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Monday, November 3, 2014

Religions need to continue

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.

Jupiter King of the pagan gods, son of Saturn, Saturn was king of the gods before Jupiter. The Roman used to have a feast called saturnalia, it is believed that saturnalia feast became our Christmas feast

Religions need to continue
Welcome to our blog, man needs God
And this post, religions, Religions need to continue.
May God help me write the right religious things?
Dear readers, as we know and have already said many times before, man has always believed in God/gods and all sort of religions, it is an inborn need that we feel within us, it has been like this since the beginning of the world; here is one of our own articles, Man needs God, if you would like to check it out; there are also many other ways to check it out by reading history books or old classic books, where they will show you that man has believed in many gods and religions, therefore religions need to continue even if today religions need to be modified to achieve that, so that man can believe what man wants to believe and be happy for his own well being.
But now let us take a short break from these religious talks and see what is happening around the world today. Because next month will be Christmas time again, so, everybody and everything seems to remind us of the coming Christmas festivities for 2014 and the season greetings that we usually send.
Now that I have mentioned my season greeting and wishes, I can tell you what’s on my mind these days and then go back to talk about religions, since even these Christmas feasts are, or seem to be religious, even if at their beginning they were not religious and if they were religious, they were set in a very strange way.
Today, as we all know or led to believe Christmas is a religious happening and therefore is a religious feast, so how would people react if there were no more Christmas?
This is also one of the reasons why religions need to continue as they are, you see people like feasts, they like to belong in something that binds them together, it has always been so since the beginning of recorded times, therefore there are times when it does not matter whether the feast is religious or otherwise, but because this site is religious we have to look about it in a religious way.
I am saying this because, today religious orders could be under threat from atheists who do not believe in God and religions, the extremist groups who pretend to do God’s will when they do harm to their fellow man, and science because they want to prove the existence of God when they know very well that it is impossible to do, because God and the spiritual forces belong to another dimension, now since science cannot see or prove the existence of another dimension, they assume that God does not exist.
We believe that it is necessary for the scientists first to prove that there is no other dimension, before they assume that God does not exist. Having said that, now let us see if we can assume what the people would do if there was no more Christmas; do you think that Christmas will disappear and nobody will care about it? Or do you think that Christmas will be missed by the people? So, let us see what could be the origin of this present feast of Christmas, before it became a religious feast that we celebrate today.

What are the origin of Christmas

Today Christmas may mean different things to different people, therefore every one of us as their own ways to demonstrate our feelings for Christmas, sometimes even with a song of our own; look at this link to see what I mean: The Christmas Song (Jayesslee cover)
Now, I want to say that today when we are talking about Christmas one cannot help to wonder, what are the origin of our present Christmas feast, we all know and perhaps most of us believe that Christmas is the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ, but if or when we work it out from the scriptures it is not right, some people say that Jesus Christ birthday is in October, but in this case it does not matter when it is really, because it has been changed to coincide with another ancient feast, therefore the origin of our Christmas feast is not the birthday of our lord, because it was once an old Roman feast called Saturnalia. This feast name came from the god Saturn who was once the ruler of all gods and everything on earth and ruled during the Golden Age. Saturn was the son of another two gods, his father was called Heaven and his mother was called earth, well not exactly like that but that is the equivalent in English. I could say a lot more about god and goddesses, but here we are talking about the origin of Christmas, so we are going to postpone that and write about gods and goddesses in another post in order to explain a bit more about the pagan religion. Anyhow, as we have already said, Saturn ruled during the Golden Age, when there was abundance of food and everything else for the human race; therefore this might have been one of the reasons why the Romans had Saturnalia, which was a feast of plenty and everything else like a carnival. In the Roman tradition, the feast of Saturnalia was held during the winter solstice in memory of the Golden Age of man when Saturn was said to have ruled earth.
So, as you can see or guess the winter solstice is when the days in the Northern Hemisphere are very short and the ancient people thought that their sun god was abandoning them, so, they had to do something religiously to get their sun god back, therefore the winter solstice feast is also the feast of the rebirth of the sun, which many religions have used to start a new sun year going. Here we are afraid to say that there were some religions that used human sacrifices so that their sun god would return to shine and bring life back. Let us just imagine a human being was put to death in the hope of pleasing their god, so that the rest of their community could enjoy another year of normal life.
I know that today all this seems absurd that people were so ignorant then, but it was so or at least it is believed to be so; Now, just to give you some proof of what I am saying, I want to point out that even in the Bible these sacrifices are mentioned, but Yahweh being a real spiritual God knew that human sacrifice was not to happen, so he ordered animal sacrifice when they the Jews had to have a religious service. There is a lot more that could be said about religions and sacrifices, but it does not seem right to mention these cruel things of the past here, since we are not against the existence of religions; in fact we are in favour of religions, see the beginning of this post, where we have said that religions need to continue and perhaps stay mostly as they are, in order to keep religious people happy.
Here we would like to add something else that I was going to write in these religious writings whenever I had the chance to write it, and it is the following:
Just let us discuss briefly the human or animal sacrifice of the old religions and try to see the signs that they have left even today. We know that some old religions believed that the gods needed a real sacrifice every now and then, in those times the sun was thought to be also a god that gave life to every living thing, so they sacrificed also to the sun and other gods as well, in order to keep those god happy and favourable to the rest of the community. Of course this outrageous practice to keep the gods happy is not used anymore today, but even today this is being perpetuated in our religious service, but it is perpetuated only in words and in our spiritual beliefs and no real sacrifice takes place. These human sacrifices were changed from Yahweh God of the Israelite, who replaced the human sacrifice with the animal sacrifice, and later on this was changed again, If you have attended any Christian religious service especially the Roman Catholic Church, at the most important part of the mass the priest says, This is the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world; this means that Our Lord Jesus Christ has made the last sacrifice for everybody and no other sacrifice is required, because he took away all the sins of the world. This changing of religious things means that religions could be changed and religions will change again even if it takes a long time. 

