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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pre reconciliation

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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and this post, pre reconciliation of the universe

We are looking for a way how we could improve our religious understanding, so we look at the heavens for clues. Now this is the sign of the Zodiac, which is in the corner of the universe here our planet earth belongs. We believe that in order to live a better life, we are in search of universal reconciliation and above all religious reconciliation.

This is the book of the Bible is the most read book in the entire world; from the Bible many religions have been born in a way or another; so, more than half the population of the world believes in religions that have derived from the Bible. But even this religious book cannot explain all our human religious needs.  bible

This photo is a photo of the universe, and since God might exists in the universe as life energies of the universe and cannot be see, then if we look at the universe, could it be that we are also looking at God as well?

Pre reconciliation of the universe

Dear readers, this is going to be a long post, as it is the last article before the theory of “Reconciliation of the Universe” begins. At this very moment while I am editing this article, I have become aware that I have missed to explain clearly, why I believe that I have to write these religious articles; you see I believe that I am a seer, because I can see things that other people cannot see or they don’t want to see; now since God has given me this gift I am going to use it and write what I see in the spiritual world, in other words I am going to use my imagination and tell you what I see; or perhaps I should say how the spiritual world could or would be like, in the hope that by explaining these things, reconciliation of the universe could be achieved. 
Therefore with this post we would like to explain a few more things before the theory starts, because it is going to be a new religious setup, we need to prepare our readers: So, let us start from the beginning once again to explain the reason why we have started to write these religious writings. You see, we have started to write about religious writings and also my personal writings in the later part of my life, because I saw the need to do that, because there were religious beliefs and also other things that were not ideal, because they did not fulfil what they were supposed to fulfil.
Now, because these things do not fulfil what they are supposed to fulfil, and that is the reason why they are not ideal, and therefore in my view humanity needs to somehow fixed them soon or later; perhaps here I should say again that I believe that I am a seer, because I see things that other people don’t see, or they see them and are able to ignore them, because they don’t want to be involved, but I am not able to ignore them, therefore I want to point it out to our readers.
Of course how to fix them is not going to be easy, because if it was easy they would have been fixed already from previous generations, but we should not despair because if we really want to fix them, then we will find a way how to fix them, or suggest a way, or at least have a theory in place how to fix them and this is the theory that I am going to write in our following posts.
Having said that, now we need to say that most of our religious writings are based on the assumption that if we try hard enough to find a way, soon or later one may indeed come across an idealistic solution; therefore, here we are writing our idealistic solution/s how to reconcile those things or subject that seem to cause some problems to humanity today, and one of the main subject of course has turned out to be religion, because of the many unwanted things that happen in the name of God and religions, when God has nothing to do with it and it is only us humans using God the wrong way; so what is going to follow here is our idealistic religious solution, since here we are talking about religions first of all.
To tell you a bit more we should say that we are writing a new religious theory, which we have already published in Hub Pages as a suggestion of what we could or should do to overcome, or at least minimize the problems that we have found today in our society. All this writing work is being done for the future benefit of mankind of course. If you want to know more about our idealism, there is this link to this hub explaining how we started and what we are trying to do overall, RECONCILIATION FORUM, you can check it out if you like?

