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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Man needs God, and our views of God, part two.

 Man needs God and God's views, part two.
Humanity has different views of God, so, we are going to discuss about this issue hereunder.We believe that MAN NEEDS GOD as we said in our previous article. Our human wish is that God is human, like us. Now, this is the God that we want and we have believed about this God for a long time. But there are people that do not believe in God the way we see God. 
Therefore, for all the people to accept God, we should describe God in a different way. So, it would be helpful, if we could re-describe God. So, let us assume that, God is spiritual and it is the life energies of the universe. Now, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides the entire universe, and gives life to every living thing. Therefore every living thing and spiritual thing is part of God, since God is the essence of all life in the entire universe. 

Since spiritual things and energy cannot be seen, we could even describe God like the photo above. So, this is how we could describe God of the future, but let us compare to the Gods we believe now.  

Anyhow, Man needs God, and even though we know that God is a spiritual force and cannot be seen, we would like to imagine God as a man. This is how God should look like according to the great painter Michelangelo.  

Then we have also the Indian Gods. Sometime I think that the Hindu religion is somehow like the old pagan religions, with so many gods and they all have a role to play. 

Welcome to our blog, Man needs God, and our God;s views, part two, 
(Part one and part two, can be viewed together at this web address. Man needs God )

Talking about the existence of God 

We know that man needs God, and because of our personal beliefs, we want to prove that God exists, so, what we are writing here is our theory about the existence of God, because we believe that God exists in a way or another, but above all that man needs God. So, God needs to exist and described. 

Having said that, I believe that it can be useful, if we can describe religions in a philosophical way instead of the fixed old ways, which religions have been using and are still using today, because then on a plain field, it is easier to prove the existence of God, even if God is different from our own beliefs of God. Now let us see how we can describe the existence of God of the future.

We must assume that God does exist because you and I exist, if God did not exist then you and I could not exist. Therefore, we must assume that life is God and God is life itself, and for this reason, one cannot exist without the other. I believe that this is a way that we can explain God, life, and the spiritual things that we believe in; if we do that, then it is hard to prove that God does not exist. Because God represents life itself, and since life exists, because you and I exist, God must also exist.

If we want to make this theory acceptable, we have to assume that my God may not be like your God or the God described in the Bible, but God exists because God represents the existing life on earth.

Now, let us describe our God’s theories, if we assume that God represents the existing life on earth, we must assume that God must exist, because God is the definition of life, therefore, there is nothing that can take God’s place, since God is life or the life giver of the existing life on earth and the universe.

Anyhow, God does not need to be the creator of everything, as described in the Bible, therefore, in our futuristic theory, God is the creator of life on earth and the spiritual forces of the universe. In our religious theory and philosophical writings, God is the modifier of the existing life forces of the universe and through this God-life-force the present existing life has been made possible on earth, so, let us say that God exists at least as the definition of life, because God is the life energies of the entire universe, and without God there cannot be life.

You see; we need to give a name to the existing life force of the universe. So, I say; what other name can we give to this life force that makes life possible on earth? Perhaps God is the only name that can describe this life force. Did you hear what I have said? What other name can you give to the life force that makes life possible on earth? Therefore, God exists at least by definition, of this life force, but there is more to God than just definitions. 


There is more to God than just definitions 

Anyhow, we believe that God is more than a life force in the universe, because we believe that God is a life force that can make his own decisions, therefore, God can do things independently, God is conscious and guides the universe.

In our imaginary theory, God is not Omnipotent as shown in the Bible. But God uses what exists in the universe, to start a process that with time will change whatever he wants to change, so, God is still omnipotent and conscious, but not as omnipotent as the Bible says; but God exists and guides the life forces energies in the universe.

We must accept the existence of God as a life force energy, because humanity needs God, and we cannot do without God, because most people feel better if God exists, it has been so from the beginning of times. Anyhow, God is the source of all life energy that exists in the universe. So, for those who do not believe that God exists, they must accept that God exists, at least by definition of the universal force that makes life possible on earth and we call it God. 

The universe has always existed and God is always existed, so, they can be one and the same thing, but we like to see God as a living thing, so, within the universe we see a living God that gives life to every living thing. 

God is everywhere in the universe, because God can even be the universe, so, whatever piece of the universe you are looking at you might be looking at God. So, because we cannot see God, we are looking instead at God's art work. 

Religious views of God and conversations

Anyhow, we know that man needs God, so, we must find a way for describing this future God for everybody; because we need to convince everybody that God can really exists, and exists, in a way that even the atheists may accept. But let us write first our theory in a nutshell, so, people start seeing how this new religious theory works. 