What could be done?

We know that you would like to ask what we could do. The answer to that is that we believe that somehow we need to keep religions and religious feast as they are today, so that people can continue to enjoy what they know. We need only to look at Christmas to see that it took a long time for the change to take place from Saturnalia to Christmas, and it happened just because people like festivities and get together especially if they are fun like the Saturnalia. You see, people don’t accept changes easily and if any changes are going to be achieved it must be done gradually and in such a way that would accommodate everybody.
Now, let us go back to the beginning of this article, where we state that religions need to continue, therefore the atheists, the scientists and the extremist groups need to rethink their strategies, because religions are not going to disappear or change quickly, the only way that religion can change at all is that we might be able to modify religions slowly; so this is what we have in mind to suggest, we would like to suggest a way of how we can be able to get everybody willing to embrace a super religion that is able to connect all existing religions together, this is a theory about a super religion that would set every existing religion one step lower than the new super religion that we suggest and thus could link all religion together. We need to say that part of this super religion theory has already been written in our article pages, but it needs to be finished and then connected and explained more clearly. This is a link of part of our writings;
This religious theory that we are talking about is one of the several theories that could help achieve religious reconciliation; so, we have called it Reconciliation of the Universe, not because it will really be able to achieve universal reconciliation, but because it aims to achieve that. Now that we have said it, we need to continue to work on it so that we would be able to connect everything that needs to be connected in order to work properly.
Dear readers, we hope you will follow our religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, which is part three of all our religious writings that at the beginning we called Prayers for reconciliation. You see what we have written in part one and part two are only explanations and the reasons why we need to come up with this new religious theory. In part three we will try to set everything up in such a way that this super religion could be created if people would be willing to create it. Therefore we will write how this theory could work, because, as we said religions need to continue, it is the only way for humanity to enjoy life as we have been taught to enjoy. See you soon in part three, Reconciliation of the universe.
May God bless us all?

Man needs God
Religions need to continue  
Next time with part three, Reconciliation of the universe  
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

About The New Testament

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
Welcome to our blog, Man needs God
and our post, about The New Testament
Our Lord Jesus Christ
The New Testament is all about the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The New Testament, is about the life of Jesus Christ and his teaching.

About the New Testament

Welcome to our article, the New Testament religious discussions
As we all know, religions could be said to be very complex and sometime hard to understand, so, we need to discuss those religious issues, if we want to understand them, for this reason today we would like to discuss about The New Testament, just to see what we think about some issues that happen there. We know that religious issues are very complex and they take a long time to sort out, for example here we are working hard to find a way out of some issues that seem to bother the world of religions today, the main issues that religions face today could or would be: to find a way how to survive the atheist attacks; how to stop paedophilia in the religious orders and how to stop extremists to use religions for their own violent acts. These issues may seem to have a link to the way religions have been formatted in the past. So, here we need to say that we have looked at many religious issues already and in the last post, we have also written about the Old Testament, in the hope of finding ways that would help religion survive better, the attack of the atheists and also the attack that the extremist groups that are producing against religions today and other issues.
Because of the actions of these groups the rest of the religious community needs to start asking whether it is wise to continue to believe in religions just the way they are today. So, let us look together with our religious friends were we stand today in religious matters; for this reason I have asked my friend Mark to say something about it, keeping in mind what we have already talked about in our last hub, I have asked Mark to comment on the New Testament, since we have already written about the Old Testament in our last hub, now we would like to see how Mark is going to explain the New Testament and the religions that exist today.

