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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Intoductory explatation

Man needs God
Introductory explanation
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You, angels of the realm of glory,
You tell us about the eternal story,
You tell us about the creator's glory,
You tell us the wonders of God's creation.
Introductory explanation
Before I can start to say what I need to say in my Introductory explanation, I need to say a prayer to God, so that I may be able to prepare myself for my own, Introductory explanation, so, let me pray.
Almighty and merciful Father I pray you to guide me while I write this Introductory explanation. Amen!
As we all know, during our lives we learn many things, we are forced to do so in order to survive and thrive, so life is a great teacher and teach us many things good or bad, so all we need to do is to observe and learn from anything that life throws at us; and from what we have learned during our lives we make our own decisions?
During my life I have observed many things, and made some decisions based on my personal observations and my own understanding of the matter therewith, in doing so, I have to say that most times I have been successful in doing what I thought was right to do at that time, at the same time I have to admit that perhaps some of the decisions which I have made were not as good as I had expected them to be, but what can one do life is like this, sometime you win sometime you lose.
Today I am taking one of those decisions which are that I am going to write these religious writings. I am going to do that according to what my logic mind is telling me; of course as I have said I am not doing this just because I want to do it, it is because of my personal observations, which when I analyse them I feel that there is a need to do something about the present state of things.
In this Introductory Explanation here, I am going to explain to you what motivate me to write these religious writings; one of these reasons are my personal feelings as I have explained in my previous post, but that is not all because; then they become reinforced by my religious observations, therefore when I look at what has been happening in the world of religions in the last decade, I know that it would be the duty of any good man to do something in order to improve the present religious situation, any idea at all that might help to easy the situation would be welcome. So, I am going to say what I believe, in the hope it is going to help, so, I hope that this time I am right in deciding that I want to write about religions, and I hope it somehow helps humanity.
My dear reader whoever you might be; at this point of time you might be asking yourself; why I have made up my mind to write these religious writings? Why I made this hard promise to God to write them? Why I am writing and wanting to write my religious writings anyhow? Especially that for me personally would be very hard to write them, since I am not a learned person, and religion is a very hard subject to write or explain. But if you were to feel that you have been called to write them, then, you would have to do it anyhow no matter how hard it would be for you to do it. So, this is the way that I am feeling right now while I am writing here; You see I feel that I have been called to write my religious beliefs for many reasons, and many indeed are the reasons for which I am writing them, as you will see and understand if you read my religious writings.
Of course there are many other reasons and subject to explain, apart for what I have just written above in my preamble, there are also other extra personal reasons which have driven me to write them, and these reasons I am going to write down and explain them to you as soon as I find the right spot in my writings.
But at the moment, the most important reason for me wanting to write is that I feel it from within my soul that I have to write these religious writings, otherwise my soul tells me that I would not be doing what I have come to do on this planet earth. Therefore, I feel that if I don’t write my religious beliefs now; I have lived my earthly life accomplishing nothing worthwhile: Not only my soul is telling me to write my beliefs as a human being, but also because lately I have had a supernatural experience, which has given me personal proof that what we call the unseen spiritual world exists, and also of the existence of angels and other heavenly things, and from this supernatural experience I know that my writings have been noted from heaven above, because this angel has greeted me as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe. I will write about this supernatural experience at the beginning of that part of my writings called, Reconciliation of the Universe, as this would be the best way for my readers to understand the meaning of my experience. (And there I will also write a chapter where I am asking myself this question: Who were those angels?)
I think that what I am writing here could well be the beginning of the world religion of the future. So, I am going to call my religious writings: Prayers of Reconciliation; because that is what I would like my writings to achieve. As you all know that what’s happening in the religious world nowadays is shocking, as some religious leaders twist their religious meanings and instead of preaching peace to their followers they preach war, and so, something needs to be done to neutralize that.
Therefore this is another of the main reasons for me to write my views, as I believe that there are too many religions in the world, even though they may be similar they are somehow different to one another, so, their leaders tend to argue with one another, in the hope that they can impose their point of view of their own religious beliefs on the others; this makes religion itself look bad. So, in my religious writings by moving everything one step high and linking those religions together in this higher deity, I hope to find the way how to link them together and neutralize their bad usage of religion.
I feel that I have to write this as it is my duty as a human being to improve the present situation, and I am sure that from now on we (all the peaceful people of planet earth) will try to find a way together for world religious reconciliation: And my personal way that I am suggesting here is written in this book including, Reconciliation of the Universe.
So, I am going to write my religious writings as my soul guides me, and also because of the sign that I have seen and also because of what has happened to me and my family, which sometimes makes me think that those things have happened for a reason, and therefore these happenings have driven me to write. Therefore what I am writings here is being written as my personal prayer to God Most High, which is the highest deity that binds all religious beliefs together.
And now I feel that I have to pray God to help me to write them as I am not a good writer; so, let me pray. And I prayed.
Man needs God
Introductory explanation
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