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Monday, November 2, 2015

About God of the future

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Let us talk about God of the future
If we want to find a way how God of the future could be; let us just imagine that God cannot be seen and he/it is a life force that exists in the entire universe, therefore, when we look at the universe, we could also say that we are looking at a par of God Himself; now it follows that there are spiritual forces as well, the main part of this life force is formed by angels, since we believe that there is God, there also must be angels.     

Therefore what I have experienced in my life could indeed be true; because even today I am asking myself, if this happening about seeing these angels really happened, and it happened only because I had written this poem, in my home computer: 
This is part of the poem, 

You, Angels of the realm of glory
You tell us about the eternal story
You tell us about the creators’ glory
You tell us the wonders of God’s creation. 

Let us talk about God of the future
Dear readers, this is the continuation of our last post, God of the universe, where we were about to discuss how we believe God of the future would be like in our new theory, so we were about to say that in order to preserve the existing religious status, we need to look for new ways that are more compatible with what is known today, we cannot continue to say that God is omnipotent and we have to follow him, because we have been told so, whether he shows his omnipotence to us or not, because nobody can be above God.
Now, there is also the fact that it has been a very long time since we have seen anything happen that could be attributed to God intervention, and those happenings that we have been told in the Bible and from religious people might not be true, since there is no real evidence most of the time; so, there are reasons to assume that God might not be the way that we the believer want to believe God is like.
For these reasons we have to see if there are other ways to describe God, so that our God would or could be more compatible with what is known today and therefore more acceptable to everybody. This is the reason why in our new religious theory we are going to describe God as a super God that links all religions together, and above all as the life giver of the universe, since we believe that God is life because life energy is what God himself is made of. Therefore, God above all is life and the life-force that binds all living beings together, and which makes life on earth possible. God’s life-force keeps life on earth going on as it is and keeps everything in the appropriate order for all living beings. We have also to say that God is love and loves every living thing, of this we will comment later on, when we have more time to describe God attributes.
At this point of time we need to say that this is a new theory that might be able to achieve religious reconciliation in the universe, but, just because it is new it might not be popular now, however we believe that one day it will be understood and accepted from the people at large; it has been written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind, it is an idealistic theory that could work if one day people accept it in general terms, so let us write it down the way that we see it, even though it seems so far away from what we believe God would be like today, it is a theory that could really help religious people in the future.
So, let us leave behind the past and the present religious ways, therefore allow me to write about religions of the future and how they could start. To begin with we might have to suggest that religious book instead of starting like the Bible does; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth; perhaps it would be better for religious books of the future to start like the ways we have started this article: There is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life force of the entire universe, so that they are more in line with what people could believe as we have written and suggested above, how God would be like in the future.
Now let us start from another point of view; since life and everything else is eternal, because the existing life cycles of the universe are eternal, since life repeats itself indefinitely in a way or another, therefore we need to acknowledge that God is eternal and has been there since the beginning of times, therefore if any records exist in nature which we are sure that there must be, just because we have discovered ourselves that we can keep records, then, God has the complete record of everything: That is to say; that, He has pure knowledge of everything past, knows the present and can foretell the future.
Other attribute that apply to God would be that God is perfection of life in every possible way; God is order and harmony of life; God is love and God loves and cares about every living being or living thing, no matter how insignificant such being or thing may seem to us, therefore God is goodness itself. So now, if one wants to describe God in a very simple way, one can clearly state by saying that: GOD IS LIFE ITSELF.
Of course there are people that will not accept that God is life itself, and they want a god that lets them do what they want, or they make up a religion that lets them do what they want, but they should beware of what they are doing, because anything nasty that they do, soon or later will come back to harm them.

God exists in the life cycle of the universe

We can say that God exists and creates the life cycle of the universe and is part of the fife cycle of the universe, since God is the life engine that gives life to every living thing, the whole picture of how God and everything else is, will slowly emerge as we continue to write new articles, in our religious theory of, Reconciliation of the universe.
These are our beliefs about God within the chain of events of the life cycle of the entire universe. You see, we believe that everywhere we look there is a cycle about how things start and end, but they don’t really end, because they continue to happen and repeat their cycle again and again; therefore even in the universe there are cycles of events, and life happens to be one of the most important cycles that go around in the universe, so it is here that God plays the most important part, in the never ending life cycle of the universe.
Dear readers what we are going to write here is a complex theory that we are still writing about life and God of the Universe, you see, at this moment we would have like to publish this part of our religious writings very much the way they were when this angel from heaven greeted me as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe; but I think that it might not be possible and I am going to add some changes but not much, so they are close to what they were then, because I want to do that just to keep the record the way it was when that supernatural event happened to me, as it might mean something. I hope you see my way of reasoning here.
Now, I need to say that even though I am an old man now and during my life I have observed many things, and from my observations I have been able to use them to solve many problems, today I have to say that my observation about religions are taking me to write my religious beliefs about God, of course my religious beliefs are by pure human imagination, but since I am alive as I am a living human being, in some ways I am part of God-life-chain of the universe: Therefore I belong to God life force as there is no other way for me to exist.
One has got to keep in mind that, in the beginning God gave us some of His own life energy when he created us all, and because of this initial life energy I am part of God: Therefore because I am part of God my own imagination may well be God driven too; or is it perhaps that it is only my imagination that likes to see God my own way?
Today we believe that God has got to be the only eternal and universal-life-force of the whole universe that binds all living being together. But of course there are some people that would like to believe their own way, so they believe in a god that suits them to perfection. Therefore, they believe that what they believe is right and the rest of us have got it all wrong, and therefore they believe that they can pray God and God will favours them; but I believe that they have got it all wrong because:
God can only be the universal life-force of the whole universe; so, one has to understand that God will not be part of anything that favours anyone in particular, and God will not be part of anything that destroys life. So anybody that claims to kill in the name of God is making a great mistake, because that person would be killing a small part of God himself; therefore such a person can only be a liar and a cheat, even if such a person believes that it all is being done for the sake of their god and religion. For these same reasons religions need to be modified, see our imaginary futuristic article, Religions of the future; this is the link:
So, we believe that in order to achieve peace in all religious beliefs: It would be helpful, if all religious books would start or state somewhere in a bold way, that there is only one God in the universe, as we have done at the beginning of our previous post, and therefore we all belong to the same God life force of the universe. For this reason we would like to suggest that all religious books may start in a way that makes this clear.
Now let us try to describe God of the universe
We believe that this post is already too long, so we will come back to talk about God of the universe in our next post. See you soon.
Man needs God
About God of the future
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