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Monday, December 15, 2014

The religious trigger

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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And this post, the religious theory trigger
Here I would like to tell you what was the trigger that has made me write this religious theory; look here under to see the real trigger that made me decide to write this theory.

This is how I remember it, I was watching this event live on TV, when the second plane smashed into the second tower, I will remember it my entire life, these things cannot be forgotten, because it will be locked into my memory as long as I live.

The religious theory trigger
Dear readers, let us explain what was the trigger that motivated me to write these religious writings; the trigger that really set me thinking that we the people of this world needed to do something about these religious issues, or at least have our say, was the terrible event of nine eleven 2001, when New York City and other places in the US became under attack presumably from religious fanatics, at least that was the way that the press reported it and the way we saw it in the beginning, because whoever organized it used religion in such a way that brainwashed those that did that terrible act. Therefore, we believe that behind this attack there is a lot more that just plain religious fanatics attacks, so let us imagine what it could have been?
First of all we have really to try and distinguish what really the attack was; as there are many reasons to believe that it was a deliberate attack to the US mainland, not only in a religious way but in many other ways as well, and it was meant also to tell the western world to mind their own business and do not mingle with their religious and political ways of running their own affairs. But they chose America for their first target just because they hate America more than the rest of the western world, and they were jealous of America being so powerful and sometimes telling them what to do even in their own country.
Perhaps we may have to admit that America sometimes mingles too much in other people business, because they believe that they could or would show these people how to live a better life, because they believe that they are the best at everything, (perhaps they are) but they don’t see that they live in the western world, so their value of how to live a good life is different from the value that some other people give to how to live a good life.
 Therefore a large part of these other people do not see it the same way as the Americans see it and therefore they want to stop America interference, this is how some of us see these happenings today. Now while we are editing this hub there are other terrible things happening in Iraq and we believe that they are the consequences of the war waged to remove Saddam Husain regime, here again the rebels that do most damage are supposed to be Islamic religious extremist. Anyhow here we would like to point out also that whatever we do there are other consequences, therefore the Americans and the western world need to slow down and wait for those that don’t believe in the western civilization, we have to wait as long as it take until those people are ready to copy our ways, if and when they are ready to copy us and if they don’t they don’t.
So as you can see we could go on arguing about the reasons why these terrible things happen and who is at fault, but that is not what we want to do, because here we have started our religious writing, because we want to write our religious theory, so we have to leave behind these arguments between America and other people and go back to write our religious theory, in the hope that we find a way how to stop these terrible happenings at least in a religious way; so let us start to talk about our religious theory.

Theory based on old beliefs

This new religious theory needs to be based on old beliefs
This new religious theory that we have in mind to write and suggest to the world, because we believe that soon or later it is going to be necessary to do something like this, it needs to be based on the entire world existing religious and spiritual beliefs that we have today, first of all because it is necessary to continue religions the way they are today, so that people will not become upset, since religions for most of us is a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, therefore believing in what we have always believed helps us to live a better life in our own ways?
Therefore, this is one of the main reasons that we need to be careful if and when we try to modify religions, as it needs to be done very gradually and in such a way that most if not all the people accept it willingly, and those religious changes should only take place when the public is ready to accept them? We know that some of you are going to say that if most people don’t like to change religious beliefs, why make the effort to change them, or make an effort to suggest changes of religious beliefs, even if what is suggested is only a theory that is still being drawn, in the hope of solving some of the existing problems.
You see, we believe that there are negative forces that might bring religions down, and perhaps even destroy them, as we have tried to explained at the beginning if this article. Now that we have stated the first main problem that we would encounter in modifying religions, let’s see how we would be able to go about to achieve those modifications without upsetting religious people.
First of all, we should really put all the world religious information available together so to speak, of course this will result in a huge amount of religious information that we need to sort out and we will have to sort them out in a way that most of us would accept? Well that it is not going to be easy to say the least and it will also take a very long time.
Here are some links to the religious books shown beside this article for you to check them out some of the main religions.

