of view nowadays about God and religion? Therefore, first of all we have to assume that God really exists and then ask questions if we can; for instance, why we find it hard to be good souls in God eyes and follow God’s ways? And finally suggest what could be the best way for us to find our way back to the true existing living God and good religions. Here we may even ask; what is the right way to world religious reconciliation?
Today, as we have seen from the previous hubs that we have written, God as we have known for thousands of years is being attacked from atheists who are clever people in their own ways, so, it is only a matter of time before God and religions will need to change in order to survive. We know that this is the hardest thing to do for religions, because religions are just beliefs and beliefs cannot change easily, if beliefs would change easily then those beliefs that you have believed in for so long are worth nothing.
So, what could we do one may ask?
Answer; we may have to find a way about how we can link this present days religions to the future religions, which would be so constructed that they would be able to bridge past, present and future religions, you may think this is outrageous idea and I am out of my mind to suggest it; but if you know about old religious beliefs and their history, then you will see that what we are suggesting here is not out of place, because religions have always slowly changed, so there is nothing to be worried about, if they slowly start to change again, as long as these changes are made in a way that would be acceptable to the religious public.
What could we do then you may ask?
Well, perhaps the question would have been more to the point if we would have asked. What sort of God or religion can achieve all that?
Perhaps it could work if we would believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, and this God is the life giver of the whole universe, so, we believe that God is the life giver to every living thing, and therefore there is definitely a link between God and our life on earth, even if this extended belief would be different from what the Bible is teaching us today, it still would be a religious belief about God and this new link would be able to connect all religions together, we hope you see what we mean.
Now, let us just assume that we have been able to find a way how to make this new religious link, and with this new religious link we are able to link the past the present and the future of religions with no difficulty and they would work in harmony from that moment on, once they have been written and the public has accepted them.
But, here we have also to assume that because of this new found link, which in realty has always existed in nature but we were not able to see because we had fixed religious ideas; now that we have found it we should not assume that humanity and God should really run in a parallel way and agree with each other all the time, because that’s not the case at all as we all know, just because everything changes with the passing of time, and what seems perfect today in the future may not be as perfect.
Let us look at some examples; for example, some of us believe that in the past God really came down to earth, because in His mercy He wanted to help the Israelites, so, during that time God in his wisdom gave the Israelites this general rule called, the Ten Commandments for them to follow. Nowadays all the people that are connected to the Bible, or to a similar religion more or less follow these Commandments, but we are too many different people in this world and we have too many different ideas and rules, and a strict single rule can never satisfy us all, so it could be a good idea to widen those rules, so that they could apply to the rest of the world, so that the rest of the world could live in harmony with each other as well.
The need to observe and learn in order to find the way for religious reconciliation
Reflecting on what we have just said, one has to admit that all God’s rules, because they have been written in a way that they should look like as if they are heavenly driven they take into account mostly heavenly things only; but we in this world sometimes find those rules hard to follow because we are living on earth and therefore we are earth bound. So, our main task while we are writing here is to find a way on how we could guide humanity closer to God’s ways, while at the same time we have to talk in a earthly way, so that humanity would be able to understand us and follow our religious writings and perhaps agree with them.
You see during my life I have made my own observations, I have done that just because I like to observe many things, therefore I have also made many religious observations, so today I believe that I have found a sort of solution, since I have become aware of something that might help, and this theory that is now taking shape into my mind seems to me very important, because it might be able to enlighten a bit more what seems so obscure to us now. So we believe that it is worth to pass on what we have learned for the benefit of all humanity.
Because we have become aware of this theory, which makes us believe that something could be done for the benefit of mankind, we have reasons to believe that perhaps God has made me dream an impossible dream for me to achieve, because to achieve this dream I have to try to reach the unreachable stars; but at the same time I feel as if there is an inner force that is driving me to do this.
Therefore, if we believe in God then God might indeed let us reach the unreachable stars, therefore if I believe in God and pray God I should be able to fulfil this role and be able to write these religious theory, notwithstanding that I am not a well educated person, you see I am only a self taught writer. These are my religious views overall, and just to say a few things about how I feel sometimes about God, I am going to write this below, while at the same time I wonder if you are going to agree with my religious views.

Personal religious views

Personal religious views
There may be times when I feel very religious within myself, when that happens I have this feeling that from the four corners of the universe, God is watching us closely. Although God is watching us from a distance nothing will escape God’s watchful eyes. Therefore we can say that we ought to believe in God and follow his rules, because we are all going to get back from God what we personally deserve. What I have just said is only how I personally feel about God at this point of time, but not everybody is going to agree with me, so I have to be careful about what I am going to say next.
Having said how I feel about God, now let me try to find my way what to do next: Here I have to say that I have observed that what I want to do is a very difficult task, and from my observations I have come to a conclusion that these religious writings should be written in two main parts, which would enable me to deal with two points of view of the same subject in different ways.
The first point of view is to look closely at ourselves, and then to look at the existing religious world and see where and why those religious are sometime failing us.
Therefore, the first part would have to be dealing with the way of how we people of this earth feel about religion, so that we could make up our own mind if we need religion and how much we need religion, then we should examine those existing religious, and if we find them not adequate to today’s needs, we’ll have to see what can be done to improve them, even if we have to change whatever needs to be changed.
But that is now as easy as it sounds because of our natural instincts, since Mother Nature in order to keep us safe from all dangerous things during our lives, she has implanted in us the will to survive, this will to survive makes us very suspicious of everything, therefore we could not and would not accept everything that is being told to us, therefore we have to go through a process in order to prove to ourselves that what is being said is good for us, and then and only then we will accept it.
The second point of view is to try to find a solution to the existing religious problems.

But first, let us see how and what can I write to the people in general, I believe that we have a theory about how this could be done, but we have to work on it, in order that they would accept this first point of view and believe in what we are saying to them.
So, in our next article will talk about these religious points of views?
See you soon.
May God bless us all?


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