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Religious beliefs 33

Mankind religious beliefs
St Peter basilica in Rome is one important place of worship

These are the ten Commandment, they are supposed to be the rules the Yahweh God of the Israelite gave Moses for the Israelite, and the Israelite had to follow these rules. 
Mankind religious beliefs

Welcome to our hub (33), of mankind religious beliefs.
May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious writings?
Dear readers, as we have maintained throughout these religious writings, and we will continue to maintain our beliefs that we need God and religions; even if sometimes religions seem to cause some trouble in the world, as we are going to explain later on in this article. You see, we believe that if we were to follow what the atheist’s say that there is no god/s, and therefore there should not be any religions either, but that would not be acceptable to mankind, therefore, we have to accept that mankind needs religions, one way or another; this is obvious from the fact that there are so many religions in the world of today, as it has been in the past and it will be in the future.
Today some of the main religions are: Christianity, Muslim religion, Hinduism, Buddhism plus other religions, we only need to look at the several places of worship to understand that religions are very important to all mankind and therefore they are here to stay. So, in this hub first of all we would like to look at these religious beliefs and then explain what we are doing with our religious writing and what we would like to do in a general way; in a way we are studying all sorts of religious behaviour that we happen to know today, so, when we talk of this and that religion and any religious issues we would like to test those religious grounds, so to speak and see what we can learn from them, and if it is possible to suggest any improvements.
Anyhow we have called this article, mankind religious beliefs, so, now we have to explain what we mean by that; you see we would like to learn and know what people think about religions, because as we all know as soon as one talks about religions or religious beliefs, one wants to asks many questions about religions: Why mankind needs religions and believe in God? Could it be that religion an inborn sixth sense within us, or we just believe in what we have been told to believe? Does religion explain why we are here on earth? Why and when men change their religious beliefs during their lives? And many other questions come to our mind that is hard to answer.
So let us see if we can answer some of these questions above, in this hub or the many religious hubs that will follow, we are saying this because we know that we are going to talk for a long time about this subject; but first of all let us tell our readers that they are safe to believe whatever they want to believe, so let us write something for our readers’ peace of mind, as we have done with other religious articles.
For our readers' peace of mind
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Written for our readers’ peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they would not be able to fight each other any longer in the future, since today there are many violent acts or even wars that seem to come from religions. For this reason we are also writing a futuristic religious theory called, ‘reconciliation of the universe’ that will describe the spiritual world in a different way, or we should say, we are going to describe this new religious theory in a way that would make sense if we use our logic reasoning using what we know today, or what we believe that we know today; this theory will be called, Reconciliation of the universe, we hope that this new theory might be able to achieve just that.
We will have to set the stage for the entire world to see.
And whoever will read these writings may have to agree.
That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity;
In order to stay in touch with God existing life-force for eternity
So, every day I am praying God to guide and help me.

So, before I continue to write any religious issues, let me say my prayer to God Most High, master of the universe and life giver to every living thing, so that I can feel more comfortable writing them?
In the name of The Father, The-Son and The Holy Spirit; Almighty Father, I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly, hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, so that I would be worthy and able to write these religious writing that I am writing here according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and help me!

Now that I have prayed God Most High, the way that I see God would be in our religious theory, I feel more confident to write the following religious writings, so let me try to explain, what religion is for me and perhaps for most of us.
Anyhow, in this hub we will be talking about first of all; Mankind religious beliefs; 2, What life throws at us affects our religious behaviour; 3, What are religious beliefs and 4, Explaining my position as a writer.
These are mankind religious beliefs
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We the people of this world even today are still in search of our own religious beliefs, because we would like to know how they all started in the beginning, therefore it would be wise if we can start looking from the beginning of our life and see what sort of evidence we can find out for ourselves; we know that this has been done many times already from our previous generations, but it seems that this is the only way to go about, if we would like to know more.
When a human being is born he (here he represents all mankind) knows nothing about religion or anything else, all Mother Nature has given him is a sixth sense so to speak that will help him to survive and thrive, so, he quickly learns how to drink his milk and how to get his mother attention, so that, he may feel secure in her arms in order to survive. If there is within him a sense of religious belonging and beliefs nobody knows at this stage, (for my own part I have to say that I don’t remember anything at all, of my very young life).
But then, as he grows up slowly he learns his mother’s tongue, and through this language he’ll learn everything that is useful to survive according to his parents’ knowledge, he will also learn about religious beliefs according to his parents own beliefs. Therefore, if his parents are catholic he will be catholic too, if his parents are orthodox he will be orthodox too, if his parents are Islamic he will be Islamic too, if his parents are Buddhist he will be Buddhist too, he can also be of many other religions, which would make a long list if we had the knowledge to name them all; Anyhow the point is here that he will be believing in the same religion as his parents do while he is young, since that is what is being taught, irrespective to which religion they may belong and no matter what language they may speak.
Now we want to point out to you that notwithstanding all these different religions, which we may be believing in, and all those languages that we may be speaking, there are also a few other things left in common to us no matter where we come from, which is that most of us believe in some sort of god and religion or a sort of spiritualty; we have also within ourselves that inborn will to survive which wants us to live forever, which will stay with us all the time until we die, and perhaps beyond it, in our afterlife.
So, it would seem obvious that the will to survive would be attached to religious beliefs as well, because religion is the only thing in this world that could give people some hope to live forever, even if we are talking only about our afterlife possibilities.
Life affects our religious behaviour
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Whatever events we experience during our life, it will affect our religious behaviour in many ways it is only normal; therefore not withstanding this need of religions that we have as we have said above, and also to fulfil the will to survive forever that we carry within us and other things as well, I believe that we slowly change our point of religious view; after all man has also his own mind that decide what to do with what he has learned during his life, and sometimes he makes some wrong decisions because he believes in himself too much for his own good:

