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My dear readers this description hereunder was once part of a God for the atheists, but I had to remove it from Hub Pages because of duplicate content.
Hereunder is part of this hub called, there is a God for the atheists.

God-Most-High is the unseen life force of the whole universe.
The unseen cosmos and God is one and the same thing.
God uses this cosmos to communicate with everything.
So, throughout the unseen cosmos of the whole universe,
God-Life-Force continually gives life to every living thing.
The cosmos radiates God’s medium for every living thing,
And God hopes that through it man would follow Him.
So, happy should be those who are able to follow Him.
For those who do, God has promised them eternal life.
So, follow God’s rules and you will save yourself forever. 
But if you don’t; you would not find your way to salvation.
At this point my friends were astonished and were reflecting what I had written, and then they said; Fran, this god you are talking about could indeed overcome most if not all obstacles, which nowadays exist in religions. Of course that can only happen if religions are willing to accept this new way of seeing god, and also are ready to change a little bit.
But now we are wondering how we could describe this god and say who is God, not just what is God?
We are willing to help while we are here.
Then, we started to work together on the definitions below, hoping that we would be able to explain who is God? Or at least try to explain who is God?  
                                WHO IS GOD?
So, let me briefly describe the grandeur of God of the Universe.
There is only one true existing God throughout the universe.
This God is the positive active life-force of the whole universe.
Every living being or thing is part of this God life force.
No living thing can exist without God, since God is life itself.
Therefore, God is the life essence of the whole universe.
The grandeur of God is seen in the creation of every existing thing.
That is where God’s masterpiece is the creation of us human beings.
God loves us human beings because we act and are very much like him.
Since we are the top of all earthly life and God is at the top of everything.
But God’s greatest grandeur is shown in his mercy for us all human beings.

If created things would speak for themselves what would they say about God?
When at night I look at the sky and at the stars, I would like to ask the stars;
Tell me you beautiful stars, who is God? Order those stars will answer me.
When in the gardens I see all these beautiful flowers, I would like to ask those flowers;
Tell me you beautiful flowers, who is God? Beauty those flowers will answer me.
If all living things and animals on earth were able to think, what would they say about God? They would say that God is life, since God has given life to them and to all human beings.
If I were able to meet the wise leaders of the world, I would like to ask those leaders;
Tell me you wise leaders of the world, who is God? I am sure that most of them will answer me: God is the active life-force that guides the whole universe; God is wisdom, God is order, God is beauty, God is life, and God is love; God loves every living thing because every living thing is a part of God Himself; but above all He loves us human beings because we resample Him, and in his great love and mercy He will forgive us all our life sins, if only we would repent and ask Him forgiveness; because God loves us beyond any human understanding, since He is our Father and we are all his chosen children, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are healthy or sick, whether we are wise or stupid, whether we are young or old, whether we come from Africa, Asia or from anywhere in the world and our skin is different colour, we are all the same to God. Therefore, it would be right for us to assume that we are God’s children and that God loves all of us; but at the same time during our lives we have to learn what God has done for us in the past, so that we may be able to understand our own situation.
The sacred book of the Bible, which is the book that many religions of the world have come from is full of many things, which God has done for us according to the writers of that time, and if we apply our intelligent minds and learn from it, we would be able to understand about the great love that God has for us, since God has send us many great people to guide the human race, from Moses to our Lord Jesus Christ.
As we all know there are a few religions that have come from the teaching of the Bible, and I will try to comment on these religions later on. What I want to mention now is the fact that in his love for us, God has sent to us the Savoir Our Lord Jesus Christ, who during his short life on earth has showed us by his own life example the way that we should live our own life, if we want to live our lives according to God The Father.
Having done so much work at this meeting we all were feeling tired, I was thinking that we did not even mention anything about the last meeting, which ended while we were talking the very end of the Bible and what it meant: but anyhow we have done enough this third meeting, so I never said anything to my friends about that and went along with them, so we stopped our religious meeting and spend the rest of the time as friends usually do, having a drink together and chatting light enjoyable small talks.

