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Religions to continue 50

Religions need to continue
In ancient time people were worshipping the sun as their god. It was only natural, since the people knew that it was the sun that made grow all the  things they needed to live well.
This is the Maori sun god
Another sun god, here the sun god is also a person. Another ancient Sun God, perhaps an Egyptian god, as we all know there were many religions in ancient times and just as many sun gods

Religions need to continue
Welcome to our hub (50), Religions need to continue.
May God help me write the right religious things?
Dear readers, as we know and have already said many times before, man has always believed in God/gods and all sort of religions, it is an inborn need that we feel within us, it has been like this since the beginning of the world; here is one of our own articles, Man needs God, if you would like to check it out; there are also many other ways to check it out by reading history books or old classic books, where they will show you that man has believed in many gods and religions, therefore religions need to continue even if today the atheists believe that there is no God. Now in order to overcome some of these negative views about religions, we believe that religions need to be modified in order to fall in line with the modern times; so that man can believe what man wants to believe and be happy for his own well being. So, let us see how religions play their part these days, even when events are not strictly religious.
Therefore, now let us take a short break from these strict religious talks and see what is happening around the world today. Because it is nearly Christmas time, everybody and everything seems to remind us of the coming Christmas festivities for 2011 and the season greetings that we usually send. Therefore, in order to do what deeds to be done in this case, I would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year first of all.
Now that I have said my season greeting and wishes, I can tell you what’s on my mind these days and then go back to talk about religions, since even these Christmas feasts are, or seem to be religious, even if at their beginning they were not religious and if they were religious, they were set in a very strange way, perhaps they were there just to give some meaning and also some joy to the people involved, as we will see as we go on.
Today, as we all know or led to believe Christmas is a religious happening and therefore is a religious feast, so how would people react if there were no more Christmas?
This is also one of the reasons why religions need to continue as they are, you see people like feasts, they like to belong in something that binds them together, it has always been so since the beginning of recorded times, therefore there are times when it does not matter whether the feast is religious or otherwise, but because this site is religious we have to look at it in a religious way.
I am saying this because, today religious orders could be under threat from atheists who do not believe in God and religions, the extremist groups who pretend to do God’s will when they do harm to their fellow man, and science because they want to prove the existence of God when they know very well that it is impossible to do, because if there is a God, this God and the spiritual forces belong to another dimension, now since science cannot see or prove the existence of another dimension as being spiritual forces, they assume that God does not exist.
We believe that it is necessary for the scientists first to prove that there is no spiritual dimension at all, before they assume that God does not exist. Having said that, now let us see if we can assume what the people would do if there was no more Christmas; do you think that Christmas will disappear and nobody will care about it? Or do you think that Christmas will be missed by the people? So, let us see what could be the origin of this present feast of Christmas, before it became a modern religious feast that we celebrate today.

Jupiter sun of god Saturn in the Greek mythology
Our lord Jesus Christ, today we celebrate Christmas as being Jesus birthday. 

