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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Describing God of the universe

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Describing God of the universe
This is one of the photos that I like to describe God of the universe. You see, God is invisible to us human, so, when we look at any part of the universe, we could say that we are looking also at God.
Describing God of the universe
Dear readers, in a way this is the continuation of our last post that we called, the creation of mankind, that post included other things as well, we ended up by saying that we need to write about God of the universe and the life cycle of the universe. In this article we will still be talking about the never ending life cycle of the universe, starting with: God of the Universe; The two opposite life forces of the Universe, Important information and Warning to our readers.
Dear readers as you may already know the reasons why we have started to write all these religious articles is that we are looking for a solution to today religious problems; at this point of time we believe that from what we have already said a new religious idea is slowly emerging in our minds, which somehow is going to be able to link the old religions together, and if and when it happens, it is going to bring in a new way of religious thinking. We believe that at this point of time we have reached a stage where it is necessary to explain and show you how and why this new idea could and would work. Now as you already know, we have already said and some of us have accepted that we need a super and benevolent God at the head of all existing religions, so that all existing religions may have a link in common and can link at this highest spiritual level, and this is what we are trying to start setting up and telling you with this article.
Therefore, what we are writing here is a new concept and describing God of the universe, or we should say God’s life forces energies of the universe, since we are describing God more as a life force and life giver that gives life to the entire universe and not as a God like person, at the same time this God life force energy is entirely benevolent, and it can elect to appear to us as a person, if he likes.
As we said in our last article “the creation of mankind”, this needs to be clarified better and more explanations need to be written in order to give our readers a clear picture, of how we imagine the whole picture of God and the existing spiritual life forces of the universe are; we have to say here also that this is the way I imagine them, therefore I feel within my heart that I have to write those things down and explain them to you, just the way I imagine them.
So let me describe to you; God of the universe and the life cycle of the universe, because there is a life cycle in the universe, just as there are life cycles elsewhere. But before we do that let us say something to the real religious believers, because they might start to think that we are trying to undermine their religious beliefs and lead them astray. But, since we have said this already in our previous article, let our readers navigate to this article if they want to read in full; The creation of mankind, so that we are not repeating that same explanation again.
Now because we are writing about religious issues, I would like to pray to God, or should I say that I would like to pray to “God the life energies of the universe” first, in the hope that God would accepts what I am about to say here, and also for guidance and help. You see after I pray I feel a sense of security, because I have called on my God to accept and witness what I am going to write, so, let me pray.
My Lord God in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing of, God of the universe, as humanly as possible according to your will and in such a way that humanity would accept then and could use them, for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
God of the universe and the life cycle of the universe
Now that I have prayed God I can explain, what we are going to write next about God and the life cycle of the universe; you see, it is a new way of seeing religious things, and therefore, it is a very controversial subject capable to change many point of views in religion if they are accepted, for this reason we are concerned how to set it out properly; we know that we have to try to make it as easy as possible for people to understand it easily, but it is not going to be that easy to do, because it is a complete new way of seeing spiritual things in the universe, because what we are saying in here extends past the present accepted religious views.
Anyhow, we need to explain all this spiritual stuff as we imagine it, and how we see it, in the hope that people might be willing to accept those changes more likely, because this is one of the aims of these religious writings. We believe that we need to change and believe in a benevolent super God that is capable to bring all religions together. Now, we are also concerned about the spiritual side of course, therefore before we start seriously to write this article, I am going to pray again a short prayer to God, so that I would feel safer and also I would feel worthy of writing these religious writings.
My Lord God and Merciful Father I pray you to forgive me all my life sins and make me clean, and when I am clean and purified; help me to write our religious articles as humanly as possible according to your will: Father, hear my prayer and help me!
Dear readers we have reached the stage where it is necessary to explain in a more definite way how God including the spiritual life forces of the universe are, or should we say how we see and believe that these spiritual life forces energies of the universe could be. So, in this part of our religious writings we wish to be allowed to describe God of the Universe in a schematic way, and may God of the universe our Spiritual Father, forgive me if I get it wrong. Because we have to write about our religious views in such a way that our readers will know what we mean, we have to do it this way, since our religious theory is a complete new way for everybody of seeing God of the Universe the way we believe he is, and so we describe Him thus.