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The day after the third meeting I checked my email and found just what could be helpful to these religious writings; my friend who wants to be called on the Internet Frank@yahoo has written a post in a blog that we share, also with Manfraco Laws, so what I am writing here is the reply to those emails:
Therefore, this is the continuation of the blog therewith; edited by Manfraco, this is also a reply to the post of Frank@yahoo and other matters that have come up recently:
The post in the blog called, Religious Reconciliation, my fried Frank@yahoo  express his concerns about religious matters, he is saying in his own clear ways that he agrees with me, because his concerns are mostly like my own concerns on religious matters. So, now I feel relieved from his agreement, and I am more willing to continue my search about my own idealistic world Religious Reconciliation and how to achieve that, no matter how long it is going to take me to get it started.
Frank@yahoo believes that religions are going to face hard times in the near future; and this is part of what he wrote in his post:
The Atheists group is formed largely from well educated people, and therefore, when a discussion arises they are able to put a strong case about their non beliefs, so the followers of religious groups, which are a large part uneducated, are left in a disadvantaged position. This may give rise to the believers losing their faith and moving away from their own religions.
My views are these: As the Atheists as a whole does not see that if they destroy religions, they are going to create much bigger problems in the whole world; I have to agree with Manfraco that we need to question ourselves which side to take.>
Frank@yahoo also believes that it is very important to keep religions, as close as possible the way they are, because, RELIGION AND GOD IS HOPE FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST, I believe he is right, so, I don’t need to question myself which side to take, I know that I am a religious person and that I will follow religion, as there is a deep belief within me. I know that atheists seem to be able to win the case, if we look only at simple ways of reasoning, because what they say stands up to reason.
I believe that if all religions find a way to get together the atheists could not win the case, because their case is based mostly on the fighting that those religious extremist exercise, so we need to find a way how all existing religions could live in a peaceful way.
Since I have opened this blog, I have always thought that if I had some religious links, which express the willingness of any religious leader to find the way to religious reconciliation I would post them in my blog.
Today I have some good news about that, because I received an email with links from the Vatican, with request and permission that I could use those links in my blog.
Those links are about music from the Vatican, I know it does not sound much to start with, but it is a start and I am posting then hereunder, so that anybody can see and hear and enjoy what is going on. I hope they work. 
Thanks to Peter Ruppert from the Vatican, here are the links including some explanations:   
Music project on behalf of Geffen/Universal.
The project is called Music From The Vatican link below;  
The album is entitled Alma Mater and is recorded in the honour of the Virgin Mary.
To find out more about this project immediately, please view this YouTube channel:
 Feel the grandeur of god’s creation on earth; see what they do at the Vatican, feel the great love that the Virgin Mary has for us all and many other things, it is very exciting and beautiful, so it is worth to give it a go.
I have to say that what interests me most is the fact that the pope is going to meet another religious leader, and in doing so he may start the process of reconciliation.
God bless you all.

These articles below have been published here because of duplicate content in Hub Pages