Comments on the New Testament

Our fried Mark’s comment
Dear readers, my name in these religious writings is Mark and I believe that we have met already, as I have had some religious discussions with my friend Frank and other fiends before, and as far as I know Frank has already written in his posts  what I personally have said before, so in a way you know me already.
I have to say that today I have been asked from my friend Frank to comment on the New Testament and the existing religions as I see them today, so that he can include my comments in his religious posts, as we all know, or seem to be aware of, everyone of us sees religions in a slightly different way, I suppose that these religious differences also apply to me, since I have been asked to comment on religions, you see that is the reason why I have been asked to comment, it is just to see the way that I see religions today. Now that I have said that let me start my comment on religions.
Since I have been following Frank’s religious posts, I know what he wants me to comment about. So let us start from Frank’s last hub, where there were descriptions and comments about the Old Testament and this is what Frank wants me to talk about. You see Frank wants me to talk about the reasons why we switched from the Old Testament to the New Testament and so on and also if the New Testament is going to last forever, so to speak. But I am going to say a bit more than just that, as I would like to start to talk about other religions as well, so let me see from where I can start.
If we try to look back in time, we will see that there were lots of religions that were practised for a period of time, and then they were modified or abandoned for another religion, but religions have always existed, as far back as any human record can be found, therefore religions are necessary to humanity, if they were not necessary humanity would not have invented or followed religions.
Now don’t get me wrong just because I have said that religions were invented from us people; therefore you may start thinking that I might be an atheist. No, I am not an atheist but I believe that God exists and the spiritual world exists, even if we have to find it in another dimension; now this spiritual world might be somehow different form the way that most people believe it is today, but that is something that remains to be seen.
Perhaps I have taken you too far away from what my friend wants me to comment on, which is about the New Testament, how it was connected to the Old Testament and also how could it be connected to future religious beliefs, so let me start to connect every spiritual thing together, since I believe that everything in the world would be a link of the chain that goes around and connect everything together and this includes religions also.
For a start, all religions are so made that they try to give the people something back when they follow religions, most of them promises future benefits even if these benefits are to be found mostly after dead in the spiritual world, but people see these benefits and follow religions, these is how religions are made and survive for as long as their follower see these benefits.
Now, since with the passing of time things slowly change, also the value of the benefit might change, and therefore one day the follower of religions might be looking for something else.
For this reason religions need to change to fit the needs of the people, what I have just said may sound a crazy thing to say, but the reality is that this is how it all happens.
When we look at religious history, the old religions gave way to other religions and so on; so during one of those changes in the Old Testament Yahweh became the Hebraic God that the Hebrew people worshiped, this was achieved by Yahweh freeing the Israelites from the Egyptian Pharaoh who was keeping them as slaves; but Yahweh was a very tough god to deal with, and there are good reasons for Yahweh God being so tough, it was because the Jews needed a tough God.
The reason why Yahweh was a very tough God to deal with, it was because the Israelites were also tough people to deal with; in other words, I believe that people get the god that they deserve according to their own behaviour. Just think what the Hebrew were doing or wanted to do when Yahweh was leading them to the Promised Land. People in those times were very tough and even violent; therefore they needed a tough god and tough laws to guide them in the right direction that is the reason why the Old Testament was so violent, this type of religion lasted for a very long time, as it was needed until things would change for the better. Now to give a description of what happens next, let us say that when God saw that this was not the best way to lead his people as the people had become a little bit more tame, then God thought to bring about a new religious way, and this is when Our Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth to show us how to live peacefully on earth with this new religious way.
At this point of time I (Frank) come in and say to Mark to come to the point more quickly, as he is taking too long to come to the religious point that I have asked him to comment on, because also our other friends may want to say something about this religious issue.
The New Testament is about Christianity
Mark's comment, the New Testament is about Christianity.
Now just to come to the point more quickly as my friend Frank is urging me, I am going to say that today Christianity is the largest religion in the world, even if it has many denominations and some of them may be a bit different from one another, they all derive from the change of religions that our lord Jesus Christ brought with his coming on earth, and of course what he thought us in words and examples. Jesus was able to change the Ten Commandments without losing any of their meaning, by saying that we should love God our Father and should love our neighbours as ourselves. This is approximately what I believe he wanted to say, even if he used different ways or words. He also gave us the greatest prayer that the world has ever known, when he was asked how we should pray our Father in heaven, Jesus gave us 2000 years ago; The lord’s prayer, which is the prayer that we pray even today, starting with: Our Father who art in heaven; and so on. I hope you see what I mean.
As we all know the New Testament is about the life of Jesus Christ and his religious teachings, these new religious teachings of Jesus formed the New Testament, which has lasted for 2000 years or there about and we still use them today and perhaps we will be using them for many thousands of years in the future.
As we all know Jesus Christ teaching were followed by so many people that became a new religion, which we call today Christianity, which is nearly one third of the world population, if we group the different denominations together. Here I would like to point out that the teaching of Jesus Christ were all about love and humbleness, like you should love your Father God, and love your neighbour and don’t do anything to others that you would hate if anyone did it to you, or something like that. So Jesus Christ was a very loving person and taught only about love. So the New Testament should be about love above all, and the Old Testament about fear you god should or would be abolished according to the ways that Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.
Now as we have said above, our Lord Jesus Christ was a very loving person and taught more about love than anything else this was his personality, well at least this is what we usually understand when we read the four gospels of The New Testament, but then at the end of the Bible suddenly his personality seems completely changed, so, let us see what it is, and perhaps why there is this change. 
The only way that we can describe this is that for us believers and this includes myself there is something strange written at the end of the Bible in The New Testament, which somehow seems out of place with the rest of Jesus Christ teachings, and this article is called Revelations where the end of the existing system is forecast; we are saying this because, we suddenly find the Lord Jesus Christ behaving somehow like Yahweh in the Old Testament, therefore we become suspicious whether it is really our Lord Jesus Christ that dictate Revelation. You see Revelation it is written in such a dramatic way that to me it seems that it has nothing to do with the New Testament and the way that our lord Jesus Christ was teaching us.
But at this point of time I believe that I have said enough, because I want also to leave something to say for our other religious friends. Perhaps Gino would like to take over from me and talk about Revelation, as I remember he had something to say about revelation before, so I am sure he is going tell us his own views here again.
See you later: from, Mark
Since Gino happened to be there, I asked him if he wants to say something about the Bible Revelation and he agreed.