In this religious theory, we need to describe our God of the universe the best way we can, so let us say this: if one has to describe God of the Universe within the lifecycle of the universe; then one has to think of the whole universe as a sphere or a circle, with God the positive and constructive life force energies residing at the centre of and/or at the top of it, while at the same time God is guiding the entire universe throughout the cosmos. The cosmos is so close netted together with God life force, and it might be said that it is part of God or an extension of God Himself. We are also pointing out that we need to assume that these spiritual life forces behave just like the rest of everything else in the universe behaves; therefore, when we put all the spiritual forces together, they will form a cycle that will never ends. Well, we have to say that this is not that easy to explain, but you will see and understand what we mean, as we continue to write about them; and also, how the spent life forces energies of the universe can find the way back to God and be recycled through God, so that these life cycle energies would never end.
Now, here we are talking about God of the universe, but because the universe would be a field too large to describe it here, by necessity we have limited ourselves to confine this description only with our galaxy, so then God of the Universe is as widespread as the whole galaxy, with the exception of the Abyss which is unclean and full of negative life energy and other unknown things, some of the Abyss we will describe when we come to write about it. We need to do that because the abyss is the enormous link in the universe that links, or perhaps we should say keeps apart the negative side to the positive side; but that will be the last piece of the puzzle and we will talk about the abyss later on, because now we have other things to talk about.
Now let us talk about the cosmos; the cosmos is everything put together and binds together every living thing, it is also the medium of communication throughout the universe, and as the cosmos covers the entire galaxy so does God’s powers and this is the reason why God can hear and see everything, no matter how hard one tries to hide it from Him. So, perhaps one may have to assume that we live within God and are part of God himself; as this would be more accurate, since God life force energies are everywhere and covers the entire galaxy.
Now, when we read the Bible the ancient Jews religious and their history book, we know that there was a time that part of the life force of God came down to earth, as this is written in Genesis when Moses met God as a burning bush, Moses asked God who was he, and God said, I am who I am; which in the Hebrew is Yahweh, this is the only time that man can claim to have seen and spoken to God face to face even though there was no God face to be seen, because Moses saw only a burning talking bush.
So, since Yahweh is the only part of God that man can claim to have spoken to, we have to assume that Yahweh is the most active part of God of the Universe life force energies; and also Yahweh is the only true God of the Universe for us, since He came down to earth, therefore for us earthlings He is the Father of everything. But, here we have to make an observation and it is that Yahweh is only part of the life forces of God of the universe and not the entire life forces of the universe, as God of the universe is as large as the whole existing universe, if we keep this in mind that God of the universe is the positive life energies and at the same time on the other side the negative life forces of the universe put together, in order to understand all this then, we need to break it down in several sections to understand the concept of the life forces energies of the universe, as there is a lot more than that to be said.
To start with we need to separate the positive life forces of the universe from the negative life force of the universe, therefore, here from now on when we say, God life force of the universe, we are talking only about the positive life force of God and the negative life force we will be talking about later on. So, now let us talk about how large is this God of the universe; all energies of the universe are part of God including the cosmos which has also many other uses and helps ‘The Life Force of God of the Universe’, because the cosmos not only is a listening and transmitting devise, but God can use the cosmos to transmit anything and any elected part of Himself from one point to another point of the galaxy, the cosmos also collects throughout the galaxy free floating positive life energy, and filters out any impurities before they reach the central positive life force of God of the Universe, since the central Life Force of God of the Universe is pure positive life energy, and will run only on pure life energy; In order to achieve this God of the Universe acts like a giant magnetic force, which attracts all the positive life energy of the universe to himself/itself, and then God distribute it as it needs be or as He pleases. Now let us talk about the two life forces of the universe.
I believe that this post is becoming too long, so, we will be talking about the two life forces of the universe in our next post.
May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Describing God of the universe  
Next with; the two life forces of the universe
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