Once we have collected all religious information together, we should at least learn our own religion very well, so that we would be able to discuss it easily with anyone wanting to discuss our religion; we have also to learn the most important part of all other major religions, and then we should devise a way how to sort all this information down. Now, to sort any religious information one needs to have at least a guideline of the main articles that one should take into consideration, but this is the hardest part, because how can we decide what to take into consideration and what not to take? This is something that needs to be sorted out first even before we start to do anything. So let us see how we could do this sorting out together, in our next post, sorting out religions.
Man needs God
The religious trigger 
Next time with, sorting out religions    
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Our religious theory

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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And this post, our religious theory
May God guide and help me to write the right things in this post?

Our religious theory

All religions may need to be modified, perhaps we need a religious book that covers all religions. 

There are many religions in the world, and it could be helpful is there was a common link, so that they would be able to find common grounds.  

Our religious theory

Dear readers in a way this post marks the beginning of part three original writings, so, let us describe what we have done already briefly. Now, let us start from the beginning, because this is the beginning of part three of our religious writings, you see we have been studying and writing about religions and we have already said many things in our previous 50 hubs, but even though we have said so much, we seem to have said very little that would really help to solve those problems that the entire world is facing today, as we are going to explain later in this hub under the sub title, the religious theory trigger; here of course we are only trying to have our say about what could be done to solve those problems that seem to come from religion. 
Now let us go back to our religious theory, you see, this religious theory is being written in the belief that we could and would be helping all humanity in a religious way in the future, so that religious attacks as we have seen happening in the world could be avoided, or at least try to detach them from religions; here we need to say that for a long time I was thinking about this religious matter, because I had noted a few things and was not happy with some religious ways; now I was not thinking that these attacks could take place, but I was noting some inconsistence in religions and wondering why the world puts up with all this stuff, and why nobody does anything about it. Some of this stuff we have discussed in our previous hubs, but so far we have not been able to suggest anything that would be useful, so in this part three we are going to write our religious theory that we hope it could be useful at least to separate religions from those things that happen by using a religious cover. 
Therefore, now let us go back to the people and how they use religions, as this was and is the real issue and not religions themselves, because these people that personally did attack were brain washed by their leader in many ways and they also used religions to brainwash them; because of this link between the attackers and religions, today the world looks at this event as if it has come from religion only, but that is not true because no religion really states to go out and kill your fellow man, at the most they will accept killing other people in self defence.
For this reason written above and other reasons that we are going to explain as we go on, we have reasons to believe that for religions to serve humanity in the future, as they have done in the past, they need to be reviewed and perhaps some of their interpretation modified, starting with the western religions, because some of their beliefs or statements seem to be hard to believe nowadays, if we apply the knowledge that we have today.
Now, what we have said above is just one of the main events that sets our minds thinking, how and why we have become so low and try to kill instead of debating the issues, today people seem to want more and more for themselves and they would do anything to achieve that, the world really needs some sort of super guidance that can come only if we believe that we are all children of the same God and we all should be able to live in peace at least in a religious way.
So what can be done, one would like to ask? First of all we have to say again that we need to look more closely at what is happening in the world today, and there we will see that somehow religions fail to guide humanity the way that they are supposed to guide us in a peaceful and just way. But there is more than just what we see at first sight, because there are many other reasons; therefore we say that there are reasons to believe that religions might need to be somehow modified, to meet the need of the people of the future; we believe that there are at least three main reasons why religions may need to be modified, one of these is what we have written above, and here-under we are explaining some of the other reasons.