Religions are here to stay
Welcome to my hub, Religions are here to stay, here I have to say that my religious friends agree with me, as they often say this; Religions are here to stay, because there is no other way for the people to live a meaningful life. 
But I have to say that here I am having a problem to publish my hub as it is, because Hub pages shows it as a duplicate content, but I know for a fact that I have not even tried to copy anything from anywhere, of course I need also to say that because I have already written other hubs about this religious subject my reasoning runs parallel to the other hubs content, but how can I continue to write about religions. You see the problem with religions is that things need to be repeated again and again, as that is the only way to make a believer believe what we are saying.
Having stated my problem let me see if there is a way out, so I have asked my friend to have a look what is happening here.
My friends Mark and Gino and some others have agreed with me that we have never published anything like this before, as this article has been written just for this purpose and therefore it should have been okay, but since Hub pages believes that they are duplicate content, we cannot do anything but accept their findings so to speak.
Therefore they said that perhaps I should remove them from Hub pages and find another way of publishing them on the Internet, and then, if there are people that want to read them give them the link, so that they would be able to follow the line of thoughts that those articles produce overall in our religious writings.
Having reflected what they have said to me, I see that they indeed maybe right again to say that the only way out is to publish these articles somewhere else on the Internet. Therefore this decision has been made to indeed publish them on blogger, as blogger is not as strict as Hub pages about duplicate content.
So now, anybody that wants to read what we had published in Hub pages in this hub, Religions are here to stay needs to navigate to blogger, then to my blog Man needs God and then click on the link; Hub pages duplicate content, and finally scroll down the page to find the articles, Religions are here to stay.
Good luck my dear readers.   
What else can we do?
What else can we do when Hub pages automatic check finds that our hubs have duplicate content?
Although I have now published already those articles that were supposed to contain duplicate content in blogger, I am not happy to have done that, therefore I might remove them and find another way how to at least publish part of them back in Hub pages, so I have tried to think of a way out and also asked some of my friends what could I do. So they said that perhaps it is the way that I start my hubs, and I should really change it, so that the computer will not mark it as a duplicate content.
So, at the beginning instead of saying, may God help and guide me to write the right religious things in this chapter called, Religions are here to stay, being part also of Prayers for Reconciliation religious writings, I need to say something else and when I say we said this or that, it would be better to say who sad this or that, so that a variety of writing style is achieved, therefore it is going to be harder to write things that seem to have duplicate content.
Having accepted this way of thinking I still have this problem; how do I pray to God when a prayer is required in order to make sense about how this all came about?
I prayed to God this or that prayer and indicate what sort of prayer I prayed.
Therefore here I say my prayer; My prayer to God Most High, but this is not followed by my prayer because it may become duplicate content.  
Here, I also need to modify the following statement, for our readers’ peace of mind we say to our readers; don’t worry about it, because religions are here to stay just as they are today even if there will be some modifications. Perhaps the only paragraph that may not need any change is the following one, because by its own nature part of it must change every time:  
In this hub we will be talking about; Religions are manmade but they are here to stay: What else can we do? Religious common beliefs; How can we link religions together and How should we describe this new God of the universe.
I hope you see what I mean?  
Religions are manmade but they are here to stay
It is always the same story that the atheists are talking about, which is that God does not exist and therefore religions may soon be a thing of the past. But, I and my religious friends do not agree with their attitude. So, we are going to challenge them and show them that it is not the way that they say it is.
We have reasons to believe that religions even though they are manmade they are here to stay because man needs religions and therefore also God, just the way that religions have been for a long time. For this reason we believe that religions need to be modified and not destroyed, we hope that it is going to be possible to have in the future modified religions.
Therefore, what can we do to help today’s religions survive?                                                     
As you can see we need to come up with a solution for these religious problems that exist today.
Now, if we take the time and look into history books and religious books, we will find that religions have changed in the past, because it became obvious that those religions they had then did not work anymore, therefore today we have to assume that we are facing the same religious problem that they had in the past, so, what should we or could we do about religions today?
We need to discuss these religious issues with our friends, we need to collect all religious knowledge that we have today, and then try to make sense of all those religious beliefs on a way that makes sense to all if us.
I believe that this is not going to be an easy thing to do, but at the same time, it needs to be done if we want to solve these existing religious problems that the religious world is facing today.
Now, how do we start to make this happen?
I suppose, we may have to accept a theory that everything is possible to do, if we are willing to try hard enough to find a solution for it; for these reasons, I suppose that there have to be a lot of assumptions in this sort of religious theory that later on need to be explained to the readers and believers, But just now, let us see now how can we start to make this happen.
I suppose that we can start by assuming that all religions are at least partly true, and then we can choose the best part of these religions and put them together in a way that it makes sense to the people of today; religions also need to be explained in a way that they have to make sense from now on, because from now on everything that does not stand up to logic human reasoning will be rejected from humanity.     

Religious have common beliefs
As we have said above and explained some of the reasons why we need religions, let us start looking at religions as they stand together. Of course we know that religions have lots of times disagreed strongly with each other in the past and even today, but there must be something in common and this is what we are trying to find out, so that we might be able to link them together.
I have to say that the most common beliefs that religions have and have had in the past is and was that they believe in the fact that there is or might be a sort of soul for people to exist. Of course there are some people that deny the existence of the soul, but we have to forget about those people for the time being.
Therefore, let us look at the main religions of the world of the past and present times and see if they believe about souls if we can.
We know that the Egyptian believed about souls, as they have even Soker and/or Osiris as gods of the underworld; the Greek had Hades and the Romans were the same as they had Pluto god of death and Proserpine as the goddess of the underworld, there is even Cerberus a dog of the underworld, so as you can see there is no shortage of the existence of the soul in the old religions.
Also many other existing religions believe in souls or spiritual existence, in fact wherever you go on the world most people believe in a way or another that there is or could be a soul for man and life to exist, otherwise where do we come from.  
Let us talk a little about the little I know about Asian religions: Hinduism and the many religions that come from it, the people of India seem to believe a lot about the soul, and they have a very complicated way to explain their religions and the existence of souls, I have to say that for us outsiders it is very difficult to understand their ways of beliefs about the souls world.
Buddhism may see to us a bit simpler because at least we understand, that when a soul becomes as good as it can be it has reached Nirvana and it is liberated so to speak, this may apply to other Hinduism religions, but as I said it is very hard to know about all these Asian religions.
Of course there are a lot more religions in the world and most of them believe in a way or another that there is a sort of soul.
Now let me go back to the religions that come from the Bible, since these religions have a lot of believers; we need to say that also here most if not all believe that there is a soul.
Therefore now we have found a common belief that almost all the people of the world agree and this common belief could be used in a way that somehow could link all religions together.
How can we link religions together?
Okay, now we have found a common religious belief, also we have seen that the majority of people believe in the existence of souls and other spiritual beliefs, so we have to assume that souls really exist and can play a very important part in the existence of God and religions.
Now we have to assume also that most of the things that we believe in religions also exist. Therefore the angels of God exist and the angels that rebelled against God exist together with many other spiritual things.
Now that we have accepted that these spiritual things could really exist, we have to see how these spiritual things can work together in a way that can be acceptable to the modern society. We need to do that because man still needs God and God’s guidance, to put it another way mankind still needs religious guidance one way or another.
But, how can we link religions together? That is the question that still needs an answer.
This is not easy to answer, but we need to use all our accumulated knowledge including what we have just written in this hub and use this knowledge to describe a god that can even be accepted or partly accepted from the atheists.
Therefore this god is a modern way of seeing god, and to do that we have to add some of our everyday knowledge, so that this god does include some scientific rules, in other words we need to assume that God exist, but this god is somehow similar to Mother Nature and also follows the natural laws of physics, in other words God needs to be second to the natural laws so that scientific people may somehow accept the existence of this new God of the universe.
For this reason I have already written some of my theory of reconciliation of the universe and part of it has already been published in hub pages.
How should we describe this new God of the universe?

