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Monday, December 16, 2013

Review our religious beliefs

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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There are many religions in the world, but we need to minimize the difference and try to reach an agreement that there is only one God throughout the universe.


Let us review our religious beliefs
Looking at what we have just said in our previous post, we believe that mankind has got to look seriously at religions, not just look and believe what they are being told, but they have to use their common sense and logic explanations; if they do that then they might be able to see that the time is about to come to renew religious beliefs, in such a way that they would be more acceptable to future generations, so, we should find ways on how to review, rewrite and illustrate religion according to the present times, in the hope that the people of the world would get a better understanding of the whole situation, in the hope that it would make it easier for them to believe in one God, and this is what we are trying to start happening in these religious writings, you see we would like to see that all the world religions are linked together.
But nowadays, to make people believe in religion is not an easy task, as we the people of the world would like to believe in religion only if there are some advantages for us, and if there are not any personal sacrifices. I believe that it is a well known fact, that we don’t accept everything that is being said to us easily these days, because we believe that we know a lot more than we used to know a long time ago. So, we challenge any existing beliefs if they don’t seem to be exactly right in our mind: That is if our knowledge and intelligence don’t run in a parallel way with those beliefs. Therefore this is the dilemma that mankind is facing nowadays; it is all because our knowledge has increased a lot and we have set our own standard higher, so as soon as we are told about something old, or something new, or some beliefs we want mentally to check that everything that is being told to us meets our own standard of knowledge and runs in a parallel way with our knowledge.
Therefore, if we want to write about religious beliefs or anything else for that matter, we would have to write them in a certain way, which would run in a parallel way to the acquired knowledge that we have reached today. So, in order to show how we could reconcile every existing living thing to the living God, or existing God’s life-force, we need to write our writings in a religious way in every aspect; but those religious writings will have to be written in a way acceptable to mankind as well, otherwise it will be a waste of time to write anything religious or otherwise.

Praying God for help

Praying God for help
Looking at the enormous task that we need to undertake to review religions, it is obvious that whoever undertakes such task needs help to sort it out, therefore the first thing that comes to mind to any believers is to pray God, and thus I am praying God to help me. In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, which every day I pray to guide me in the quest for the truth, so that I would be able to write these religious writings according to God’s will, I humbly say; Father, hear my prayer and help me!
As you can see, I have just prayed my Lord God, because right now I would not be able to continue to write my religious writings without God’s help.
In this article that we have called now, Religious people contribution, after changing the name from what has mankind done? I believe that I need to explain to my readers a bit more, what the reasons are and why we feel that it would be helpful to write about religious beliefs, for the benefit of mankind.
The following explanation is one of the many possible explanations, which we can offer to you by explaining why we should write these religious beliefs:
Religion may be said to be a divine devise to help people live a better life in a collective way. But by observing how the world is run nowadays it seems to me that people are distorting those existing religious rules therein, so that they can gain some personal advantages for themselves instead. And we know that it is definitely wrong for them to do that.
So, we are thinking that we have to try to find a way out, about how people could easily avoid these possible religious distortions; or better still try to set new religious writings in such a way that it would be harder for people to take advantage of those religious rules.
What sort of distortions one may ask? For instance, in the world of today some people are not using religion for the benefit of the whole community: But they are using religion as a weapon to inflict punishment to others, and some of these punishments are so extreme and violent. This behaviour upsets us all and makes us wonder whether they have anything to do with religion at all; or, are these violent persons just a bunch of crazy people? We do not know what they are doing; but we know that they don’t behave as religious people should do.
So, in order to overcome that, the answer may well be that we should go back to the beginning of religions and start rewriting religious books, beginning with phrases like this:
Let it be known to all humanity that there is only one God throughout the universe, and God is the life essence of the whole universe. He is the father of every living thing and therefore all our lives depend from Him. And we have also to believe and think while we are living here on earth that every living thing one day must die and must return to Him.
Therefore, it would be better for all humanity to believe in this living God as described above, because a god like that involves everybody on earth and therefore in a way binds all religions together, we need a god like that because there is no better way available for us and there is no other god but this living God which we all should believe in; any other way is to become an atheist and not believe in God at all, and then blame our own violent doings on ourselves.
Of course mankind as a whole has got a problem in believing in the same God, because there is this driving force within us and it drives us in such a way which makes us wanting to be better than the fellow next door. Therefore, it is in our nature that we don’t like to be just the same as everyone else, and we don’t even want to believe in the same God otherwise we are the same as anybody else, so our god has got to be better than all other gods, now I hope you see what we mean?
But if we change a few things as we have already said above and say that there is only one God throughout the universe, and then religious things may become better. You see, it needs to be like that because this would be the only way to stop these religious differences; not only that but the truth is that ether there is only one God throughout the universe, or there is no God at all. Anyhow there are reasons to believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, therefore we need to believe in this God, so, we have to set aside our pretence of being better than somebody else, and find a way on how to believe in the same God together, so that we can live in harmony together observing God’s rules.
Of course there are also other reasons why we end up in not believing in the same God, and this is why we have to try to understand our own behaviour. But the facts remain that every one of us has got to believe in this same God who is our life giver; even though most of us would like to believe that this god is different from the god which other people believe in, just to justify that feeling within us which wants us to feel at a higher level of anybody else.
May God bless and help us all?
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Man needs God
Review our religious beliefs
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