The other reasons

Apart what we have said above, the other reasons that make us believe that all religions need to be modified, it is because religions would be able to survive the atheist attacks, who are using those old religious statement that don’t seem to make sense today and they ridicule religious people and other things, they tell us that God does not exist and religions have all been invented by mankind for many reasons.
We know that people have written religious books for some of their own reasons, but that does not mean that God does not exist; therefore, we know that they could be wrong in assuming that God does not exist, because we believe that God must exist, as we have written in our hub, God exists because life exists, you see for us God is life because he has given us life, and also because we the believers see many sign of God existence but the atheists don’t see them.
For many reasons the atheists continue to believe that God does not exist and they will argue with us believers the non existence of God. You see if this atheist attack continues in the future and nothing is done to stop it, it may one day weaken religions in such a way that religions could become perhaps insignificant in the far away future; therefore we have reasons to believe that this would somehow make life harder for some people that need to believe in God and religions, because they feel better if they can do that.
The second reason is that religions should be modified in such a way that would allow Catholic priests to get married if they want to get married, and then anyone of them that practice paedophilia and any other disgusting acts in the clergy should be banned from the clergy altogether and prosecuted according to the laws of the land.
The third most important reason why religions need to be modified, it is to prevent the extremist groups using religions in such violent ways, like they have done in the attack of nine eleven 2001, and then they are able to find an excuse and tell the world that they have done it in the name of God, which is a complete lie, because God would never order to kill his own children. You see we are all God’s children, no matter to what religion or race one may belong or where one is born and come from.
These three reasons are the three most important reasons why we believe that religions need to be modified, and they should be modified in such a way that these things should not happen anymore, or at least have a good chance of preventing them; of course there are many more reasons, but they are less important or they seem to be less important compared to these three?
In our present case while we are writing this part three, this religious theory is also being written to complete this part three of our religious writings of Prayers for reconciliation; here we need to explain that Prayers for reconciliation, part one and part two have been written to get the public ready to accept this part three theory of, Reconciliation of the universe; here is one of the hub links if you would like to read some of it (Prayers for Reconciliation ) and this part three as I said is going to be called Reconciliation of the universe, because here is where we are going to write our theory that might help to change religious thinking and religious things in such a way that reconciliation of all religions could become possible in the future by using this new way; we know that this is only a religious theory and there is no certainty that it is going to work, but we need to start form somewhere.
As you already know these religious writings are our study of religions and how religions serve humanity, and also how religions could serve humanity in the future; therefore, in this religious theory we would be trying hard to suggest a new way that could be able to overcome most of today religious problems and this could be a achieved by modifying existing religions, and also the way that we see the spiritual forces of the universe, since the spiritual forces are definitely part of all religions.
This religious theory that we are writing is only our suggestion of how these religious problems could be overcome in the future, because there could be many other ways to explore; but somehow we are pushed to do something now, as you will be able to see in our next post, the religious theory trigger.
May God help and guide us to achieve that?
May God bless us all?

Man needs God
Our religious theory 
Next time with, the religious theory trigger    
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Religions need to continue

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.

Jupiter King of the pagan gods, son of Saturn, Saturn was king of the gods before Jupiter. The Roman used to have a feast called saturnalia, it is believed that saturnalia feast became our Christmas feast

Religions need to continue
Welcome to our blog, man needs God
And this post, religions, Religions need to continue.
May God help me write the right religious things?
Dear readers, as we know and have already said many times before, man has always believed in God/gods and all sort of religions, it is an inborn need that we feel within us, it has been like this since the beginning of the world; here is one of our own articles, Man needs God, if you would like to check it out; there are also many other ways to check it out by reading history books or old classic books, where they will show you that man has believed in many gods and religions, therefore religions need to continue even if today religions need to be modified to achieve that, so that man can believe what man wants to believe and be happy for his own well being.
But now let us take a short break from these religious talks and see what is happening around the world today. Because next month will be Christmas time again, so, everybody and everything seems to remind us of the coming Christmas festivities for 2014 and the season greetings that we usually send.
Now that I have mentioned my season greeting and wishes, I can tell you what’s on my mind these days and then go back to talk about religions, since even these Christmas feasts are, or seem to be religious, even if at their beginning they were not religious and if they were religious, they were set in a very strange way.
Today, as we all know or led to believe Christmas is a religious happening and therefore is a religious feast, so how would people react if there were no more Christmas?
This is also one of the reasons why religions need to continue as they are, you see people like feasts, they like to belong in something that binds them together, it has always been so since the beginning of recorded times, therefore there are times when it does not matter whether the feast is religious or otherwise, but because this site is religious we have to look about it in a religious way.
I am saying this because, today religious orders could be under threat from atheists who do not believe in God and religions, the extremist groups who pretend to do God’s will when they do harm to their fellow man, and science because they want to prove the existence of God when they know very well that it is impossible to do, because God and the spiritual forces belong to another dimension, now since science cannot see or prove the existence of another dimension, they assume that God does not exist.
We believe that it is necessary for the scientists first to prove that there is no other dimension, before they assume that God does not exist. Having said that, now let us see if we can assume what the people would do if there was no more Christmas; do you think that Christmas will disappear and nobody will care about it? Or do you think that Christmas will be missed by the people? So, let us see what could be the origin of this present feast of Christmas, before it became a religious feast that we celebrate today.