This question and discussion I have had with my friend Mark and this is what we believe would be a fair way to describe this new God of the universe, since a new God needs to be described, because the aim of these religious writings is to see which way religious dilemmas can be fixed.
Therefore, let us just say that God is part of the whole universe and not the creator of the whole universe, but at the same time God has created lots of things using the natural laws of physic of the universe. God has been able to do that because God has been the first intelligence that has been able to create his own self from the natural laws of physic of the universe. Now God being the first collective known intelligence of the universe covers the entire universe, since the whole universe together has created God, so if we say that the cosmos of the universe is part of God, it is true and so is everything else that exists in the universe; for this reason we can say that we live within God and every living thing is part of God.
What we have described above may be true, but it is not enough for the people to understand it, so it needs to be described in more details how this God of the universe works. All this will be described in my writings of Reconciliation of the Universe that have been partly published already in Hub pages.  
Of course there are many things to describe later on, but for the time being, we need to add that everything that might exist and we believe to exist like: gods, angels, souls and all other spiritual things form part of God of the universe, and then, all together form an ever ending flow of life that exists in the universe; so that one can say that in the universe there is a never ending life cycle that starts from God of the universe and this life cycle energy flows around in a never ending motion. Thus all existing spiritual things are connected together through the life force energies that come from God, as God is the engine that powers the whole universe so to speak.
Now that we have partly explained that God exist and how God could exist, we need to go back to the first statement of this hub, which in a way states and questions the existence of religions. Now having explained the existence of God, it follows that religions must also exist, so here we can state that religions are here to stay.
I believe that I have said enough in this hub, so see you in our next hub. See you soon.    

New hub
Dreams number two and three
So now, let us go back and talk about sleeping dreams, type-two and three, since we have already classified dreams type one as being shallow dreams that seem mostly bodily dreams.
Dreams type two and three are two types of dreams; normal mental dreams and deep psychological dreams, they are the real dreams that we dream and they may seem strange sometimes, since as we have said we dream them when we seem to be in a deep sleep or waking up from a deep sleep; they could or would be called the dreams of our minds. These dreams seem completely detached from our present body needs, and therefore they can’t be explained easily like the bodily dreams type one, for this reason we don’t know how and why we do dream such dreams. Of course these dreams may be from long past experience that surface in our mind while we are sleeping, or they may be of a psychological nature; so while our mind is at rest from our busy waking life, our brain tries to sort things out, and tries to make sense in its own way while we are asleep. Some of these dreams usually seem to remind us of long past events, or they may be very strange in nature and make no sense at all, if one compares them to real life. They are or seem to be a bit like the dream in type-one, but they are not because we can’t find the connection to our present body needs; but there could be a connection if we look for it in our life overall, and this connection is more mental than physical, or at least it seems so because there are also those things that our body requires but we are not aware of it, and there are our own beliefs that play a part in modifying our dreams.
All these things put together may easily create a problem for our mind so to speak, and this problem must be solved somehow, and our mind solves its own problem by dreaming these strange dreams. In my own personal experience I always feel more relaxed after dreaming something, and sometimes I feel as if some chemical have been released in my brain; so, dreaming for us might be beneficial overall, even when we don’t understand why we have dreamed such dreams.
Well this is just a way to explain things, whether it is right or not I cannot tell yet, but it is just a possible way how thing are in the world of dreams. Of course there are many other ways to explain the world of dreams, but I am going to stop here for the time being.
See you soon in our next hub of, Understanding these types of dreams.


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