So during our lives on earth, our religious beliefs seem to go up and down according to our feelings and needs: Here for clarity sake allow me to go back to talk as if we are talking about a single person, therefore this single person while he is a child he is keen to believe and practice religion, just the way that his parents have taught him, because religion gives him a sense of protection from dangers and evil, just like his parents have taught him that God can protect you if you believe in God, and pray to God when you need help; and it is for these reasons that he would pray to be protected from God if he feels he is in danger; of course there is also a sense of fulfilment, since he believes that he has done the right things according to his religious beliefs.
But as he becomes older and becomes strong and sure of himself, then he may think that all this fuss about religion and protection from God and other things are becoming useless to him, because he may have the false notion that he is indestructible just like most young people do, and therefore he believes that he doesn’t need any supernatural power to help him, this behaviour is particularly so in the young males in the presence of other male persons, where they seem to show off their physical and mental strength; therefore even if there are a few men who believe in God, they will not willing be showing it to their peers for fear of being ridiculous, even though they know that deep down in their hearts they believe in God, and they know that believing would be the only way to salvation for them, and that salvation is the only way to fulfil their desire to survive forever. You see, nobody could ever feel good for being dead forever, so we want to find a way to salvation no matter how hard it is.
Therefore, when a man becomes old he still wants to survive forever, even though he knows that all of us must die one day, so the only thing left for him to do is to believe that his soul will survive, in the afterlife of course. And therefore, he goes back to his religious beliefs of when he was rather young, so, he goes back to what his parents have taught him and together with his acquired life knowledge and wisdom he tries to find a way out to eternal salvation.
Now as you can see, because of this inborn will to survive forever mankind cannot escape religion, because religion is the only link which promises us a possible way to salvation, and so, we hope at least that we may find the way to salvation and save at least our soul. Anyhow, now let us talk about our religious beliefs.
Our religious beliefs
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What and why religious beliefs are important to us?
Mankind religious beliefs are those beliefs that we carry in our heart and mind. If we look at religious history, we will find that since the beginning of recorded times there were all sorts of religious beliefs, so, religion is a belief that mankind sought very early since the very beginning of known times, therefore, it would be right to assume that we have been searching since then for a reason why we are living here on earth, and even now we are still searching for that very same reason, and also for the creator of all living things including our lives.
So, some of us believe in creation, but here I have to say also that not everybody believes in creation and that there is a creator; because, some of us are still looking for that life-force that made life possible on earth including ourselves, even if there is no real creator. Anyhow we have been searching and this endless searching throughout our lives has brought about to our present day religious beliefs, whether they are right or wrong we do not know?
Our religious beliefs are based on the fact that we want to know and acknowledge our own existence and from there we start asking questions. So the first thought that would come into our mind is that we ask ourselves, what’s the meaning of our life on earth?
This question brings up many more questions and also many doubts like: How and when our forbear’s lives started? Why are we living here on earth? Who gave us our lives? Is there really a god who gave us our lives? And if God is our life-giver what’s the meaning for us being here? And then again there are many doubts because what we have been taught from our forebears sometimes does not stand up to logic human reasoning, so we keep asking questions hoping that one day we will know the answers.
What we have written above are the most eternal questions which mankind has always asked since we became homo sapient, so we really would like to know the answers to these questions. But up to nowadays it seems to me that a large portion of people are not satisfied at all, with the many religious explanations that exist at the present time, so, they feel that they have been left with some doubts in their minds.
These doubts that we have about our beliefs may be due to the fact that we would like those religious explanations to run in a parallel way with our own thinking, as we will always compare those explanations with the knowledge that we have acquired ourselves nowadays, and therefore those explanations are not always satisfactory, because they have been written with the old knowledge that the writers had when they wrote them.
Nowadays most of us have been led to believe that God or the life-force that made life possible on earth resides in heaven, and we call this life-force God our Father or God Almighty and many other names. But most of mankind believes in this life-force in a slightly different way, therefore we are still searching for consensus about a single universal life force capable of creating, or helping to create our life on earth; so, if one day we are able to find consensus about our beliefs, then mankind will be better off for it. Because then mankind will not have any reasons to fight or argue about religious beliefs, and they would also be in a better position to follow God’s ways, because then they could make a collective effort to follow God’s life-force, so to speak.