What are the origin of Christmas

Today Christmas may mean different things to different people, therefore every one of us as their own ways to demonstrate our feelings for Christmas, sometimes even with a song of our own; look at this link to see what I mean: The Christmas Song (Jayesslee cover)
Now, I want to say that today when we are talking about Christmas one cannot help to wonder, what are the origin of our present Christmas feast, we all know and perhaps most of us believe that Christmas is the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ, but if or when we work it out from the scriptures it is not right, some people say that Jesus Christ birthday is in October, but in this case it does not matter when it is really, because it has been changed to coincide with another ancient feast, therefore the origin of our Christmas feast is not the birthday of our lord, because it was once an old Roman feast called Saturnalia. This feast name came from the god Saturn who was once the ruler of all gods and everything on earth and ruled during the Golden Age. Saturn was the son of another two gods, his father was called Heaven and his mother was called earth, well not exactly like that but that is the equivalent in English. I could say a lot more about god and goddesses, but here we are talking about the origin of Christmas, so we are going to postpone that and write about gods and goddesses in another post in order to explain a bit more about the pagan religion. Anyhow, as we have already said, Saturn ruled during the Golden Age, when there was abundance of food and everything else for the human race; therefore this might have been one of the reasons why the Romans had Saturnalia, which was a feast of plenty and everything else like a carnival. In the Roman tradition, the feast of Saturnalia was held during the winter solstice in memory of the Golden Age of man when Saturn was said to have ruled earth.
So, as you can see or guess the winter solstice is when the days in the Northern Hemisphere are very short and the ancient people thought that their sun god was abandoning them, so, they had to do something religiously to get their sun god back, therefore the winter solstice feast is also the feast of the rebirth of the sun, which many religions have used to start a new sun year going. Here we are afraid to say that there were some religions that used human sacrifices so that their sun god would return to shine and bring life back. Let us just imagine a human being was put to death in the hope of pleasing their god, so that the rest of their community could enjoy another year of normal life.
I know that today all this seems absurd that people were so ignorant then, but it was so or at least it is believed to be so; Now, just to give you some proof of what I am saying, I want to point out that even in the Bible these sacrifices are mentioned, but Yahweh being a real spiritual God knew that human sacrifice was not to happen, so he ordered animal sacrifice when they the Jews had to have a religious service. There is a lot more that could be said about religions and sacrifices, but it does not seem right to mention these cruel things of the past here, since we are not against the existence of religions; in fact we are in favour of religions, see the beginning of this post, where we have said that religions need to continue and perhaps stay mostly as they are, in order to keep religious people happy.
Here we would like to add something else that I was going to write in these religious writings whenever I had the chance to write it, and it is the following:
Just let us discuss briefly the human or animal sacrifice of the old religions and try to see the signs that they have left even today. We know that some old religions believed that the gods needed a real sacrifice every now and then, in those times the sun was thought to be also a god that gave life to every living thing, so they sacrificed also to the sun and other gods as well, in order to keep those god happy and favourable to the rest of the community. Of course this outrageous practice to keep the gods happy is not used anymore today, but even today this is being perpetuated in our religious service, but it is perpetuated only in words and in our spiritual beliefs and no real sacrifice takes place. These human sacrifices were changed from Yahweh God of the Israelite, who replaced the human sacrifice with the animal sacrifice, and later on this was changed again, If you have attended any Christian religious service especially the Roman Catholic Church, at the most important part of the mass the priest says, This is the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world; this means that Our Lord Jesus Christ has made the last sacrifice for everybody and no other sacrifice is required, because he took away all the sins of the world. This changing of religious things means that religions could be changed and religions will change again even if it takes a long time. 

What could be done?