Revelation discussion

Our friend Gino speech
Hello my readers and listeners, here again I have been asked to say something about the Bible Revelation, as our friend Mark has pointed out that I may be willing to talk about it; okay I am willing but I will try to be as brief as possible as I was going to leave you, because I have some personal things to attend to presently, so if you want me to make a long speech you have to wait for another time.
Anyhow as we have said already something on this subject a while ago, I have to continue to say how I see this last chapter in the Bible called Revelation. My personal beliefs are that Revelation seems to be a separate article altogether from Jesus Christ teaching in New Testament, if we look at the way it has been written, revelation is just another very violent episode that the whole world is going to be subjected to, if and when it might happen, therefore it is as if we are going to go back to the Old Testament, where the fear of God was the main driving force, I am sure that it has been written for that intention in mind, in other words to control the people through fear. Of course there must be an explanation for it and this I may have to tell you another time, when I am able to make up my mind what it could mean.
Today the only other thing that I really want to point out is that the intention of Jesus Christ and the New Testament is all about wanting to guide the believers through love and understanding and not through fear, therefore the book of Revelation seems to be out of place at the end of the New Testament. I hope you see what I mean.
See you later; Gino.
My comment and conclusion
Having seen what Mark has said about our Lord Jesus Christ, who taught love and humbleness and also what Gino has said, which more or less agrees with Mark; we cannot avoid to become suspicious of the reasons why Revelation has been written like that, because it seems to me that when we add everything together it does not seem to add up the way it should; therefore we should search for the reason why and then explain it; for this reason we may have to believe that today religions or religious meanings may need to be modified, now when we talk about modifying religious meanings, we are talking about what is hidden behind those meanings that seems right at first sight, and the reasons why they are like that. Perhaps here I may suggest that Revelation might have been written like that just because there was no other way to keep the Christian people together in those troubled times?
Anyhow we might have to assume that because of all these religious problems, if we want some sort of present religious order to survive, we may have to modify them, and if modifying religions as they are today is not going to be enough, then religions need to be changed in such a way that they have to survive, because as we all know man needs God and therefore religions, it has been so since the beginning of the world.
Therefore, let us try if we may to change religion, or at least suggest that religions need to be changed, as much as they need to be changed for them to survive. Of course at this point of time all we know is that religions may need a new method or new theory made in such a way that it could work and be as close as possible to today way of living, so that people may think that religions can still be followed without an extra effort.
Therefore we would like to suggest that a modern religious way needs to be brought about with a modern method or theory, which has got to take in all particulars of each and every religion that exist today, once we have done that we have to try to fit all the pieces together, as we do with a jigsaw puzzle. In other words we have to try to find the way of how life and religions complement each other and there is no difference if one belongs to another religious group; and from this knowledge try to show religious people that they could all be together, they could stay together because the life energies of the universe and the spiritual energies of the universe are together and we are all connected to them, and also that life and spiritual things form a never ending life cycle of the universe, this is what we are going to put forward in our last and third part of our religious writings that we would like to call, Reconciliation of the universe.
Now, if we are able to do that, then with this new theory it might become possible to explain how everything including spiritual things may indeed exist in the universe and how religions could co-exist together in the future and serve humanity, as it has done in the past, I know that this may not be easy, but we have to try, it is the only way to find out. You see, we believe that religions need to continue.
I think we have said enough in this article, so see you in our next article, Religions need to continue.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Bible is Hebrew history

