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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prayers, Chapter two part 2 Third meeting


Man needs God
Prayers, Chapter two, part 2
Third meeting

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Hi everybody!
This is Fank@yahoo writing this post and do my share of the work, as you may have realized we are a small group of people who have written a few things together, so, we hope to turn these writings into a book one day; so while we are figuring out how to complete our book, we are going to publish some of our writing in our blog, so that we may gauge if the people like it or not from their response.
We have called this collection of our writings, Prayers of Reconciliation for the time being and form now on we are going to publish them mainly in this blog called, Man needs God, as it seems to me that this blog can give us the best chance to achieve our aim.
Anyhow, let me go back to my task and publish another small part of our writings.

You, angels of the ream of glory,
You tell us about the eternal story,
You tell us about the creator's glory,
You tell us the wonders of God's creation.


Prayer, Chapter two, part 2

Third Meeting

After greeting and all other niceties that occur every time good friends meet, I Mark and Gino made ourselves comfortable and started to talk about the agenda of the meeting, and I asked them;
So, you have come just the two of you because any other friend does not want to take part in these religious talks?
What is the matter with them?
Don’t they see that we are talking only and nothing is happening?
Anyhow that does not matter; perhaps we are better off without them if they worry too much about changing religious things.
Now tell me, what do people said when you have talked to them about God and religion lately?
Here Mark was ready to answer me; and this is what he said:

Mark reply
Well, most of them are not interested about talking religious things, and those who are have expressed themselves in many different ways:
(1) Some people believe in God and religion just the way it is, this portion of people do not want any change in religion, so they are happy to stay with the ways religions are nowadays. It is no use to talk to them unless you agree fully with their religious beliefs.

(2) There is a portion of people that have doubts about nowadays religions, some of which don’t feel sure whether what is being thought about religion is all true, so, they are believers but with a little doubt in their mind and heart. You can talk to this group of people but they are not much help, if you want to find new ideas.
(2b) Right in the middle there is this large group of people, which believe in God and religions only up to a point, these people usually are full of all sorts of questions, as they would like to know more, in the hope that they can return to religion fully.
(2c) The extreme in this middle group is formed by those who believe very little in religion as it is today, so, they are asking too many questions themselves about religions, they are agnostic as they believe and at the same time don’t believe, one does not know what to do with this group, and yet they are the most interesting ones. That is all there is in this middle group.

(3) This last group I would call the danger group for religious beliefs, they are the atheist, they don’t believe in God and religions, so, for them it would be better if religions did not exist. They are usually very intelligent and have a good job, so for them there are no worries in life, therefore, they don’t see the need of god and religion. Therefore, this well to do group starts putting forwards all sort of stories in order to blame religion for some of the bad things they have done in the past, but they don’t see that mankind have only to blame themselves, because no religion tells its believers to directly kill. Then there is also the fact that a few in this group are poor uneducated people and they don’t believe in God just to protest their bad luck, as they are not happy about what the world is giving them, so, they see the need to believe only in themselves; now, because of this belief they may become the worst of mankind, as they don’t have any respect for humanity, and also they don’t have a God or religion or any other sort of inbuilt restrain within them. I could say more but I think it is better that I stop here and see what you do think about it all. I only would like to add that what I have learned from all this enquiries; and I want you to remember how I see religion now, as this may well be important from now on, if we are talking religious things;
Remember that;
Religion and God is hope for those who need hope most.

Very well said Mark! I said, and so did Gino at the same time.

Then I turned to Gino, and said: Now that we have heard what mark had to say, what do you think of his speech? And what have you found out for yourself, it is your turn to speak.

I believe that posts have to be short enough for people to read them, so this is all what I am posting today, and we will be continuing next time with Gino speech.
Man needs God
Chapter two will continue with Gino speech.

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