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Monday, September 2, 2013

Religious reasons and prayer

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe. Every living thing is part of God and no living thing can exist without God life force. This is what we believe and intend to write within these posts.
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We need God and we pray to God, so let us pray when we need help and hope.

Religious reasons and prayer

Let us explain our other religious reasons and prayer
In this article that we have called, religious reasons and prayer, we would like to explain some of our personal feeling and observations that have taken place during the time that we have been writing our religious beliefs, as you are seeing them written here.
First of all I want to inform you my reader of what has been happening inside me, while I have been writing ‘Reconciliation of the Universe;’ because while I have been writing my religious beliefs, I have felt within myself that I was praying God for protection, I had to pray because of this unexplained danger that I felt, whether this feeling of danger was caused from my own writing, which if we analyse them are somehow different to the normal religious ways, and therefore, I would worry whether I would get them wrong in the eyes of God or the people.
But anyhow, one may ask what sort of protection I wanted from God. Well, I don’t know exactly, but I have been feeling within myself that only God would be able to protect me and my family from these dangers that could be caused from what I was writing. Here again I might have to say that we the people need God, and we need to pay to God for our own peace of mind, you see what is happening to me in this article?
Anyhow, perhaps it was not only that feeling of writing something religiously wrong that was worrying me, but there was also this other feeling that I have had in my entire life, which was telling me that perhaps there was something wrong between me my family and God, as it seemed to me that God was not helping us much, I have been thinking all this, because looking back at my whole life I believe that I have had to struggle more than the normal share since the time that I was very young. And also looking back at my parent’s family history, and the great misfortune of my father death from a lightning strike when I was only fife years old, and the ill health and early death of my sister, and the great hardship that my mother had to endure to look after us up to the age that we would have been able to earn our own living, and then my mother had to look after my sister’s children because my sister was sick; and my brother family who have a retarded son and a half sick wife; and then myself with my sick wife who makes me live a very hard life indeed, and my children that sometimes are struggling and become easily upset because of the way of life that we are forced to live. Today while I am editing this post I can add that I have also a very sick daughter that I hope God will help to heal her up; So I can only think that perhaps God will help me and my family, if I continue to write my religious writings and while I am writing them also pray God to help me.
All this and more I have seen during my life, and sometimes I feel as if God has forgotten us. Because of so much hard life and bad luck in our family, I sometimes ask myself why and what is the reason behind all this: Is it because God has forgotten us since some of my forbears may have sinned? And therefore, God has abandoned us because of their sins, and He will not help us until we repent and ask forgiveness for their sins and then follow His ways: Or is it because somebody who has power and able to curse has cursed us, and so we will not thrive until that curse has been removed.
Whatever is the reason I turn to God and pray in the hope that God remembers us and helps us? So, I pray to God our Father to forgive us our sins and our forbear’s sins that is if they have sinned that badly. And then if somebody has cursed us, I pray to God our Father to remove that curse from us, since He has the power above all other to remove it. And I also pray God to remove the curse and forgive the doer if God sees it fit to forgive him/her, but if the doer returns to curse us again for no reasons, then let the curse fall back on the doer himself if God sees it fit, because by right whoever curses somebody for no reason, that same curse should fall back on him. So, Almighty Father, whatever it is this drawback that affects my family, I pray you Father to help us overcome it, and I pray you to protect us and let us live a healthy and better life.
But above all I pray God for my children, so that they might live their lives better than I am living mine. Therefore my religious writings of ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’ is a huge prayer to God our Father, and it is a prayer that may last all my life long, and I hope that God accepts my writings as a dedication of my faith, even if my writings are somehow different from the normal classic religious writings of nowadays, because at the same time I believe that I am trying to improve religions, by trying to set new goals in a way that all existing religions feel linked to each other and separatism would not be possible any longer, if and when my religious suggestions would be accepted.
Therefore I believe that it may not matter if my writings are not the classic religious writings, because I have to follow my idealism, my heart and my soul if I want to be true to myself, so I have to write what they lead me to believe in, after all it may be just what God wants me to write.
Therefore, may God our Father hear and accept my prayer in the form of these religious writings, and so, grant my children and their offspring a safe, healthy and a better life than I am living myself.
Deep within my heart I believe that the act of my writing, Reconciliation of the Universe and other religious stuff is the most likely prayer that God will accept from me, in order to protect me and my children and their offspring, and grant them a healthy and better life in the future. So, if God wants me to write it as a prayer, then let it be, even if I have to spend the rest of my life writing it.
Father, hear my prayer, amen.
Man needs God
Religious reasons and prayer
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