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
Welcome to our blog, Man needs God
and this post, the Bible is Hebrew history

The Hebrew history

The ancient book of the Bible, is the religious and historic book of the Israelite people.  

The Hebrew history

Dear readers, here we would like to point out in this post that in the ancient world people history and religions were written together, they were not separated like they are today and whatever happened was written down mostly as religion, because it was the religious leaders that knew how to write and what to say and what to do and how to control people in most circumstances, for this reason the ancient Hebrew history and religion were written in the Bible as well, by now we all should know about that, even though today we think and use the Bible as a religious book only, but if we read the Bible and we try hard to forget that the Bible is a religious book, it follows that then we will able to see that there is more Hebrew history than religious writings.
We would also be able to see that those religious writings that are written in the Bible have been written to control the Hebrew people, which are hard to otherwise control and in those times religions were used to control the people, since religions and government were (most likely) the same people using the same rules.
For this reason religions had to be made to control the people, therefore, since the Israelite was strong headed a very strong God was needed to control them and show them what to do. This might well be the reason why the Hebrew god had to be so powerful. Can you just imagine a powerful god that created everything and crated man from plain dirt? This God would be so powerful indeed, don’t you agree. So, let me ask you again this question in a different way; can there be any other god so powerful that would be able to create everything including man from plain dirt? I do not think so.
The Hebrew were indeed headstrong and selfish people, if you want to see what I mean, try to imagine the Israelite when they were in the desert and what they did, even after seeing all those things that Yahweh their God had done for them, as we know they were delivered from the Pharaoh slavery because of the seven plagues and many other things that Yahweh did for them, and then afterward the crossing of the Red Sea on dry land; but even though they had witnessed all these supernatural things, they still had their own rebellious ideas that they wanted to follow, instead of following their God Yahweh, as we have also mentioned in our previous article.
Now, we need to say that this hub is being written to discuss and comment about what is written in the Bible, not only about the religious aspect of the Bible, but also about the Hebrew history that is written in it, so that a better understanding of the Bible could be achieved.
Now, looking at what we have already said, it seems to me that there must be another explanation, why the Israelite were had strong; here we have to admit that something does not add up in the Bible, because there is a discrepancy in the narrative of the Bible; therefore there must be another explanation, which is that ether the Israelites were really headstrong and wanted to see only their own ways and this means that God might have made a mistake to choose them as his people, or perhaps God did not do those many things that the Bible says he did?
Here I suppose that we need to explain ourselves better about what we want to say with these religious or spiritual writings, You see, we do not say that the Hebrew God Yahweh does not exist at all, in fact we are pretty sure that Yahweh God does exist, but he exist in a less powerful form than the Hebrew people have described him, of course Yahweh is still a very powerful God, but He is less powerful than the way he has been described from the Hebrews; of course there is a lot more that can be said about Yahweh God of the Israelite, so let us see what happens on the Sinai desert.

In the Sinai desert

The Israelite in the Sinai desert

This is the Sinai desert, where the Israelite stayed a long time after leaving Egypt, they seem to be going in the wrong direction, lots of times, some of these explanations are in our text here under. 