We know that you would like to ask what we could do. The answer to that is that we believe that somehow we need to keep religions and religious feast as they are today, so that people can continue to enjoy what they know. We need only to look at Christmas to see that it took a long time for the change to take place from Saturnalia to Christmas, and it happened just because people like festivities and get together especially if they are fun like the Saturnalia. You see, people don’t accept changes easily and if any changes are going to be achieved it must be done gradually and in such a way that would accommodate everybody.
Now, let us go back to the beginning of this article, where we state that religions need to continue, therefore the atheists, the scientists and the extremist groups need to rethink their strategies, because religions are not going to disappear or change quickly, the only way that religion can change at all is that we might be able to modify religions slowly; so this is what we have in mind to suggest, we would like to suggest a way of how we can be able to get everybody willing to embrace a super religion that is able to connect all existing religions together, this is a theory about a super religion that would set every existing religion one step lower than the new super religion that we suggest and thus could link all religion together. We need to say that part of this super religion theory has already been written in our article pages, but it needs to be finished and then connected and explained more clearly. This is a link of part of our writings;
This religious theory that we are talking about is one of the several theories that could help achieve religious reconciliation; so, we have called it Reconciliation of the Universe, not because it will really be able to achieve universal reconciliation, but because it aims to achieve that. Now that we have said it, we need to continue to work on it so that we would be able to connect everything that needs to be connected in order to work properly.
Dear readers, we hope you will follow our religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, which is part three of all our religious writings that at the beginning we called Prayers for reconciliation. You see what we have written in part one and part two are only explanations and the reasons why we need to come up with this new religious theory. In part three we will try to set everything up in such a way that this super religion could be created if people would be willing to create it. Therefore we will write how this theory could work, because, as we said religions need to continue, it is the only way for humanity to enjoy life as we have been taught to enjoy. See you soon in part three, Reconciliation of the universe.
May God bless us all?

Man needs God
Religions need to continue  
Next time with part three, Reconciliation of the universe  
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

About The New Testament

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
Welcome to our blog, Man needs God
and our post, about The New Testament
Our Lord Jesus Christ
The New Testament is all about the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The New Testament, is about the life of Jesus Christ and his teaching.

About the New Testament

Welcome to our article, the New Testament religious discussions
As we all know, religions could be said to be very complex and sometime hard to understand, so, we need to discuss those religious issues, if we want to understand them, for this reason today we would like to discuss about The New Testament, just to see what we think about some issues that happen there. We know that religious issues are very complex and they take a long time to sort out, for example here we are working hard to find a way out of some issues that seem to bother the world of religions today, the main issues that religions face today could or would be: to find a way how to survive the atheist attacks; how to stop paedophilia in the religious orders and how to stop extremists to use religions for their own violent acts. These issues may seem to have a link to the way religions have been formatted in the past. So, here we need to say that we have looked at many religious issues already and in the last post, we have also written about the Old Testament, in the hope of finding ways that would help religion survive better, the attack of the atheists and also the attack that the extremist groups that are producing against religions today and other issues.
Because of the actions of these groups the rest of the religious community needs to start asking whether it is wise to continue to believe in religions just the way they are today. So, let us look together with our religious friends were we stand today in religious matters; for this reason I have asked my friend Mark to say something about it, keeping in mind what we have already talked about in our last hub, I have asked Mark to comment on the New Testament, since we have already written about the Old Testament in our last hub, now we would like to see how Mark is going to explain the New Testament and the religions that exist today.

