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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Special announcement

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Special announcement

This is a special announcement to our readers: 
There are several religions in the world today, but there isn't one that covers everything, so we often wonder which religion to follow, perhaps religions need to be modified in such a way that they would be compatible with each other.  
We believe that religions need to be re designed for many reasons, as it will become obvious when you read our text that we have written.  

This is a special announcement to our readers:
Dear readers in this post, I would like to inform you first of all about this subject that has come to my mind recently, because, before I start writing what’s on my mind, I would like to inform you where I stand, because what I have to say to you here and what I am going to write in these religious writings is ahead of its time. The reason for doing it this way it is because I am nearly an old man now, and if I want to write anything and finish my religious writings on time before I am too old to write anything, I have to start now, because I fear that my mind might become useless as I become older, and therefore then I would not be able any more to finish my religious writings. So it is a matter of either now or never.
So, here is what was on my mind when I wrote this article the first time: This is the year 2003 while I am writing this article here for the first time, while I believe that my religious writings would not be accepted from the public at this present time, because the public is not ready to accept them, so, it might not be wise to publish them right away, but they should be published only a few years before the year 2038, when I would be 100 years old, that is thirty five years from now. I can’t explain why I am saying all this now, but I have a feeling that at the present time my religious theory would not be accepted, because the world would not yet see the benefit that can come from it. So I hope that by the year 2038 the people of the world would be able to see what the aim of this religious theory is, therefore they will be more inclined to accept it.
(Today while I am editing this article is the year 2015, now when I look at the world news today there are many violent happenings that could be said that they are of religious origin, because some terrorist kill in the name of God; therefore this question comes to my mind, could it be the continuous violence in the religious world that the people will see as a catalyst and accept a new religious way?)
There is a second reason on my mind, which is that I need a lot of time to write what I have in mind, and because my writings will be radical so to speak, for this reason I need to feel sure that what I have written could be acceptable to the public, and more importantly to God Almighty, since my theory is about religion and therefore about God.
Third reason, so far it’s only vibes that I have been able to feel within myself, and a few dreams about God, which can be found in hub, Cosmic Spiritual Dreams, this is the link.
By dreaming these religious dreams they have given me hope, that I am a person that may be called upon from God to do something for humanity. But to be sure that what I want to write in my theory would be acceptable to God and that God has given me the chance to write it in my own human way, and will accept my theory to be published when the time comes, I do not know.
Therefore, I pray God to let me live as long as it is necessary for me to complete my religious writings, and I pray God to let me live to be 100 years old, so that I will be able to see my religious writing published properly, or I will re-publish my religious writings myself then. Because if I live to be 100 years old, and by then I have been able to complete my religious writings properly, then and only then I will know that God has given me the go ahead to write and to publish my religious writings.
But if I don’t live long enough to complete my religious writings and publish them, it doesn’t mean that my religious writings are not accepted from God at all: But it only means that God may prefer somebody else to complete them.
As I have already said before that my religious-writings are not ready, so I am still working on it, and with the help of God I may complete my theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, but at the present time it is not ready to be completely published for many reasons, of course I am already publishing my articles already in hub page, but the whole theory is not complete. So if one wants to read when completed, one has got to wait for the year Two thousand and thirty eight.
Now that I have advised you about the time that my religious writings could be finished and published properly, and given you some of the reason why it might be going to be so, let me go back and do what I was saying before, that is continue to write my religious theory the best way I can.
The wonder's of God's creation
Now let us see where we human stand in the eyes of God, I am sure that if you are a believer you will agree with me here, if I say that we are the wonder of God’s Creation, because we are at the top of every living thing, and we are able to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. We are also able to observe and collect information for ourselves, and when we have enough information we are able to process it, and from this process we may be able to come up with a new concept, which could in some cases be helpful to ourselves and to the rest of the community.
Since the beginning of the world, people have always wondered about the existence of God, so, religious thoughts about what is the purpose of our lives are the most asked questions during a person own life. Therefore, during a person own life as one goes on with the many religious experiences, one feels the need to take notes of them. As these experiences accumulate and the degree of awareness increases one may very well change one’s own earlier religious beliefs to a certain degree.
While some of these experiences have come to pass because of life events that one has just lived, other religious experiences may just be experienced from within oneself. But no matter which way one experiences them, they will make that person much wiser about their own religious beliefs. Therefore older people would have had experience of religious meaning more than younger people, and therefore they should know more than the young ones, therefore they should be able to explain more easily some of its meanings.
When a person becomes an old man, he has accumulated so much experience about life, and this makes him understand so many other things that younger people don’t even bother to see, and because of his life experiences he perceives life at a higher degree of awareness than the young ones do. So now he would be able to see why he made a few mistake of judgment when he was young, and if he had known all this when he was young he would have done things in a different way, but he can’t go back to fix anything for himself now, since what’s past can’t be changed.
But as one grows older like me, one becomes aware that mankind is not any closer to solve its religious dilemma, because they have so many beliefs going on in the world of nowadays. So a wise and caring man will start thinking: What can one do with his life acquired knowledge, which happen to have been modified from his earlier religious beliefs, and he may very well think to share it with the rest of the world. So this is exactly what I intent to do, share my modified beliefs with you all.
Therefore I will start with an apology and say this: To the learned and religious people of the world I ask them to forgive me, for what I am going to say here may offend them: Because what I am going to say here is what they should have said themselves already. Now, because it seems to me that they don’t want to see or say what should be obvious to them by now, then I will have to try to say it myself in my own writing ways, since I intent to talk about my own religious beliefs again, in my next post of, theists and atheists, see you there.
May God help me! Amen.
And may God bless us all?

Man needs God
Special announcement to our readers
Next time with, theists and atheists
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