The Bible says that the Israelite stayed a long time in the Sinai desert, at the beginning the Israelites were given laws from Yahweh their God through Moses: they were counted and assigned there place around the tabernacle, they were given their tasks as Yahweh God was telling Moses and many other things that would take a long time to tell, so if you want to check all these details it is necessary that you read the first five books of the Bible; this is the link, but anyhow what is so incredible here is that Yahweh God dictated just about everything through Moses.
Here again what is written in the Bible seems incredible, as God did so much work and every single aspect of the Israelite life was regulated as Yahweh ordered through Moses, and then Moses and his brother Aaron would pass to their people. Therefore here again we may have to ask, did everything really happen as it is written in the Bible and Yahweh God did all this programming?
Or perhaps it only seems that way, just because later on when the Bible was written, it seems that Moses and Aaron were in charge of this fastidious group of Israelite, who seemed never happy about anything, so they had to be guided with whatever means possible, so they might have exaggerated what Yahweh was telling Moses just to control them. Anyhow, whatever was really known or written in the beginning might have changed, because it was written and re-written later on many times, anyhow these religious laws were written is such a way that the Israelites were bound to follow these religious laws. We believe that the people then were guided by religions more than today, or just it was necessary to control the people with religion in those times, as people believed in God and religions more than these days.
If one had to compare the old religions with today religions, we should search for those religions that have not changed much, and for that reason they retain still that religious control of the people, one of these religions is the Muslim religion, which does not seem to have changed, here religion and the laws of the land seem identical in the Muslim world, or at least we from the western world see their laws as being mainly religious driven.   
You see, today no matter what we do or say about religions we always have some doubts in our minds, in fact we are not even sure if God really exists; anyhow this is how we see religious things today and here we are talking about ancient times.
Anyhow, in the ancient times, if Yahweh God really came down to earth and helped the Israelites that much, how come that every now and again the Israelite people had doubts about their God; may it be that God did not do as much as the Bible said he did?
You see today if anything would happen just the way that have happened in the Bible, or how the Bible claims that they have happened, I am sure that just about everybody would follow religion and their God blindly; anyhow let us continue the story of the Israelite and their God.
There are many things and happenings that don’t add up as they should, one of these strange happenings was this: You see Yahweh had promised the Israelites the Promised Land, but as we know the Israelites of those times did not follow God every time blindly, in fact they did not believe that they could really take over the Promised Land from the people that were already there, as God had promised them, and for this reason Yahweh punished them by making them stay in the dessert for forty years, that is until all those people that had doubts died and a new generation took over.
This single happening makes us ask many questions here, so: what was the reason why the Israelites did not believe in their God Yahweh? Was it because God did not do those things that the Bible claims he has done? Or were the Israelites blind and did not see what was happening around them? Or is this all an invented religious story written later on to control the Israelites? I am sure that we will never know the answer and there will be always doubts in our minds, but we have to live with it, and every one of us should follow with our own religious beliefs.
As you can see from what we have written above, while we are trying to explain whether the Bible is a religious book or the Israelite history, we end up questioning the questionable, above all whether these things really happened as the Bible claims, but let us sees what happens in the religious circles, because we believe that religions and everything else changes with time. 

From old to modern religions

St Peter basilica in Rome, is today the centre of the Roman Catholic religion, you see, this is how religions change, in the past from the old Hebrew religion new religions were born, because things happen and religions become modified. For this reason we believe that today religions will become modified in the future. 

We need to move from the old religions to modern religions it is the sign of the time and get ready for the religions of the future, since they are coming one way or another.
As we have seen above, there are many more things that can be said here, about the Israelites and the Old Testament in the Bible; but we will have to come back to continue what is written in the Bible another time, when we edit these writings again and again, you see our main task today is not that we want to write here what is written in the Bible; because our main task is to find a way how to explain to you those religious doubts, that we have found when we were reading the Bible and also what could be done about it, in other words what we could or should do about them, because we believe that they need to be addressed so to speak.
What we are saying above is not that we should change anything that is written in the Bible, to the contrary, we should keep what is written in the Bible the way it is, because the Bible belongs to the past and the past cannot be changed; but we should learn from it and together with other thing we have learned we should plan for the future, because some minor religious changes may happen in the future. Of course this is not the first time that humanity has done that, if we look back at history we will see that many religions have given way to new religions, the way that we see this is that religions have got to agree with the times they are in, if they don’t the public will slowly move away from them.
Therefore now let us go back to talk about the Bible religions and Christianity, today as you know the Old Testament is no longer the most important part of our religious beliefs, since The New Testament is what most western religions are following today, therefore, it seems to me that religions are just as everything else, they have their life span so to speak, as we have said above, so, soon or later they become too old and they have to be somehow modified.
Now we believe that there must be a way to a modern religious system so to speak and this is what we are chasing in these religious writings. Here I have to say that in my own ways I am writing all these religious writings for the benefit of mankind.
Of course we have already a theory that we are writing and we are going to put forward, in our next group of hubs in part three, but before we do that we also need to say a few other things, starting by looking briefly at the New Testament in our next hub, since this is just another link of the chain that binds every religious thing together.
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The Bible is Hebrew history  
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Israel exodus from Egypt

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Moses meets God on Mount Sinai, in the form of a burning bush, when Moses asked him who should I say has sent me to the Pharaoh, he said Yahweh, this is how we know the name of God is Yahweh.   