Comments on the New Testament

Our fried Mark’s comment
Dear readers, my name in these religious writings is Mark and I believe that we have met already, as I have had some religious discussions with my friend Frank and other fiends before, and as far as I know Frank has already written in his posts  what I personally have said before, so in a way you know me already.
I have to say that today I have been asked from my friend Frank to comment on the New Testament and the existing religions as I see them today, so that he can include my comments in his religious posts, as we all know, or seem to be aware of, everyone of us sees religions in a slightly different way, I suppose that these religious differences also apply to me, since I have been asked to comment on religions, you see that is the reason why I have been asked to comment, it is just to see the way that I see religions today. Now that I have said that let me start my comment on religions.
Since I have been following Frank’s religious posts, I know what he wants me to comment about. So let us start from Frank’s last hub, where there were descriptions and comments about the Old Testament and this is what Frank wants me to talk about. You see Frank wants me to talk about the reasons why we switched from the Old Testament to the New Testament and so on and also if the New Testament is going to last forever, so to speak. But I am going to say a bit more than just that, as I would like to start to talk about other religions as well, so let me see from where I can start.
If we try to look back in time, we will see that there were lots of religions that were practised for a period of time, and then they were modified or abandoned for another religion, but religions have always existed, as far back as any human record can be found, therefore religions are necessary to humanity, if they were not necessary humanity would not have invented or followed religions.
Now don’t get me wrong just because I have said that religions were invented from us people; therefore you may start thinking that I might be an atheist. No, I am not an atheist but I believe that God exists and the spiritual world exists, even if we have to find it in another dimension; now this spiritual world might be somehow different form the way that most people believe it is today, but that is something that remains to be seen.
Perhaps I have taken you too far away from what my friend wants me to comment on, which is about the New Testament, how it was connected to the Old Testament and also how could it be connected to future religious beliefs, so let me start to connect every spiritual thing together, since I believe that everything in the world would be a link of the chain that goes around and connect everything together and this includes religions also.
For a start, all religions are so made that they try to give the people something back when they follow religions, most of them promises future benefits even if these benefits are to be found mostly after dead in the spiritual world, but people see these benefits and follow religions, these is how religions are made and survive for as long as their follower see these benefits.
Now, since with the passing of time things slowly change, also the value of the benefit might change, and therefore one day the follower of religions might be looking for something else.
For this reason religions need to change to fit the needs of the people, what I have just said may sound a crazy thing to say, but the reality is that this is how it all happens.
When we look at religious history, the old religions gave way to other religions and so on; so during one of those changes in the Old Testament Yahweh became the Hebraic God that the Hebrew people worshiped, this was achieved by Yahweh freeing the Israelites from the Egyptian Pharaoh who was keeping them as slaves; but Yahweh was a very tough god to deal with, and there are good reasons for Yahweh God being so tough, it was because the Jews needed a tough God.
The reason why Yahweh was a very tough God to deal with, it was because the Israelites were also tough people to deal with; in other words, I believe that people get the god that they deserve according to their own behaviour. Just think what the Hebrew were doing or wanted to do when Yahweh was leading them to the Promised Land. People in those times were very tough and even violent; therefore they needed a tough god and tough laws to guide them in the right direction that is the reason why the Old Testament was so violent, this type of religion lasted for a very long time, as it was needed until things would change for the better. Now to give a description of what happens next, let us say that when God saw that this was not the best way to lead his people as the people had become a little bit more tame, then God thought to bring about a new religious way, and this is when Our Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth to show us how to live peacefully on earth with this new religious way.
At this point of time I (Frank) come in and say to Mark to come to the point more quickly, as he is taking too long to come to the religious point that I have asked him to comment on, because also our other friends may want to say something about this religious issue.
The New Testament is about Christianity
Mark's comment, the New Testament is about Christianity.
Now just to come to the point more quickly as my friend Frank is urging me, I am going to say that today Christianity is the largest religion in the world, even if it has many denominations and some of them may be a bit different from one another, they all derive from the change of religions that our lord Jesus Christ brought with his coming on earth, and of course what he thought us in words and examples. Jesus was able to change the Ten Commandments without losing any of their meaning, by saying that we should love God our Father and should love our neighbours as ourselves. This is approximately what I believe he wanted to say, even if he used different ways or words. He also gave us the greatest prayer that the world has ever known, when he was asked how we should pray our Father in heaven, Jesus gave us 2000 years ago; The lord’s prayer, which is the prayer that we pray even today, starting with: Our Father who art in heaven; and so on. I hope you see what I mean.
As we all know the New Testament is about the life of Jesus Christ and his religious teachings, these new religious teachings of Jesus formed the New Testament, which has lasted for 2000 years or there about and we still use them today and perhaps we will be using them for many thousands of years in the future.
As we all know Jesus Christ teaching were followed by so many people that became a new religion, which we call today Christianity, which is nearly one third of the world population, if we group the different denominations together. Here I would like to point out that the teaching of Jesus Christ were all about love and humbleness, like you should love your Father God, and love your neighbour and don’t do anything to others that you would hate if anyone did it to you, or something like that. So Jesus Christ was a very loving person and taught only about love. So the New Testament should be about love above all, and the Old Testament about fear you god should or would be abolished according to the ways that Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.
Now as we have said above, our Lord Jesus Christ was a very loving person and taught more about love than anything else this was his personality, well at least this is what we usually understand when we read the four gospels of The New Testament, but then at the end of the Bible suddenly his personality seems completely changed, so, let us see what it is, and perhaps why there is this change. 
The only way that we can describe this is that for us believers and this includes myself there is something strange written at the end of the Bible in The New Testament, which somehow seems out of place with the rest of Jesus Christ teachings, and this article is called Revelations where the end of the existing system is forecast; we are saying this because, we suddenly find the Lord Jesus Christ behaving somehow like Yahweh in the Old Testament, therefore we become suspicious whether it is really our Lord Jesus Christ that dictate Revelation. You see Revelation it is written in such a dramatic way that to me it seems that it has nothing to do with the New Testament and the way that our lord Jesus Christ was teaching us.
But at this point of time I believe that I have said enough, because I want also to leave something to say for our other religious friends. Perhaps Gino would like to take over from me and talk about Revelation, as I remember he had something to say about revelation before, so I am sure he is going tell us his own views here again.
See you later: from, Mark
Since Gino happened to be there, I asked him if he wants to say something about the Bible Revelation and he agreed.