So, let us philosophize and discuss these issues in a few ways, let us imagine that God does not exist; will this solve the existing religious problem that we have today? We are sure it will not solve anything. Therefore, we are back to discuss that we need God, so, we must discuss this in a logic way and make the right decisions.

Now, let us say that it is possible to study most of the world religions, then try to take only those parts that seems good for us to use and forget about the rest of it. Now, if we put all religions together and try to select the best part of them, we can achieve what we want to achieve. Because as we have said man needs God; therefore, we need to describe why we must believe in the existence of God.

The reasons why mankind believes in God, it is because most of us feel within ourselves that we need to believe in God and religions, it has been so since recorded times. Therefore, the most important thing that we can do, is to find a new way that is able to achieve most of those religious issues that we need. So, let us imagine that we must invent a new God and religion from all existing religions, using the knowledge that we have reached today. We believe that we can achieve that because we have reached the age of reason, so, with our reasoning minds, by using this accumulated knowledge that we have today, we need to set up a religion that is able to do that. Perhaps we should think that God might be the universe itself and we live within God? As it has been suggested from past religious writers. (Baruch Spinoza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)  So, as you can see even this can be possible, so, let us imagine how we can describe a benevolent God that everybody can accept. 

There is not much to add here, because this photo says it all. 

Baruch Spinoza, but writing his Ethics in a strange way, escaped to be prosecuted by the church authorities somehow. Other people that did not believe what the church taught were burned as stake.  


Future God and religions possible Descriptions

If we want to describe God, we must imagine God, because God is invisible. Anyhow, God can be described in many ways, one of these ways has been described in the Bible, and it has worked well for a long time; in fact, it has worked for thousands of years. Other religions have different gods that fulfill the needs of their people; but today people think that God can be different from the descriptions of God in the Bible, since in other religions God is different; so, here we need to ask; what would be the best description of God, that all the people can accept as their God? Perhaps this description below might be an acceptable description for everybody.

There is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life-force of the whole universe, every living thing is part of God life force and no living thing can exist without God, because God is life itself.

Now that we have said that you can see that this new way of seeing God, it does not make God less important than our old accepted God. However, God in these descriptions is not the creator of everything, but God is only the creator of the spiritual and existing life. Or, God is the starting life-force that has made life possible on earth, then, Mother Nature herself is part of God life-force and came about because the life force energies of God made her so.

Therefore, we must keep in mind, that this God life force has always existed, just like all celestial bodies have always existed, the celestial bodies have never been created from God, as they were there together with God life force energies from the very beginning. So, one may say that we live in this part of the universe and we are part of God.


God of the future description

What we have written is one of the many possible ways of the existence of God. But we need to describe God, so, hereunder is one of the many possible ways how to describe God of the future. We are going to call this God of the future, God-Most-High.   

God-Most-High is the unseen life force of the whole universe.
The unseen life-energies of the cosmos and God is one and the same thing.
God uses this cosmos to communicate with every living thing.

So, throughout the unseen cosmos and the life energies of the entire universe,
God-Life-Force continually guides and gives life to every living thing.
The cosmos radiates God’s medium for every living thing,
And God hopes that through it mankind would follow Him and do His will.

This is how we can describe God of the future in the shortest way possible.

Anyhow, this article is becoming too long, but before we conclude it, let me write a prayer to God-Most-High to prove that we need God and pray God, in the hope that God of the universe would help me write these religious writings. Now, because our God of the future is different, I am going to pray our God with my own new prayer of reconciliation and guidance; hoping that God accept my prayer and the ways that I am describing God. 


Praying God for reconciliation and guidance

With my personal concerns I come to you praying 
God-Most-High, creator and master of the spiritual universe and life giver to every living thing, I am praying you for forgiveness of my sins and for reconciliation to thy eternal life force. I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul; and thus, I would become worthy to pray to you, and my prayer of forgiveness and reconciliation would be heard and accepted.
Father, hear my prayer, forgive me my sins, and bless me, so that I can live in harmony with thy spiritual and eternal life force of the universe. Amen!

Dear readers, now that I have written a prayer for God-Most-High, I feel more confident that God hears my prayer and helps me to write these religious writings.
I believe that whatever happens in this world, there will always be people that will believe in God and therefore religions, because it has always been like that and it will not change now. You see, that is why, man needs God and believes in the existence of God.

If humanity accept what we have written above, some pains can be avoided in the future.

I believe that I have said too much in this article. So, see you next time with our next article called, Religions options of the future.

May God bless us all.


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