Dear readers, I suppose you have already noted that there are times I refer to God as a life force in the universe, I am doing this because that could be the only way to get all existing religions together, you see a life force that somehow helps to create all existing life on earth would be more acceptable to all parties concerned; and these parties concerned include also the atheists, therefore we believe that a life force would be better than my God or your God, I hope you see what I mean?
Explaining my position as a writer
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Explaining my position as a writer of these religious writings
Dear reader I need to tell you this, before I continue writing about my personal religious beliefs; because I would like to inform you first of all and make this point very clear, that I need to explain to you how I understand the Bible: because I believe that I understand the Bible, in my own personal way; so, I would like to point out to you that within my writings of my future religious beliefs, it might sometimes seem to you as if I am wanting to rewrite part of the Bible; but it is not going to be that way at all, as I want only to explain to you how I see the Bible, so, I can assure you that it is not my intention to change anything written in the Bible. Because the Bible is the Bible and it is supposed to be written according to God’s own inspiration, or at least according to God’s inspiration at the time it was written the first time? Therefore, I do not intend to change anything at all not even a word, as it would be exactly right the way it has been written: But readers are warned that they have to make certain allowances, in order to understand the old Bible properly the way it has been written.
But there is a problem with mankind religious beliefs when one reads the Bible today, because one has to keep in mind, that, the style in which the various writers have written the Bible represents the times and the places and the needs of those days when the Bible was written; one needs also to keep in mind the capacity of the writers of that period and how they could express themselves openly, as they had to do it with what was the general knowledge of those times, it also had to be written in a way that the general public of those days could understand what the writers meant. Therefore, for me and also for anybody else, to change anything written in the Bible would be wrong, not only because the Bible is at least partly God inspired, but also because it would interfere greatly with the general understanding of those times.
So, in order to understand the Bible properly nowadays, the modern readers have to leave behind their greater knowledge of nowadays, and imagine themselves to be at the same level of awareness as the writers and the people of those ancient times. Otherwise there would be usually a problem when people read the Bible today, and then try to compare it with today’s knowledge and values, and therefore they will be shocked that not everything is the way that one expects them to be. Having said that it does not mean that we have to accept what the Bible says with no reserve, but we have to look at ourselves and ask ourselves, if we had to write the Bible ourselves today what we would have changed? And also what sorts of theories we would put in place, so that the main religious stream would accept them? You see, religions need to be written according to the times that they are going to serve, which takes us to the following statements and other things.
Anyhow, there may also be another problem because some readers believe that only what’s written in the Bible is right, and everything else has got to be wrong: But they are making a great mistake, because they fail to see that the writer of those days could only write and express themselves in what they knew and was common knowledge of those days as I have said above, and therefore nowadays because we are more advanced, we understand a lot more about common knowledge, so there are events and also some expressions that might not make any sense to us at all.
Later on in our religious writings and in our writings of ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’, I would like to explain a bit more how I understand the Bible, and why some subjects are written the way that they have been written. Then I believe that I should try to make everything good at the end, by explaining that it could have been different, if a modern writer would have written that Bible subject: Therefore, that part of the Bible that may seem to be misunderstood in these religious writings, is the way that we believe a writer would have written the Bible if he had to start writing it today.
Then there is also the fact that today we have our own religious theory, which we are going to call, Reconciliation of the Universe, it is something that I have been carrying in my soul, my heart and in my mind, and I believe that it could help people to believe in God and religion in the future, I know that what I am going to say here is different from what we believe today; however I believe that I have to try to put everything together and write that down, and pray that God will help me to do it the right way.
So I pray thus, Almighty Father I pray you to guide and help me; Father, hear my prayer.
I believe that we have said enough in this article. So, see you next time with; God works in mysterious ways see you there.
May God bless us all?

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