Revelation discussion

Our friend Gino speech
Hello my readers and listeners, here again I have been asked to say something about the Bible Revelation, as our friend Mark has pointed out that I may be willing to talk about it; okay I am willing but I will try to be as brief as possible as I was going to leave you, because I have some personal things to attend to presently, so if you want me to make a long speech you have to wait for another time.
Anyhow as we have said already something on this subject a while ago, I have to continue to say how I see this last chapter in the Bible called Revelation. My personal beliefs are that Revelation seems to be a separate article altogether from Jesus Christ teaching in New Testament, if we look at the way it has been written, revelation is just another very violent episode that the whole world is going to be subjected to, if and when it might happen, therefore it is as if we are going to go back to the Old Testament, where the fear of God was the main driving force, I am sure that it has been written for that intention in mind, in other words to control the people through fear. Of course there must be an explanation for it and this I may have to tell you another time, when I am able to make up my mind what it could mean.
Today the only other thing that I really want to point out is that the intention of Jesus Christ and the New Testament is all about wanting to guide the believers through love and understanding and not through fear, therefore the book of Revelation seems to be out of place at the end of the New Testament. I hope you see what I mean.
See you later; Gino.
My comment and conclusion
Having seen what Mark has said about our Lord Jesus Christ, who taught love and humbleness and also what Gino has said, which more or less agrees with Mark; we cannot avoid to become suspicious of the reasons why Revelation has been written like that, because it seems to me that when we add everything together it does not seem to add up the way it should; therefore we should search for the reason why and then explain it; for this reason we may have to believe that today religions or religious meanings may need to be modified, now when we talk about modifying religious meanings, we are talking about what is hidden behind those meanings that seems right at first sight, and the reasons why they are like that. Perhaps here I may suggest that Revelation might have been written like that just because there was no other way to keep the Christian people together in those troubled times?
Anyhow we might have to assume that because of all these religious problems, if we want some sort of present religious order to survive, we may have to modify them, and if modifying religions as they are today is not going to be enough, then religions need to be changed in such a way that they have to survive, because as we all know man needs God and therefore religions, it has been so since the beginning of the world.
Therefore, let us try if we may to change religion, or at least suggest that religions need to be changed, as much as they need to be changed for them to survive. Of course at this point of time all we know is that religions may need a new method or new theory made in such a way that it could work and be as close as possible to today way of living, so that people may think that religions can still be followed without an extra effort.
Therefore we would like to suggest that a modern religious way needs to be brought about with a modern method or theory, which has got to take in all particulars of each and every religion that exist today, once we have done that we have to try to fit all the pieces together, as we do with a jigsaw puzzle. In other words we have to try to find the way of how life and religions complement each other and there is no difference if one belongs to another religious group; and from this knowledge try to show religious people that they could all be together, they could stay together because the life energies of the universe and the spiritual energies of the universe are together and we are all connected to them, and also that life and spiritual things form a never ending life cycle of the universe, this is what we are going to put forward in our last and third part of our religious writings that we would like to call, Reconciliation of the universe.
Now, if we are able to do that, then with this new theory it might become possible to explain how everything including spiritual things may indeed exist in the universe and how religions could co-exist together in the future and serve humanity, as it has done in the past, I know that this may not be easy, but we have to try, it is the only way to find out. You see, we believe that religions need to continue.
I think we have said enough in this article, so see you in our next article, Religions need to continue.