Israel exodus from Egypt
Welcome to our post of; Israel exodus from Egypt and the Mosaic laws.
May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious posts?
In our study of religions and how they serve humanity, we are also in search of how to reconcile religions and therefore any religious event that have shaped religion, in the hope that one day we would be able to use this knowledge to suggest what could be done to improve religions, or at least help religions survive at their best, since there are signs that religion is becoming less important these days, so we are back to review very old events to refresh our memories and see if we could use what we have learned, in this case we will talk about, Israel exodus from Egypt.
In the Old Testament according to the Bible Moses was to be killed from the Egyptians when he was born, but his mother abandoned him on a floating devise on the river Nile hoping for a miracle, so, it happened that he was saved from the river Nile from an Egyptian princess that had no children, he grew and learned in the Egyptian court the Egyptian’s ways, but one day he was attracted to his people and did something bad enough that the Egyptian Pharaoh banned him from Egypt, by now he knew that he was an Israelite and not an Egyptian, so he went in the desert thinking what he could do to help his people, he did not know yet that he had been selected by God to be the Hebrews leader that would lead the Hebrews back to the Promised Land, which was the same land that God had already given to Abraham their forbear.
As we all know since it is written in the Bible and we have been told about this event many times, since it is one very important event in the Old Testament; one day Moses felt the need to go up Mount Sinai to investigate what was there, since he was seeing some abnormal signs, so he went up Mount Sinai and saw a burning bush, but this burning bush was different from a normal burning bush, because while it seemed to be burning it did not burn out, a voice seemed to come from this burning bush telling Moses; stop where you are and take your shoes off you are on sacred land; this was the voice of God who appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush and spoke to Moses, God said that he had heard the children of Israel laments and prayers, so he would help them to be free from the Egyptian bondage.
Now, because the Israelites were praying to the God of Abraham for this reason He ordered Moses to go back to Egypt to free his people from the Pharaoh slavery. Then when Moses asked God who I should say has sent me to the children of Israel and to the Pharaoh, God said, I am who I am and tell the children of Israel and say that Yahweh the God of your Father has sent me. (This is how we know that the name of God is Yahweh) So Moses went back to Egypt and after lots of arguments with the Pharaoh and some divine intervention from Yahweh God, which we are not going to write them here because they are too long and this article is more about the exodus from Egypt than what happened during this initial part. Anyhow in the end Moses finally succeeded to lead his Hebrew people out of Egypt.
As they left Egypt the Pharaoh tried once more to stop them and with his army ran after them; it is said that here again Yahweh God helped the Israelite cross the Red See as if it was dry land, and then the water of the Red See came back and drowned the Pharaoh army that was trying to stop them leaving Egypt. Here we would like to point out that this seems an impossible achievement, however this is what is written in the Bible more or less.
On their way back to the Promised Land
On their way back to the Promised Land the Israelite went near Mount Sinai, since Yahweh God wanted Moses to go back to him up there, and there Moses went again up Mount Sinai, where he met God again and God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, this is how the Mosaic Laws started.
But let us tell the story in a more detailed way, because while Moses was on Mount Sinai waiting for God to give him the Ten Commandments, he had to stay there for a long time because that is how it happened and while he was there all those people that had left Egypt to go to the Promised Land started to have different thoughts, some of them wanted a god like the Egyptians had and they made up a golden statue of a bull, this action made Yahweh resentful of this god statue, not because of the statue, because it was only a statue and had no power to do anything, but because he wanted the people of Israel to believe only in him, as we could see from the first three commandments that he gave Moses.
Of course Yahweh God punished them for this event. But this event brings some doubts in our minds, therefore we would like to point out and say this; if the people of Israel had really seen and understood how everything had happened, since they were witness to everything that happened, for what reason they wanted this other god? Look they had been freed from slavery, they had crossed the Red See as if it was dry land and they had seen the Pharaoh army drown, what was wrong with them? Or perhaps what was wrong with this story being told one might ask? Because frankly if anyone had seen what we are being told; then anyone that had witnessed those events could not doubt even for a moment Yahweh power. Therefore there are reasons to believe that somehow something is wrong in this story here, but let us continue our story.
During the time that the Israelites were travelling in the desert to reach the Promised Land, Moses seems to have spoken with God several times, so, from these meetings with God, and also from those happenings that took place during this voyage from Egypt to the Promised Land, Moses and his brother Aaron wrote and laid down the first part of the Mosaic Laws that would guide the Hebrews from there on. During this period Yahweh gave Moses many laws the Hebrew were divided in tribes and these formed the 12 tribes of Israel, which are the families of the 12 children of Jacob also called Israel; because Israel is the name that Yahweh God wanted Jacob to be called, in a prior event that happened when Jacob was alive, God said to Jacob from now on you are Israel. That is how the name of Israel came about.
For easiness sake we are going to talk about the tribes of Israel hereunder, so that it is easier for the readers to follow, when they are separated thus.