What are the origin of Christmas

Today Christmas may mean different things to different people, therefore every one of us as their own ways to demonstrate our feelings for Christmas, sometimes even with a song of our own; look at this link to see what I mean: The Christmas Song (Jayesslee cover)
Now, I want to say that today when we are talking about Christmas one cannot help to wonder, what are the origin of our present Christmas feast, we all know and perhaps most of us believe that Christmas is the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ, but if or when we work it out from the scriptures it is not right, some people say that Jesus Christ birthday is in October and they might be right, but in this case it does not matter when it is really, because it has been changed to coincide with another ancient feast, therefore the origin of our Christmas feast is/was not the birthday of our lord, because it was once an old Roman feast called Saturnalia. This feast name came from the god Saturn who was once the ruler of all gods and everything on earth and ruled during the Golden Age. Saturn was the son of another two gods, his father was called Heaven and his mother was called earth, well not exactly like that but that is the equivalent in English. I could say a lot more about god and goddesses, but here we are talking about the origin of Christmas, so we are going to postpone that and write about gods and goddesses in another hub in order to explain a bit more about the pagan religion. Anyhow, as we have already said, Saturn ruled during the Golden Age, when there was abundance of food and everything else for the human race; therefore this might have been one of the reasons why the Romans had Saturnalia, which was a feast of plenty and everything else like a carnival. In the Roman tradition, the feast of Saturnalia was held during the winter solstice in memory of the Golden Age of man when Saturn was said to have ruled earth.
So, as you can see or guess the winter solstice is when the days in the Northern Hemisphere are very short and the ancient people thought that their sun god was abandoning them, so, they had to do something religiously to get their sun god back, therefore the winter solstice feast is also the feast of the rebirth of the sun, which many religions have used to start a new sun year going. Here we are afraid to say that there were some religions that used human sacrifices so that their sun god would return to shine and bring life back. Let us just imagine a human being was put to death in the hope of pleasing their god, so that the rest of their community could enjoy another year of normal life.
I know that today all this seems absurd that people were so ignorant then, but it was so or at least it is believed to be so; Now, just to give you some proof of what I am saying, I want to point out that even in the Bible these sacrifices are mentioned, but Yahweh being a real God knew that human sacrifice was not to happen, so he ordered animal sacrifice when they the Jews had to have a religious service. There is a lot more that could be said about religions and sacrifices, but it does not seem right to mention these cruel things of the past here, since we are not against the existence of religions; in fact we are in favour of religions, see the beginning of this hub, where we have said that religions need to continue and perhaps stay mostly as they are if possible, in order to keep religious people happy.
Here we would like to add something else that I was going to write in these religious writings whenever I had the chance to write it, and it is the following:
Just let us discuss briefly the human or animal sacrifice of the old religions and try to see the signs that they have left even today. We know that some old religions believed that the gods needed a real sacrifice every now and then, in those times the sun was thought to be also a god that gave life to every living thing, so they sacrificed also to the sun and other gods as well, in order to keep those god happy and favourable to the rest of the community, of course to do that they had worked out a great ceremony where all their people took part.
Today of course this outrageous practice to keep the gods happy by scarifying a human being is not used anymore, but even today if people observe closely this is being perpetuated in our religious service, but it is perpetuated only in words and in our spiritual beliefs and no real sacrifice takes place. These human sacrifices were changed from Yahweh God of the Israelite, who replaced the human sacrifice with the animal sacrifice, and later on this was changed again, If you have attended any Christian religious service especially the Roman Catholic Church, at the most important part of the mass the priest says, This is the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world; this means that Our Lord Jesus Christ has made the last sacrifice for everybody and no other sacrifice is required, because he took away all the sins of the world. This changing of religious things means that religions could be changed and today religions will change even if it takes a long time to do so.  

What could be done?

We know that you would like to ask now, if that is really necessary and it is going to happen soon or later, what we could do to make it happen and what is the best way to make it happen. The answer to that is that we believe that somehow we need to keep religions and religious feast as they are today, so that people can continue to enjoy what they know. We need only to look at Christmas to see that it took a long time for the change to take place from Saturnalia to Christmas, and it happened just because people like festivities and get together especially if they are fun like the Saturnalia. You see, people don’t accept changes easily and if any changes are going to be achieved it must be done gradually and in such a way that would accommodate everybody.
Now, let us go back to the beginning of this article, where we state that religions need to continue, therefore the atheists, the scientists and the extremist groups need to rethink their strategies, because religions are not going to disappear or change quickly, the only way that religion can change at all is that we might be able to modify religions slowly; so this is what we have in mind to suggest, we would like to suggest a way of how we can be able to get everybody willing to embrace a super religion that is able to connect all existing religions together, this is a theory about a super religion that would set every existing religion one step lower than the new super religion that we suggest and thus could link all religion together. We need to say that part of this super religion theory has already been written in hub pages, but it needs to be finished and then connected and explained more clearly. This is a link of part of our writings;
This religious theory that we are talking about is one of the several theories that could help achieve religious reconciliation; so, we have called it Reconciliation of the Universe, not because it will really be able to achieve universal reconciliation, but because it aims to achieve some of that reconciliation required, for the benefit of mankind. Now that we have said it, we need to continue to work on it so that we would be able to connect everything that needs to be connected in order to work the best way it can work.
Dear readers, we hope you will follow our religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, which is part three of all our religious writings that at the beginning we called Prayers for reconciliation. You see what we have written in part one and part two are only explanations and the reasons why we need to come up with this new religious theory. In part three we will try to set everything up in such a way that this super religion could be created if people would be willing to create it. Therefore we will write how this theory could work, because, as we have said religions need to continue, because it is a way of life that people prefer to live; we believe that it is the only way for humanity to enjoy life as we have been taught to enjoy. See you soon in part three, Reconciliation of the universe.
May God bless us all?


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