Explaining the other reasons

There are other reasons for writing this last article before the real Reconciliation of the Universe begins, one of this is because we need to connect and explain how all those religious things that we have already written are connected to what we are saying now; and also what we are continuing to write somehow connect to the main religious theme, which is that we have to find a way or a theory that is able to achieve our idealistic religious setup, which would be able to overcome the present religious problems that the world is experiencing nowadays.
For that reason, what we are going to write here is an article explaining the main themes of what has already been written in the hubs of Prayers for Reconciliation, and therefore show our readers the reasons why we have to write our religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, in this article we will include links and views of these religious subjects already discussed, so, let us start to go over the list of the main hubs that point to this conclusion; and this is the first link to check out, Prayers for Reconciliation
In religion the first important thing is the people beliefs, therefore, first of all there is the question about the existence of God, since this is what people want really to know, and there have been always doubts about it, because nobody can prove beyond any doubt that God really exists; what we have done here is that in a way we have proved that God exists; see this hub called, God exists because life exists, where we explain that God exists at least by definition, this is the hub link: God exists because life exists check it out to see what sort of an explanation we came up with. I need to add here that this article of God exists because life exists has been written mainly for the atheists, because they don’t believe in God at all and this is probably the only way that they might accept the existence of God, as God would be the definition of life.
Now that we have written about the main stumbling issue that humanity has with religions, let me say first some of my personal reasons why I feel that I have to write this religious theory that we have in mind. You see I believe that a man has got to do what a man has got to do, so, my beliefs are that I am writing this for the future benefit of mankind, there is a better explanation also in this hub called; An old man life story in the article, This could or would be the duty of any man, and this is the link; An old man life story check it out if you like.
Now since I feel that it is my duty as a man that at least we have to try fixing what we see needs fixing, therefore we have to do something about it; anyhow this is not the only thing that drives me to write these religious writings, because there are those religious dreams, which I believe are from the other side so to speak and they also drive me to write my religious theory, and there are also other things as explained here under. Now, because of duplicate content we cannot write them here, so we will give you the links to check them out; Dreamed about God, and Cosmic Spiritual Dreams, then there is also my supernatural encounter that I have told you in one of my last articles; Angels greetings, this is the link; Angels greetings and many other thinks that have happened during my life, all these things put together put pressure on me to write my theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, so, let me explain my religious theory a bit more before we start writing it.

Explaining the religious theory

Explaining this new religious theory that we would be writing, in order to explain what these religious writings of, Reconciliation of the Universe would be like. In a nutshell Reconciliation of the Universe is a religious theory, which we are writing for the future benefit of mankind, whether it is going to turn out that it really is going to help humanity in the future only time will tell, but anyhow that is at least one of the reasons why I am writing it.
During my life I have followed my Roman Catholic religion just like everybody else and I have seen that somehow religions can help humanity overcome some difficulties, but this is not the case all the time, because if we look at the ways how religions have performed in the past and also how they are performing today, we see that many times religions are not working out the way they are supposed to work out, so, I have started to think that religions might be missing a link or two that would enable them to link with God and the modern ways of living properly.
Now that is not the only reason because there are many other reasons, which we have already mentioned somewhere else in these writings, you see, our religious writings need to be read entirely to be able to see most of the reasons why we need to do something to help religions, so that they can continue to be used, as they have been used in the past for the benefit of mankind.
In a general way, we have reasons to believe that if religions could be modified, or written in such a way that somehow one can say that there is definitely a God that even the atheist might accept, and therefore this might be the God that everybody would accept, then this God for everybody would be accepted from most of the communities, and then there is a possibility that it might even work. Now the only way that we can see this happening at this moment is that God would be as large as the universe and the only spiritual life force capable of guiding all the spiritual life forces of the universe together and everything depends from this God life force.
Now, not only God life force is the spiritual force above all other spiritual forces, but God is also the life giver that exists in the universe and our lives are connected with this God life force of the universe, all this we are going to explain in our, Reconciliation of the Universe religious theory. In other words we are ready now to start setting the stage, as we have been saying many times in these religious writings and we are repeating now here under:
We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see
And when you read these pages you might have to agree
That this is a golden door and great opportunity
That God is willing to give us and to all humanity
Anyhow as we have said at the beginning of this article, we want to be brief, as we don’t want to repeat the same things several times; but we need to point out this last thing, you see, we have observed that every existing thing in the universe has or seem to have a cycle, and therefore everything else should have a cycle to follow, this would also include our God of the universe in our religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe; To prove this other theory we have written this article in Hub Pages and this is the link, Everything is rolling over, we could say more now, but it would be better to leave it for later, since we will be able to edit this article and add whatever needs to be added here.
So, see you in our next post which is going to be the beginning of our religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind. May God help me?
May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Pre reconciliation
Next with; Reconciliation of the universe  
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