At this point of time we would like to point out to our readers that we are not only writing all this Bible’s things just to tell you what the Bible says, but, we are also writing this to point out to you that most times people do what they have to do according to the times and places they happen to live in. So, we believe that whatever took place in the Sinai desert including the Mosaic Laws; it was something that at that time and place needed to be done the way it was done, in order to control the people better. About God being the main player and telling Moses everything that needed to be done, we are not sure about that, even though the bible tells us that God did.
Therefore, I rather believe that it was more what Moses and his brother Aaron thought that it was necessary to do at that particular time, than what God was instructing them to do, since they were the leaders of the Israelite they had to come up with some answers, we need also to say that whether there was Yahweh God that would be talking to Moses all the time is doubtful, perhaps if talking to God had happened less often than, it could have been possible? Anyhow, we are going to tell you more about this later on, because now we would like to talk about how the Israelite were divided, since this is very important to know, as they are going to form the 12 tribes of Israel; so now, let us talk about the 12 tribes of Israel.
The 12 tribes if Israel
The 12 tribes if Israel
The Israelite was divided in 12 tribes one for each family of the children of Jacob, who was also known as Israel, since God had said that he, was to be called Israel.
The 12 children of Israel were: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Benjamin, Zebulon, Joseph, Dan, Asher, Naphtali, and Gad; these were the names of the 12 children of Israel, at least this is how I have found them written, and each and every one of them had their own family and became one tribe. Thus was Yahweh order through Moses, so that the 12 tribes of Israel were somehow independent of each other and they had to look after themselves so to speak, although they had to follow God’s order that went through Moses and his brother Aaron of the house of Levi.
The Bible says that God spoke with Moses many time saying to Moses, go and tell the house of Jacob that they have to do this and that and many other things. Now through all this talking new laws and ways of living were described to the sons of Israel, this is how the Mosaic Laws were formed in the beginning.
Perhaps the best way to show you what I mean is by quoting a few examples from the Bible:
Quote 1: Leviticus 18;
Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said:
‘Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them:
“I am Yahweh your God. You must not behave as they do in Egypt where once you lived; you must not behave as they do in Canaan where I am taking you. You must not follow their laws. You must follow my customs and keep my laws; by them you must lead your life.” (There is a lot more that was said and I could write it but, I rather not)
Quote 2: Leviticus 19;
Yahweh spoke to Moses; he said:
‘Speak to the whole community of the sons of Israel and say to them:
“Be holy, for I, Yahweh your God, am holy.
Each of you must respect his father and mother.
And you must keep my Sabbaths; I am Yahweh your God.
Do not turn to idols, and cast no gods of metal. I am Yahweh your God.
(There was a lot more that I could write down, but I am stopping my quote here since I was using these two quotes to give examples of what was going on in Leviticus between Moses and God).
As I have already said above God was speaking to Moses so many times in Exodus and Leviticus and even later on, but somehow these talking of God to Moses becomes doubtful, because if these meetings with God had really taken place and they had really happened all the time that it is written in the Bible, then the Israelites would have been more God conscious, but they were not as much as they should have been under those circumstances.
Doubtful possibilities written
In the Bible there are some doubtful possibilities written
There are a lot of good things written in the Bible and one can go on to talk about them for a long time, but there are also a few things that don’t seem to add up and this is one of them.
By reading the Bible specially Leviticus it seem that Moses and sometimes his brother Aaron spoke with God lots and lots of times one after the other, as if they were normal happenings. But what I cannot understand and would like to ask here is this: if really Moses was speaking with God these many times as it is said in the Bible, it would follow that the Israelites should have seen or at least known what was going on during these times; therefore, they should have believed and follow whatever commands were given to them without even arguing in any ways, since what was being told was from Yahweh their God, but the story of the Israelite tells us that they had always doubts in their minds.
We are saying this because, every now and then the Israelite seem that they were not sure of themselves, and sometimes they were arguing about the reasons why they were there in the desert living a hard life, as if they had not seen what had happened around them.
What we would like to say here is this.
There may well be some reasons to believe that the Israelite of those days, did not see or hear God otherwise they would have had no doubts at all about God or Moses, and they should have been following blind anything that would be asked of them. For this reason it might be that all what has been written in the Bible about God talking to Moses so often might not have taken place at all or not as much as they claim. So everything might have been added later when the Bible was written and re-written many times.
This is one of our views, because we cannot explain it in any other ways and there is a lot more that can be said about these writings that don’t add up, but we leave it as it is for now.
In our next religious post we will still be talking about the Bible, because the Bible was also the Israelite history book, in those ancient times history and religion were written together, because whatever happened was thought to be religious or partly religious, so in our next article we will be talking about this.
So, see you in our next post, The Bible is Hebrew history

May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Israel exodus from Egypt 
Next time with, The Bible is Hebrew history.   
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